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Once upon a time, a young man was thrown into a world of cruelty. His beliefs were questioned and he had to face his own monsters. He sweated blood and cried pools of tears in his suffering. He was a sheltered kid whose life turned into a big mess. He lived his life like a beggar who would do anything for alms.

He fought with armies and made a living of killing monsters in both forms. But within his life of suffering, there was a glint of hope. In a world where one would spit on his face for being different and queer. She was there for him when no one would.

The Burned Woman Ciara was a war maiden who was known in the Oasis for her cold exterior. Part of her body was burned out of spite for her beauty. Throughout the years she was able to gain the ranks of a war maiden devoted to war. The only thing she knew how to do in this world. Being burnt was considered a curse in this world. No one would hire her as a worker for their shops. No one would even dare to sleep with her ugly, burnt, pinky flesh of a body.

Their meeting was nothing grand. He was assigned to fight under her. She fought with the soldiers as a war maiden who dazzled everyone, not because of her beauty. But because of her competence as a warrior who would fight with the Heroes who would rose to save the world.

She was cold and calculating. But even with that, he was attracted to her. He followed her like a good dog. He obeyed her orders as if possessed. This made her wonder and when she found out that he was enthralled with her. She cursed him. She insulted how terrible his eyesight was. This didn't bother him and he still followed her as if he didn't hear anything. Her cold countenance stood strong against his stubbornness. She scolded him when she can. She would try to make him go away, fearing that all of this was a long ruse of her enemies.

She wasn't favored by everyone. There were many who would plot for death to take her title as the war maiden. She didn't trust easily and for long she made sure that no one would be able to plot against her. She distrusted him but he didn't falter on his stubborn love. Like a foolish dog, he would protect and fight for her. He didn't have anything in this world. All he had was his sword and stubbornness. In this world, he was nothing special. He was some fool who lost his way to a cruel world. He was not gifted, not especially capable and neither did he have powers that defy fate. He would not save the world. He might not even change anything. He was just another man in a cruel world.

So he could only follow the burned woman who he fell in love with. He didn't care about her burned parts. He didn't care what she thought of herself. He saw more than that. He didn't falter no matter how distrusting she was. Even though he stumbled upon assassins who were trying to kill the burned woman and remove her from her position. He did what a loyal soldier would do and fought with his might.

He was heavily wounded and at that time he thought that was it for him. But he was rescued by the last second by her. She slew her enemies and looked at him who was struggling to breathe. "Fool," she said. He smiled at that. She was the same but he widened his eyes when he saw her usually cold face contorted in tears. The cold mask fell off and what was left was the face of a woman who was confused.

"Why?" She said crying. His heart was torn to see that look on her face. He was battered and wounded. His body was leaking blood. Yet he kneeled on his knee. "I love you truly," he said with his eyes half-opened. She shouted, "How could that be!" and he replied. "I don't care for appearance! I just want you! I didn't fall for your face! I fell for you because of your hard work and steadfast resolve! Many could not see past that veil but I can! So please let me love you!"

He poured his heart. She didn't know what to do. She wanted to run away but how could she leave him alone? Her hand trembled, but yet heart told her to accept him. In this cruel world, someone would dare to love her despite her burns. There was someone who would want to be with her. How could she resist this temptation of happiness? It was foolish she thought, but that didn't stop her from accepting the love of the fool who spent ten years following her.

Thus the two continued their fight against the darkness. They fought as partners and did not hide their relationship. Many thought of him as a weirdo for falling in love with the Burned Woman. But it didn't matter to him as long as he could be with her.

The Heroes at that time were able to push the darkness back. The campaign against the enemy was doing so well. Many hearts gladdened at the thought of victory. With the Heroes and War Maiden leading the way how could they lose? That was what they thought until the first behemoth attack happen.

The Old Monster of the Pale Mountain attacked the light's army. The soldiers scattered and many died at the first attack. They fought bravely. They were able to deal damage but the Monster of the Pale Monster was too strong. He never felt fear other than losing her. All he wanted was to rescue her out of the battlefield. It wasn't his place to fight along with Heroes. So when he caught sight of the Old Monster he shivered. His body quivered. His chest heaved up and down as he ran doggedly through the enemies.

Perhaps if he didn't come for her she wouldn't have to be forced to rescue him instead. She was his weakness. He was her weakness. So to save him from the danger she pushed him away down to a river. He could not hear her words as flames enveloped her. But he could make it out. "Thank you for loving me, Nolan," was the Burned Woman's last words.


