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The Avalon Of Five Elements

Author:Fang Xiang

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The tens of thousands of universes have merged. The disintegration of spiritual force led to the momentous collapse of the great Cultivation World, a mighty era that had endured through millions of years of history. In the wake of the large-scale invasion of the Wilderness, the Avalon of Five Elements has become the practitioners’ last stand. After a thousand years, a lowly youth, who hailed from the Old Territory, toiled as a laborer for three years in the depths of the Wilderness. He then became an exception and obtained the opportunity to enter the Avalon Of Five Elements for further studies. Bearing beast-like fighting capabilities and driven by the desire to take control of his life, the youth strived for greater strength and power. Little did he know that he would set off a majestic upheaval. Wuxingtian 五行天
《The Avalon Of Five Elements》 Text
Chapter 1: The Decision
Chapter 2: The Arrival
Chapter 3: Anger
Chapter 4: Sand Puppet Lou Lan
Chapter 5: Blind Battle
Chapter 6: Success
Chapter 7: Resolution
Chapter 8: The Sword Embryo
Chapter 9: Introduction
Chapter 10: The Society of Excellence
Chapter 11: Ai Hui’s Hypothesis
Chapter 12: The Gifted and the Garbage
Chapter 13: Wind of the Suspending Golden Pagoda
Chapter 14: Harder than Iron, Stronger than Steel
Chapter 15: Replenishing Elemental Energy with Soup
Chapter 16: Meeting of Rivals
Chapter 17: Conveniently
Chapter 18: Fumbling
Chapter 19: Possessing The Arching Fish Back
Chapter 20: A Sudden Turnaround
Chapter 21: Target: the Heart!
Chapter 22: Duanmu Huanghun’s Roar
Chapter 23: The Backless Armor
Chapter 24: Friends
Chapter 25: How Kind!
Chapter 26: The First Win
Chapter 27: My Sand Puppet
Chapter 28: Lou Lan’s suspicion
Chapter 29: Zu Yan
Chapter 30: Adviser-type Sand Puppet
Chapter 31: Hellfire Spider Web
Chapter 32: Secret Signal
Chapter 33: Repercussions
Chapter 34: To Split The Cash
Chapter 35: Harvest and Explode
Chapter 36: Nightmare
Chapter 37: Noodle House
Chapter 38: The Inner Demon
Chapter 39: Sword Dance
Chapter 40: Eighty Million Worth Of Rage
Chapter 41: One Slash
Chapter 42: Calmly
Chapter 43: The Pervert and the Message Tree
Chapter 44: First Generation Message Tree
Chapter 45: Unlocking the Natal Residence
Chapter 46: The Opening of the Natal Residence
Chapter 47: The Adorable Teacher Xu
Chapter 48: Attending Class
Chapter 49: To Take a Disciple
Chapter 50: Overwhelmed
Chapter 51: Picked Up A Gem
Chapter 52: Seven Word Name
Chapter 53: Hegemon of the Palaces
Chapter 54: Twinkle Twinkle
Chapter 55: Old Friend
Chapter 56: Dai Gang
Chapter 57: Embroidery
Chapter 58: Threading a Needle
Chapter 59: Requirement
Chapter 60: The Sword Embryo’s Change
Chapter 61: Vigilance
Chapter 62: A Good Person!
