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663 It's All This Man's Fault For Being Too Sexy

It was all Gu Jingze's fault for always seducing her. He already didn't let her off the moment he arrived. Lin Che glared at him and said, "Eat your food."

After eating, they went to wash up.

Gu Jingze watched as Lin Che brushed her teeth with an electric toothbrush.

As the electric toothbrush vibrated, her lips also quavered. He stared at her and laughed, invoking her suspicion. She looked up and asked, "What?"

Gu Jingze said, "Talking about vibrations…" He slowly grabbed Lin Che.

Lin Che muttered with foam still in her mouth.

"I'm not done…"

"I'll help you." He took the cup of water for her to rinse her mouth.

When she was done brushing and gurgling, he bent down to kiss her.

With their mouths filled with the aroma of mint, the two of them locked lips and slowly drew closer to each other.

Lin Che remembered her remorse previously.

Before she found out what exactly happened between him and Mo Huiling, she could not go through this again!

However, before she could do anything, his hands were already on her chest.

He pushed her top up and her petite body, along with her beautiful chest, were exposed in front of his eyes.

Lin Che pushed against his shoulders. "Let… Let go of me…"

However, Gu Jingze remained silent as he lowered his head to bite her gently in her most sensitive spot. Her entire body withdrew and a moan came out through her lips.

Once Gu Jingze got a hold of her, his tongue went back and forth.

He was sometimes fast and sometimes slow. Lin Che inevitably made sounds.

With her hands around his neck, she was practically hanging onto him.

He carried her outside and placed her on top of the washing machine. It was cold and the small machine was just right for him to stand in front of her most sensitive area. He turned it on and it started moving. Lin Che felt her body moving together with his. She could only grab onto him tightly so that she wouldn't slip off. However, the end result was that it allowed him to penetrate deeper into her body…

Lin Che couldn't control her moans. She had lost all sense of reasoning.

In the end…

Her freshly-washed body was washed once again.

As Lin Che laid in bed lethargically, she still wondered how it turned out like this. Hadn't she told herself… she shouldn't do this before she could find out what exactly he did with Mo Huiling…

How did she completely forget that when he made one move?

She had really fallen hopelessly for his charms…

The next day, Lin Che told her staff that she was going to stay with a friend temporarily.

The staff was quite surprised. However, it was plausible that Lin Che would have her own friends outside. She was a big star after all.

Just then, Abigail suddenly called her, asking why couldn't she find her at the hotel.

Lin Che gave her her own address. Abigail said that she would immediately look for her.

Very soon, Abigail arrived.

She was staying at a place very nearby.

When she arrived, Lin Che opened the door for her.

She complained, "Why did you move over here? I wasted a trip to the hotel. Thankfully, it's not far away but why did you suddenly move here?"

After that, Gu Jingze's shadow flashed from behind.

Abigail immediately saw this mysteriously charming man and her eyes lit up.

Although she only saw him once in France, this man was difficult to forget. She immediately said, "Oh my, he…"

She pointed at Gu Jingze for a long time before she smiled warmly and beamed at Lin Che. "Alright. I was wondering why you moved here so suddenly. I see that your boyfriend is here."

Gu Jingze looked at this young lady and thought that she still looked like a difficult person to handle. However, he heard that she was part of the Wesley family. Thus, he didn't say anything. Furthermore, she even helped Lin Che previously.

"Come in and sit," he said.

Abigail nodded and tugged Lin Che into the room. "Oh my, so handsome. You have such a handsome man. How can Mary still think that something is going on between you and that old man Henry? Seriously. You should let Mary see what a real man is. Who else treats Henry like a treasure besides her?"

Of course, many men thought that Henry was decent. After all, he was a big shot in Hollywood.

However, to a girl like Abigail, Henry naturally was nothing.

Lin Che asked, "Did you come to have fun with me? Don't you have school?"

"No. My dad signed me up for school, but I self-study regularly at home. Anyway, the school will not expel me. They'll still give me my graduation certificate."

"…" Alright, she was really stubborn.

Lin Che said, "But you should have your own goals too. Have you thought about what you want to do?"

"Well… Not really for now. I have always been trying to find my direction, but I haven't found it." She looked at Lin Che and blinked. "But I do have a goal now. That is… I want to go to C Nation."

"Huh? Really?"

"Yes. Lin Che, I'll go to C Nation with you."

"…" Lin Che beamed at Abigail. Really…

Qin Wanwan was prepared to head back today.

She was embarrassed beyond salvation. She had no choice but to go home.

However, some reporters came out of nowhere and were in Hollywood. When they saw Qin Wanwan come down from the lift, they immediately rushed up to her.

"Wanwan, did you fail the audition this time? The 'Blood' crew just announced that they've already signed the contract with Lin Che."

Qin Wanwan didn't want to answer. When she came here, she was full of ambitions. She did not expect to go home empty-handed.

Sister Lin quickly blocked them and said sourly, "Yes, we were informed to come for the audition and we also agreed to it, but who knew that Lin Che would be so impressive? She came here and knew such a big shot. We don't have the same kind of network Lin Che has. After all, we don't rely on networks."

Sister Lin really pushed the blame of their failed audition to Lin Che's network.

She seemed to imply that Lin Che played underhanded tactics to get selected.

These wealthy people were always fond of Lin Che. Everyone in C Nation knew this. Hearing this now, they were not surprised either. They looked at each other and quickly chased after to ask, "So who does she know?"

Sister Lin said, "Alright, alright. We don't know about that. We failed the audition and that's that. Someone else knows a big shot. Even Mu Feiran did not audition. We won't compare ourselves with Mu Feiran."

Sister Lin continued pouring dirt on Lin Che's name. The topic of Lin Che stealing Mu Feiran's role continued running.

Anyway, the country was objecting and didn't want Lin Che to act. They believed that Lin Che's acting skills were not fit for Hollywood at all.