The death of the Burned War Maiden resounded through the lands. The Heroes who were thought invincible under the heavens were defeated. Nolan survived but his heart was torn to pieces. He became suicidal and he treks through lands as if he was seeking death.

It was then he was found by a group of Bleak Walkers. He was led to their army and he marched along the bleak walkers for the rest of his life as a soldier. He followed them through many lands where the demons have taken over. He fought with his brothers and protected people as if they were seeking death.

The Bleak Walkers then got assigned to spearhead the assault to the territory of the Overlord of the Demons. Like the rest, he had two sigils in his eyes. The Heroes who knew his wife no longer remembered him. He changed too much and he didn't speak of his name. His rugged and grimy look made those who suspect turn away. The Bleak Walker's Army launched the attack against the enemy. They spearheaded the assault against the territory and captured forts and bastions to fortify the light's army. The Heroes were stronger than ever. Their might could cleave demons and even when the higher demons came. They slew them easily.

The Old Monster of the Pale Mountain appeared. Nolan who hated the Old Monster joined the fight along with five hundred bleak walkers who acted as support for the enemy by using cannons. They weren't prepared but with the cannons and the ability of the Heroes. The Old Monster of the Pale Mountain was beaten down by the Heroes.

Nolan who saw the death of the monster who took the life of his wife cried tears. He removed his steel helmet and burst into tears as he finally saw the death of his wife's killer. The Bleak Walker's kept their personal history to themselves. No one asked why a Bleak Walker would cry. Even the Heroes who spotted Nolan left him alone to grieve. Even they could understand why a steeled bleak walker would cry. All of them lost someone over the darkening of the world. They knew what loss felt like.

The Darkness covered the sky. The Heroes continued their journey while Light's Army and the Bleak Walkers followed behind. They fought many battles and won. But when they saw the might of the Overlord's army, they knew that they wouldn't stand a chance. Fighting against so many demons would only tire the heroes out. So the Light's Army and the Bleak Walkers distracted them while the Heroes would launch an assault against the Overlord. Nolan knew that they wouldn't survive for too long. But they fought as if they were in a trance. Nola was ready to die but they wanted a spark of hope to live. Nolan traveled and only when the sky cleared that he let his battered body to rest. He thought that he would be able to see her again.

He did see her again. He saw her once again and saved her from attack. She was distrustful but he knew what she was like. She wasn't as cold as she was when they met. This second meeting was vastly different and he knew that he might be able to win her heart.

He wanted to. He would do anything to make that happen. But he knew that doing so would change her fate. If he wasn't there she wouldn't have died under the attack of the Old Monster of the Pale Mountain. If he didn't hold her back throughout the years they spent together. What glories could she have achieved?

Nolan couldn't care less about the world. But he cared for her. He wanted to embrace her but he had to hold back. He gave her some parting words and wove through the crowd. His lips trembled, his nails dug into his palms. His eyes wet with tears. His teeth clenched tightly as he allowed the love of his life marched to her path.

Nolan knew that she would succeed. She had the blessings of talent and the resolve to reach the ranks of a war maiden. He knew that even without him she would fare better. She would steadily climb to greatness and finally become the War Maiden he knew and loved.

His lone figure stood at a stone bridge. His countenance hidden was hidden by his hood so no one would able to guess that he was crying. The sun behind him, the passerby strode to their destination with noise. Their feet made noise as they continued on. He stood overlooking the crown below. His jet-black eyes reflected the sandstone paved roads. Caravans slowly passed, hawkers advertised their goods, and criers shouted for shops. A group of soldiers marched the streets with their banners raised up high.

He was back at this time. He knew the events that would unfold. He knew the people that would hesitate and push Oasis City into the edges of destruction. He knew of Cruel and Greedy men who think of nothing but gold and women, spending their life in debauchery while the common people suffer.

He wiped his tears. His teary eyes turned bone-chilling cold as his expression hardened. His jaws tightened as he started to recall the names of the men who would put this City into danger. He thought that if they didn't exist then the Lord of Oasis City would be able to do his job. But the Lord of Oasis City was someone who didn't have a steadfast heart yet. He knew that the Lord of Oasis City would realize his wrongs. But it would take years for that to happen.

And throughout the years the leeches of Oasis City would grow fat and they would have the arrogance to lord over the common people. They are sick dogs that need to be put down before they can bite their master. Oasis doesn't know of these fools but he knew. He knew where to find them.

He must have been sent here for a reason. He was a bleak walker who went back in time. So how he could not do anything this time? He needed to punish these fools before they could hurt anyone. It wa a bleak path but he would take it.