Chapter 63: A Lousy Joke
Chapter 64: A Future Paved With Riches
Chapter 65: Invisible Thread
Chapter 66: Progress
Chapter 67: Duanmu’s Self-Abasement
Chapter 68: Reveal
Chapter 69: Cunning Fox
Chapter 70: Mingxiu
Chapter 71: Simplifying The [Twin Weaving Technique]
Chapter 72: Danger
Chapter 73: Seeking Survival
Chapter 74: An Unforeseen Event
Chapter 75: An Old Friend
Chapter 76: Discovery and Astonishment
Chapter 77: The Awakening
Chapter 78: The Teacher’s Faith
Chapter 79: Teacher’s Instructions
Chapter 80: Gloves and Blood Bandage
Chapter 81: Three-minute Hero
Chapter 82: Lou Lan’s Medical Care
Chapter 83: Zu Yan And The Young Girl
Chapter 84: Le Buleng
Chapter 85: Reunion
Chapter 86: A Familiar Feeling
Chapter 87: Silver Hair
Chapter 88: Silk Extraction and the Grass Hollow
Chapter 89: Twilight Silk
Chapter 90: Movie Bean
Chapter 91: Discussion
Chapter 92: Experience
Chapter 93: Li Wei’s Treat
Chapter 94: Midnight
Chapter 95: Changes To The Blood Bandage
Chapter 96: The Discussion Between the Old and the Young
Chapter 97: Embroidery Genius
Chapter 98: Bold And Imaginative
Chapter 99: That Expression
Chapter 100: God Damn It!
Chapter 101: A New Situation
Chapter 102: Reflection
Chapter 103: Hall of Nine Tones
Chapter 104: Demon King
Chapter 105: Brother Huanghun’s Bet
Chapter 106: Scraps
Chapter 107: The Usage of Twilight Silk
Chapter 108: New Twilight Silk
Chapter 109: Bunny Hair Arrows
Chapter 110: Mingxiu’s Concern
Chapter 111: Unique Hand Palaces
Chapter 112: Unification of the Average Minds
Chapter 113: A Strange Message
Chapter 114: Practicum Far From Home
Chapter 115: The Detached Bystander
Chapter 116: Barrier
Chapter 117: Dark Red
Chapter 118: Interweave
Chapter 119: The Garden of Life
Chapter 120: Strange Phenomenon
Chapter 121: Poisoned
Chapter 122: Duanmu’s Absolute Art
Chapter 123: Zhou Xiaoxi’s Decision
Chapter 124: Ai Hui’s Conjecture
Chapter 125: Solution
Chapter 126: I am the Wind of the North Sea
Chapter 127: Si Nan’s Journal
Chapter 128: The Fatty’s Unique Skill
Chapter 129: As Seen by Duanmu
Chapter 130: A Flash
Chapter 131: Elemental Energy of the Sword
Chapter 132: The Premature Disappearance of Elemental Energy
Chapter 133: Danger Arrives
Chapter 134: Sword Ray!
Chapter 135: Insects
Chapter 136: Back to the City
Chapter 137: To Get Rich!
Chapter 138: Dragonspine Inferno
Chapter 139: Chime of the Sword and Weapons
Chapter 140: Team Leader Shi Xueman
Chapter 141: New Arrows
Chapter 142: Sang Zhijun
Chapter 143: Money Losing Deal
Chapter 144: Ambush And Oversight
Chapter 145: Bring It On!
Chapter 146: Unleash The Sword
Chapter 147: Who’s Ai Hui?
Chapter 148: Mayor Wang Zheng
Chapter 149: Crescent Moon
Chapter 150: Blood-red Ripple
Chapter 151: Reward
Chapter 152: The Dangerous Young Lady
Chapter 153: The Original Inheritance and the Pact
Chapter 154: Recruiting Members
Chapter 155: Message Tree
Chapter 156: Conflicts
Chapter 157: Beat Down
Chapter 158: Ai Hui’s Way
Chapter 159: The Warehouse of the Magistrate Court
Chapter 160: Red Dust Sword Box
Chapter 161: Encountering Danger
Chapter 162: Bitter Battle
Chapter 163: Returning to the Training Hall
Chapter 164: The Coming Of The Blood Tsunami
Chapter 165: The Mantis Vest
Chapter 166: Panic in the Blood Forest
Chapter 167: Reunion
Chapter 168: Blood Refinement
Chapter 169: Go to Hell!
