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71 Time is fickle

Madness came to him and he had no control over his mind. The woman of obsidian watched him roamed the land to be killed.

Monsters and humans, they all thought of killing the existence that roams the land killing for no purpose other than to wait the time.

Time is fickle and fragile.

The Watchers of Time, the Guardians, and their Wraiths could not hold their patience. They have watched eternity for years and the presence of a man, who intervenes with the natural process, has turned the eyes of those whose name is not told lightly. They have seen through his actions. They judged him as a criminal that has turned the rules of the world into chaos.

Death had been an annoyance to this poor man. His existence beyond saving.

His mind turned muddled as he repeats much death in a wasteland of swamps and hungry monsters. His flesh and sinews restored, sewed, and put back together so he can function to kill.

This world had turned him a marionette of death. A vile wraith that plagues those who are greedy and unjust.

His consciousness has been long asleep. He had walked the outer lands long enough to forget about time. He lost his awareness of time due to his many deaths.

Death does not come easily for this bleak walker. The powers that had been fused with him did not give him assurance. The powers of the obsidian woman had forced his flesh to move.

It was known if she wanted revenge or that she wanted for him to continue. The man that had carried the strongest woman alive in this continent on his back had lost his mind.

Not because he lacked the will to continue the fight. But because his body gave up on him. His soul screams for leniency. His soul struggles but the body could not handle the fight.

He walks. He roams the land with a rusted sword. The outer lands have turned bright. The demons that had forced humanity into the brink of extinction have been culled. Their cities subjugated and those who held on to their lives are forced into hiding.

He was a monster that roamed the wasteland of swamps. They have seen him and did what sane men would do when it comes to facing such monstrosity that leaves a river of blood.

They haunted him like a pack of wolves. Their executioners preyed upon the wraith until they captured him. They nailed him for two years in the walls of the newly built fortress. After he escaped they found him again and pierces his sword down his throat. He was left to dry and rot but he survived.

But he was wraith that could learn. His mind was gone but his instincts did not rust. His abilities grew and every death led him knowing were to avoid those who would want his death. His body resembled that of an old withered tree. His eyes grow bright red with his sigils continuously showing all the worlds where he had failed and died. Those that he had lost continued to scream inside his head. They do not hush their screams when he sleeps. So he stopped sleeping and walks until his legs would give up on him.

Every power has a price. The price that he pays for his continuous hold to live was madness and the endless shouts of those who he lost inside his head would continue to haunt him until he regains control of his mind and body. His soul pleas for mercy but he could only watch in the third person as times passes and the world he had died for to be saved so easily.

His body and powers torturing him did not break the heart of Nolan Salvatore.

What broke his heart was the fact that he was not needed. He knew it well that he was merely a conduit meant to serve his purpose. That purpose was to help the person that could do it. He clearly felt fate's favor lost when he started walking the swampy wastelands of the outer lands.

He was lucky. Lucky that he had the ability to recall upon death. But every death costs a part of his mind and body. His soul would remain intact and would not be damaged. The obsidian woman had sustained a part of her soul to keep his soul alive.

She was the light that warms his souls.

He had to watch his own rotting body fight the greedy and unjust.

He had to suffer the pain and the screams.

He had to watch the obsidian woman suffer. She had no reason to do this for him. He had sealed her soul to his sword. There should be no reason why she would choose to suffer alongside the cruel him. He had asked questions. She replied with a cruel warm smile that leaves him stunned.

The sun that shines the world did not fall to the dark in the timeline that occurs. The light war that had caused the bleak walker to lose his friends did not happen. Those who he cherished lived and they walk the land with their hearts filled. Truly, this was the ideal world that he had been longing for. There was no suffering for those that had known war in the world that he knew.

In the center of the world lies the War Maiden that had severed the head of the enemy of the world. In that palace, she sits basking in the glory of the sun and the powers that had made her a living legend for those that had witnessed her powers. Even the three seers of fate could not see the endless possibilities that she gained.

But despite all the power she had. She was more of a glowing iceberg rather than a person. Her smile had vanished when a certain man did not appear before her at that moment in time. But when that meeting did not happen, the world was saved. The duties of those who walk the bleak path had been resolved.

But it should be repeated that time is fickle.

The being that governs time had lost their patience.

There was no need for the Bleak Walker to exist.

And so they chased after him and rid of his body down the lavas.

His body and the sword that had sealed the obsidian woman melted.

And the Bleak Walker was never seen again.