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72 The Third Route - Lost Time Prologue

The weather has a smell of rain. The wide roads were congested road, and pedestrians cramped on the sidewalk. Large carriages carried goods, containing meat, the smell would have polluted, if not for the lashing rain. The towering buildings made of bricks and concretes block the sun. The clouds halted the sunlight from entering this city where the age of Knights and Heroes have gone past.

Alician City, capital of the Great Empire of Salvaticia

On the dark street, there was a man who has a strange garb that did not fit with others. His hair was like pale milk, and his eyes red like rubies. He wore a ragged and torn cape. He was pale and he looked like he had just awakened from a long sleep.

"Where am I?" asked the man. "I remember fighting in the City. But I don't remember much of it. The past, and the light war. No, is this another world beyond me?"

His eyes shook. His fingers trembled at the thought of another. How much time had he spent in that world? All of the hardship was now moot. There was no point in fighting so hard if he was going to be sent into another world. His heart felt like it was stabbed. He grabbed hold of his hair and turned to the sky. His eyes pleading the Gods for this kind of fate.

"What need is there to weep?" he asked. "If time had passed, then it is no longer within my control. I cannot shout at the Gods. I bet they won't listen to a pitiful soul like me."

He stood up. His scanned the environment. His ear perked up and his senses were dialed up. He could feel the aura of the people around him. Through the walls, he could see their silhouettes and hear their voices. They spoke words that he was familiar with, but the way they speak had more grace, resembling the way British people speak.

"This isn't that world, damn it, then it was truly goodbye, Alicia?" he said with despairing tone. "But oddly I had spent time away from you that it does not bother me. But why was I sent to this world? God, tell me, what do you want from me?"

"Help me!"

He heard a shout that came from another alley. His body stiffened for a second before it bolted up the walls. He didn't even realize that his body had the ability to easily scale the walls. His strength had become beyond human and he had not noticed his state. All he knew was that there was an enemy that he needed to stop. His torn up cape fluttered wildly as he scans the surroundings, behind him was the clock tower with the clouds as the backdrop. Nolan Salvatore squatted on top of the tiled roof. His eyes were like that of an eagle as it pierced through the alleyways.

"Found you!"

He didn't know why he could control his body. Instinctively, he pointed his hand forward. His pale arm became obsidian-colored and the sinews transformed into that of a sinister arm that of a beast. The man who was holding up and the old man couldn't even shout as his head was grabbed hold on to and was thrown above the walls where the old man didn't see it. This absurd strength had left him wondering what has happened.

"Not know," he said. He planted the brains of that criminal on the tiled roof. He didn't feel any guilt knowing that the one he killed was scum. It didn't matter to him if he wanted food for his family or was he doing it for survival. The only thing he did wrong was that he got caught. It wasn't that he had justice in mind. It was simply the natural instinct of a bleak walker that had to walk the earth, not leaving anyone if possible.

"But what should a bleak walker do in this situation?"

The world had forgotten about the Bleak Walker that walked the earth in hopes of salvation. The pitiful children of the wraith had finally rested their swords. Nolan Salvatore wouldn't know that. He had lost his memories. He had lost his reason and those that he ever cared.

The punishment of time had done him in. It was simply the price of power that he and the woman who he bonded. Of course, he wouldn't know that, for Nolan, he had been transported into a world different from the world where he fought to the dead and died in the sands where he saw the light shine upon the world.

He had done his task. He had done whatever he can to save that world where she once existed. He had lived for the sake of seeing the light shine against the darkness. It didn't matter to him that he was transported into this world that had entered a new era.

The difference was that he didn't go back to the past. If he did then he would have tried to fix history. But this time he was not in the past but in the future. He doesn't know that this was the future. This was the future that he wouldn't even dare to imagine.

"So what should I do now?" he asked again. The meaning of life was lost on this Bleak Walker. He had died but he does not remember it.

He had loved but he forgot about it.

To him, this world was a place he didn't belong.

The smell of blood reached him. He turned his eyes towards the corpse of the criminal that he had just murdered. There was no need to sugarcoat this heinous murder that he did. He was a murderer and because of this murder that he had decided to do what he had always done.

Defeat evil even if his heart breaks into two. The Bleak Walker exists so that they could walk the bleak path without straying.

The train sounded loud and smoke bellowed on its chimney. The carriages made noises as they travel along the wide streets of this city. Nolan, no, Lanon, the man who had survived the light's war had become this city's predator.