Chapter 170: The Sword Embryo and the Bandage
Chapter 171: The [Big Dipper] Predicament
Chapter 172: A Giant’s Back
Chapter 173: The So-Called Master
Chapter 174: The Blaze Of The Winter
Chapter 175: Seven Palaces!
Chapter 176: The Danger from Beneath
Chapter 177: [Big Dipper]
Chapter 178: You Do It
Chapter 179: The Brave One Wins!
Chapter 180: Why isn’t it a Treasure Chest!
Chapter 181: Target Locked!
Chapter 182: Heavy Losses
Chapter 183: Communication
Chapter 184: City-wide Mobilization Order
Chapter 185: Huo Yuanlong
Chapter 186: Minute Arc Stab and Hilt Mist Combined
Chapter 187: Manager Li and Bunny Hair Arrow
Chapter 188: Attack
Chapter 189: Ai Hui’s Method
Chapter 190: The A-1 Unit
Chapter 191: War Trophy
Chapter 192: Shouchuan, Can You Help Me?
Chapter 193: Rewards
Chapter 194: Casualties And Hidden Dangers
Chapter 195: Fire Enhancing Soup
Chapter 196: Blood-traced Ant
Chapter 197: Blood Crystal
Chapter 198: Ordinary and Brilliant
Chapter 199: Yan Hai
Chapter 200: Painful Truth
Chapter 201: Dragonspine Inferno’s Change
Chapter 202: Yan Hai’s Losses
Chapter 203: New Blood Fiends
Chapter 204: The Blood Worm
Chapter 205: [Viridescent Flower, Icy Fissure]
Chapter 206: Yu Mingqiu
Chapter 207: The Discussion on Blood Crystals
Chapter 208: Weak Aura
Chapter 209: New Sword Moves and Elemental Energy Soup
Chapter 210: A Strange Outcome
Chapter 211: Blood-traced Cat
Chapter 212: Danger
Chapter 213: Contrast and Standstill
Chapter 214: Attack and Kill
Chapter 215: A Frightened Tian Kuan
Chapter 216: Monstrously Powerful
Chapter 217: One Man Against Countless Numbers
Chapter 218: A Magnificent Performance
Chapter 219: Blood Birds in the City
Chapter 220: Mini Lou Lan
Chapter 221: Protecting Ai Hui!
Chapter 222: Symmetry Is Also A Form Of Beauty
Chapter 223: The Rupture Of The Sword Embryo
Chapter 224: The Lightning Blade
Chapter 225: Various Remnants
Chapter 226: Sword Pill
Chapter 227: Bad News and Good News
Chapter 228: Tian Kuan’s Operation
Chapter 229: Opening the Palace Door
Chapter 230: The Remaining Problems
Chapter 231: Sandworms
Chapter 232: Fatty’s Confidence
Chapter 233: Take My Sword Attack
Chapter 234: Flaming Ape
Chapter 235: The Blood Snake Vertebrae
Chapter 236: Run
Chapter 237: Calm
Chapter 238: A New Sword
Chapter 239: Perennial Lock and Elemental Energy Pills
Chapter 240: The Deadly Weakness
Chapter 241: Dragonspine
Chapter 242: The Transformation Of The Blazing Corals
Chapter 243: Lava Spider
Chapter 244: A Psychic Attack
Chapter 245: Wanna Be Human?
Chapter 246: The Invulnerable Reason
Chapter 247: Reunion of Old Friends
Chapter 248: Tree Spirit’s Blood
Chapter 249: An Overlooked Question
Chapter 250: Fallen Defenses
Chapter 251: The Heat of Battle
Chapter 252: Disappearance
Chapter 253: Fierce Fighting in the Tunnel
Chapter 254: Ai Hui’s Rage
Chapter 255: Liao Nan
Chapter 256: Liao Nan Beheaded
Chapter 257: A Handsome Guy Cannot Be Made An Enemy
Chapter 258: Dividing The Troops
Chapter 259: The So-called Path
Chapter 260: Dilemma
Chapter 261: Ai Hui’s Discovery
Chapter 262: Protect Ai Hui!
Chapter 263: Excitement
Chapter 264: Impossible to Stop Halfway
Chapter 265: The Reappearance of [Dust Fall]
Chapter 266: Success
Chapter 267: Shattered Blood Traces
Chapter 268: Counterattack
Chapter 269: A Devastating Ending
Chapter 270: Three Years Later
Chapter 271: The Lost Time
Chapter 272: See You Later
Chapter 273: King of Anglers
Chapter 274: Demonic Remnant and Unyielding Bamboos
Chapter 275: Visitor
Chapter 276: Work Completed
Chapter 277: Target
Chapter 278: The Youth in the Cold Palace
Chapter 279: Starry Gem Swordwings
Chapter 280: Chapter 280 - The Auspicious
Chapter 281: Karakorum
Chapter 282: Meridian Sand
Chapter 283: Alighting
Chapter 284: Ambush
Chapter 285: Panicked State
Chapter 286: Woman in Red, She Yu
Chapter 287: What Happened?
Chapter 288: Sand Compass And Bad Reputation
Chapter 289: A Turn of Events
Chapter 290: Back Home
Chapter 291: I Don’t Like Your Face
Chapter 292: Life and Death Flower Sacrificial Art
Chapter 293: The Sha Family
Chapter 294: Rising Storm
Chapter 295: The Three Smalls
Chapter 296: Probe
Chapter 297: Silent Strike
Chapter 298: Sha Wuyuan’s Death
Chapter 299: God-subduing Peak
Chapter 300: The Allure of Red Muslin
Chapter 301: Caught Off Guard
Chapter 302: The Society of Excellence
Chapter 303: The Sha Guards
Chapter 304: Sword Chime And Swirling Sandstorm
Chapter 305: “See You Later” Sword Formation
Chapter 306: Break Even
Chapter 307: Troubles Lie Ahead
Chapter 308: The Pagoda of Hidden Edge
Chapter 309: Skyheart Flaming Lotus Lamp
Chapter 310: Lou Lan’s Upgrade
Chapter 311: Fervor
Chapter 312: A Group of People
Chapter 313: Dragonrise Training Hall
Chapter 314: A Jinai
Chapter 315: Aristocratic Families and New Citizens
Chapter 316: Gale Bat Slash
Chapter 317: Defeating the Hellfire
Chapter 318: Coming!
Chapter 319: A Belated Reunion
Chapter 320: Five Elemental Eight Treasures Porridge
Chapter 321: Same Boat
Chapter 322: Call Me Sister
Chapter 323: Watch the Door
Chapter 324: Impossible To Understand
Chapter 325: Porridge Almost Done
Chapter 326: Lesser Tribulation
Chapter 327: Distributing the Porridge
Chapter 328: Discussion
Chapter 329: The Fall Of Cloud Ridge
Chapter 330: The Four Seasons of the God Nation
Chapter 331: City Expansion Order
Chapter 332: Clues
Chapter 333: A Test
Chapter 334: Karakorum Sword League
Chapter 335: Sword Formations
Chapter 336: Madam Ling’s Guess
Chapter 337: Uninvited Guests
Chapter 338: Yin Yang Sword Formation
Chapter 339: Elemental Energy Suffocation
Chapter 340: Where Are They?
Chapter 341: Patriarch Grass, Silverfold Plum
Chapter 342: Fusion Elemental Energy
Chapter 343: Grass Hall
Chapter 344: Night Attack On Karakorum
Chapter 345: Sword Glint And Tranquil Night Breeze
Chapter 346: A Shameless Person
Chapter 347: [Six Moons]
Chapter 348: To Hell With It!
Chapter 349: I Will Give The Sky To You
Chapter 350: What Tier?
Chapter 351: Sincerity
Chapter 352: Madam Ye’s Background
Chapter 353: The Ye Residence’s Origin
Chapter 354: Life Is A Performance
Chapter 355: Off Guard
Chapter 356: Gift Him A Blow
Chapter 357: Are You Willing?
Chapter 358: Pearblossom Pavilion
Chapter 359: A Renowned Master, A Brilliant Disciple
Chapter 360: Reunion
Chapter 361: Painstaking Investigation
Chapter 362: Finally, Overflowing Inspirations
Chapter 363: Three Huge Yin And Three Huge Yang Sword Rings
Chapter 364: Sir, Can You Open The Door First?
Chapter 365: Treasury
Chapter 366: Selection
Chapter 367: Stone Statue
Chapter 368: Rumors
Chapter 369: Metal Elemental Elixir
Chapter 370: The Will
Chapter 371: Powerful Enemies
Chapter 372: An Enraged Qing Feng
Chapter 373: Lotus-leaf-made Mouths
Chapter 374: [Nether Lotus Glow]
Chapter 375: The Opportunity To Live
Chapter 376: Destiny
Chapter 377: An Old Friend
Chapter 378: The Ancient Treasure
Chapter 379: The Tides Turn
Chapter 380: Leaving
Chapter 381: Recouping Losses
Chapter 382: Seeds
Chapter 383: Choice and Path
Chapter 384: Awkward Silence
Chapter 385: A Small World
Chapter 386: A Free Gift
Chapter 387: A Deal
Chapter 388: Sharpening Skills
Chapter 389: Inquiring Information
Chapter 390: Sky Capital Peak
Chapter 391: An Old Friend
Chapter 392: Blind He
Chapter 393: Excavation
Chapter 394: Success
Chapter 395: Overflowing Elemental Energy
Chapter 396: Bitterstone Seeds
Chapter 397: An Impromptu Trip
Chapter 398: Grass Bandits
Chapter 399: Encounter
Chapter 400: Big Biscuit and Red Muslin
Chapter 401: Killing Numbly
Chapter 402: Fight Till The End
Chapter 403: Great Waves
Chapter 404: Entering The City
Chapter 405: Wintry Jade Blade
Chapter 405: Wintry Jade Blade
Chapter 406: [Fragmented Sword] vs. [Swirling Dragon]
Chapter 407: Cut Some Slack?
Chapter 408: Using a Pretext to Make a Fuss
Chapter 409: Mr Small Ai
Chapter 410: Glimmer of Autumn Moon
Chapter 411: Mingxiu’s Breakthrough
Chapter 412: Two Masters Under One Roof
Chapter 414: Crossing Over
Chapter 415: Lava-spitting Beast
Chapter 416: Nature’s Precious Land
Chapter 417: Difficulties Starting Out
Chapter 418: A Languished Top Student
Chapter 419: An Chouchou
Chapter 420: Energy-stabilizing Pillars
Chapter 421: Elemental Energy Pools, One By One
Chapter 422: Skyheart City
Chapter 423: Are You Looking for a Fight? Come On, Come On
Chapter 424: Central Pine Valley
Chapter 425: Scarletfire Flying Foxes
Chapter 426: Well-coordinated
Chapter 427: Well-coordinated Once Again
Chapter 428: Where’s the Promised Chemistry?
Chapter 429: Victory
Chapter 430: Hellfire Pagoda Cannon
Chapter 431: Snow Lava
Chapter 432: Fairy Devil Palace
Chapter 433: Clearwater City
Chapter 434: Bargain
Chapter 435: Your Mistress
Chapter 436: The Wicked Servant
Chapter 437: Stupefied
Chapter 438: Rules
Chapter 439: A Very Angry Iron Lady
Chapter 440: Mist Cage
Chapter 441: The Bigger the Scene, the Bigger the Earnings
Chapter 442: Old Friend
Chapter 443: The Grief of Balls
Chapter 444: Sold Out
Chapter 445: Conditions And An Unforeseen Event
Chapter 446: Han Li’s Challenge
Chapter 447: The Death Of Great Elder
Chapter 448: As You Wish
Chapter 449: [Red Dust]!
Chapter 450: Han Li’s Transformation
Chapter 451: What Are They Here For?
Chapter 452: Disturbance
Chapter 453: Ai Hui’s Own Path
Chapter 454: Conspiracy
Chapter 455: Lou Lan’s Idea
Chapter 456: Jiu Gui Takes Action
Chapter 457: A Swap Between Master And Slave
Chapter 458: Battles Of Masters (1)
Chapter 459: Battles Of Masters (2)
Chapter 460: Battles Of Masters (3)
Chapter 461: Battles Of Masters (4)
Chapter 462: Victory
Chapter 463: Changing The Name To Thunder City
Chapter 464: Departure
Chapter 465: Guillotines on a Snowy Night
Chapter 466: Three Division Leaders in a Meeting
Chapter 467: Windy Resonant Pagoda
Chapter 468: Hesitation
Chapter 469: Go Left, Or Go Right?
Chapter 470: Ai Hui’s Decision
Chapter 471: Flames
Chapter 472: Guest
Chapter 473: Waiting
Chapter 474: Sword Pagodas
Chapter 475: Decision
Chapter 476: An Old Friend And Yuchuan Embroidery
Chapter 477: Deal!
Chapter 478: Shock
Chapter 479: Madman Le Buleng
Chapter 480: The Secret Mission of The Three Central Divisions
Chapter 481: Getting Rid of The Internal Conflict
Chapter 482: Get Ready! Raise Your Swords!
Chapter 483: Seven Swords As One
Chapter 484: New Sword Embryo
Chapter 485: An Unforeseen Event
Chapter 486: Night Moth Fruit
Chapter 487: Frenzy
Chapter 488: A Giant’s Afterglow
Chapter 489: Chapter 489 - Glorious Footprints
Chapter 490: Grandmaster to Grandmaster
Chapter 491: Us, North Sea
Chapter 492: Dawn of Hope
Chapter 493: Black Cloud
Chapter 494: Dialogue
Chapter 495: Master Shao And Information
Chapter 496: An All-out Attack, Metal Baskets, And Arrogant Words
Chapter 497: A Burst of White Light and A Warm Breeze
Chapter 498: Back View
Chapter 499: Heater In Snow, Heart of God
Chapter 500: There’s No need For You To Apologize
Chapter 501: Sword Cloud
Chapter 502: Decision
Chapter 503: Enemy is Coming
Chapter 504: Villa of Conscience
Chapter 505: A Strike in the Frosted Dawn
Chapter 506: Blazing Shooting Star
Chapter 507: Brewing Storm
Chapter 508: Spirits of the Deceased
Chapter 509: Sounding Out, Footprint
Chapter 510: Pointers
Chapter 511: A Story
Chapter 512: Heavenly God
Chapter 513: Train of Thought
Chapter 514: Sick And Extraordinary
Chapter 515: The Glory of A Master Comes With Blood
Chapter 516: Lou Lan Is Formidable Now, Unity Sword
Chapter 517: It’s A Disgrace To Associate Myself With All Of You
Chapter 518: Creditor And Boss
Chapter 519: Grandmaster Dai’s Decree
Chapter 520: Panda Mummy
Chapter 521: Blank Wooden Tablet
Chapter 522: Pinwheel Sword
Chapter 523: The Boundary of Ring
Chapter 524: Vitality Branches
Chapter 525: Xing Shan’s Target
Chapter 526: Sword Operator
Chapter 527: Courage and Special Training
Chapter 528: Ability of God
Chapter 529: Reconnaissance
Chapter 530: The Bird is in the Net
Chapter 531: Fatty’s Lethal Weapon
Chapter 532: Face to Face
Chapter 533: So Be It
Chapter 534: Fatty’s Talent
Chapter 535: Xing Shan’s Strength
Chapter 536: Netherworld Bestial Ox
Chapter 537: [Axe of Nether River] VS [Iron Flowers Thrust]
Chapter 538: The Enemy Forces Are Arriving!
Chapter 539: Confrontation
Chapter 540: Chapter 540 - 20 Meters Of Life-or-death Experience
Chapter 541: Surviving
Chapter 542: Pale Flames
Chapter 543: Reward
Chapter 544: Central Pine Valley
Chapter 545: Pagoda Cannon Master
Chapter 546: The Popular Pagoda Cannons (1)
Chapter 547: The Popular Pagoda Cannons (2)
Chapter 548: The Deep Conversation With Ugly Elephant
Chapter 549: It’s Coming!
Chapter 550: You’re A New Citizen
Chapter 551: The Purest Sword Lineage
Chapter 552: Knife
Chapter 553: Mirage Craze
Chapter 554: Entering the Camp
Chapter 555: Decoy
Chapter 556: Open Conspiracy
Chapter 557: New Pagoda Cannon
Chapter 558: Improving The Fort
Chapter 559: The Time Has Arrived
Chapter 560: The Central Pine Valley’s Declaration
Chapter 561: The Pagoda Cannon Alliance
Chapter 562: Skyheart City’s Countermeasures
Chapter 563: The Transformation of the Central Pine Valley
Chapter 564: An Chouchou’s Change
Chapter 565: God Wolf Division
Chapter 566: One-versus-One or All-versus-One
Chapter 567: Master’s Glory Selection
Chapter 568: Effect of Reputation
Chapter 569: To Die for a Belief
Chapter 570: Three Bunny Hairs
Chapter 571: Valiant Warriors
Chapter 572: The Utter Defeats At The Front Line
Chapter 573: Fish Bone
Chapter 574: The Yellow Sand Division
Chapter 575: Ai Hui’s Belief
Chapter 576: Lightning Razor
Chapter 577: Camp of the God and Blood Divisions
Chapter 578: Set Off
Chapter 579: The Bloody Battle At The God Encampment (1)
Chapter 580: The Bloody Battle At The God Encampment (2)
Chapter 581: The Bloody Battle At The God Encampment (3)
Chapter 582: Hostage
Chapter 583: Reunion
Chapter 584: Treatment
Chapter 585: The Dread Division’s Plan
Chapter 586: Do It Thoroughly
Chapter 587: Going Steady
Chapter 588: Former Members of the Surveillance Division
Chapter 589: Metal Wind Curtain
Chapter 590: First Confrontation
Chapter 591: The Sword Aura
Chapter 592: Charge!
Chapter 593: Silver Frost’s Resistance
Chapter 594: Helpless
Chapter 595: “The morale of an army is important.”
Chapter 596: Pearl Defensive Line
Chapter 597: The Sick Tiger And The Red-dressed Girl
Chapter 598: Training During Real Battles
Chapter 599: Selection of Sword Operators
Chapter 600: Judgement, Step Forward
Chapter 601: Seal
Chapter 602: The Arrival of The Beast Battalions
Chapter 603: Golden Thread And Blood Plum Blossom
Chapter 604: The Blood Eye On The Bandage
Chapter 605: Life and Death
Chapter 606: Beast Battalions
Chapter 607: Test the Defenses
Chapter 608: 12 Salvos of Heavy Cannon Fire
Chapter 609: The Gamble Paid Off
Chapter 610: Stone Forest, Sand Sea
Chapter 611: The Fantasyland Within Ai Hui’s Body
Chapter 612: Vitality Branches and the Fire Elemental Ring
Chapter 613: Beat Them at Their Own Game
Chapter 614: Frost Locust Grass
Chapter 615: The Invincibility of the Sword Embryo
Chapter 616: 10,000 Swords
Chapter 617: Experimenting With Sword Formations
Chapter 618: Sword Mist
Chapter 619: Ripened
Chapter 620: Flash Kill
Chapter 621: A Strengthening Sword Embryo
Chapter 622: The Arrival of She Yu
Chapter 623: The Change in the Sword Embryo
Chapter 624: God’s Blood and Swords
Chapter 625: Breaking Through the Wind Curtain
Chapter 626: Breeze of Surveillance
Chapter 627: Eating Grass
Chapter 628: Viridescent Flower, Viridescent Flower
Chapter 629: A Desperate Effort
Chapter 630: Confrontation
Chapter 631: The Resonance of Pagoda Cannons
Chapter 632: Victory in Sight
Chapter 633: Continuous Chatter
Chapter 634: Sword Formation Gone Berserk
Chapter 635: Cruel Battlefield
Chapter 636: To Hell
Chapter 637: [Sword Chime]!
Chapter 638: Sword Embryo and Avedha-vasa
Chapter 639: Brand-new Sword Moves
Chapter 640: The Charge
Chapter 641: Helian Tianxiao’s Trump Card
Chapter 642: Chief’s Instructions
Chapter 643: Sky Leaf Division
Chapter 644: Wine and Affection
Chapter 645: Chase
Chapter 646: Girl in Red vs. Sky Leaf Division
Chapter 647: Wind Columns and Mourning
Chapter 648: Changes
Chapter 649: Holy Phoenix
Chapter 650: What Kind Of Swordsmanship Is This?
Chapter 651: Gong Peiyao’s Conjecture
Chapter 652: A Piece of Unexpected News
Chapter 653: Second Sun
Chapter 654: North Sea Ruins
Chapter 655: Fireball
Chapter 656: The Idle Duanmu Huanghun
Chapter 657: The Survivors of North Sea
Chapter 658: The Assembly of Patriarchs’ Plan
Chapter 659: The Sea
Chapter 660: God Tiger
Chapter 661: Assembly
Chapter 662: Out of It
Chapter 663: Successor
Chapter 664: Prey
Chapter 665: Mutual Understanding
Chapter 666: Swords
Chapter 667: Blood-colored Petals
Chapter 668: Destroyed
Chapter 669: Discussion
Chapter 670: Charge
Chapter 671: Green Fog
Chapter 672: Yin Furnace
Chapter 673: Dai Gang’s Secret
Chapter 674: Grey and Green
Chapter 675: The Odd Transformation of The Sword Embryo
Chapter 676: Repercussions
Chapter 677: Assembly of Patriarchs
Chapter 678: The Impatient Demonic God
Chapter 679: The Blood Eye
Chapter 680: The End of the Epic Battle
Chapter 681: The Secret of God’s Blood
Chapter 682: Deathly Seeds of Demonic Consciousness
Chapter 683: Life Slicing Parasite
Chapter 684: Opportunity
Chapter 685: Unforeseen Circumstances
Chapter 686: Collaboration
Chapter 687: The Sudden Attack
Chapter 688: Kill Me
Chapter 689: The Beating Heart
Chapter 690: Commander Red
Chapter 691: Strange Power
Chapter 692: Star Divine Hallucination
Chapter 693: Collapse
Chapter 694: Taking Action
Chapter 695: A True Blood Elementalist
Chapter 696: Blood Elementalists’ Secret Art
Chapter 697: A Dire Beast
Chapter 698: Madam Ye’s Plan
Chapter 699: Awakening and Conflict
Chapter 700: Disturbance
Chapter 701: [Crossed Spinning Top]
Chapter 702: Retreat
Chapter 703: Hong Rongyan Strikes
Chapter 704: Grass Hall
Chapter 705: Chapter 705 - A Strange Place
Chapter 706: Chapter 706 - Golden Ringed Vines
Chapter 707: Chapter 707 - Spirit Swords
Chapter 708: Chapter 708 - Danger from the Sky
Chapter 709: Chapter 709 - Human-faced Marshland
Chapter 710: Trouble
Chapter 711: Snowfall
Chapter 712: Monster
Chapter 713: Village of Rest
Chapter 714: Human-head Tree
Chapter 715: The End