The Ancient Genes
130 Changes
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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130 Changes

Max continued to lie down while bathing in the feeling of coolness. The feeling calmed him down and he slowly began to notice the smaller things which weren't so clear to him before.

The trees gently shook in the breeze. The hooting of nocturnals didn't only enter his ears but it seemed that he could vaguely locate them.

As Max was consumed by this feeling, he suddenly felt the cooling sensation in his body completing a circle around his body before moving towards his temples and naval.



Suddenly, Max felt a throbbing in his body. The coolness started to turn into a warm feeling as it further progressed. This was accompanied by his increasing heart rate. 

Max knew that it wasn't just a feeling. Something was really happening to his body. He could only grit his teeth and hang in there as the warm feeling slowly turned into scorching hot lava. Max felt that he was losing the water in his body quickly. He was burning up at such a high temperature that even his sweat had started to evaporate while his body had turned red.

Finally, after a bit of suffering, Max felt a vortex forming around his temple and navel region. The blazing hot feeling was sucked in at a rapid rate and slowly a crystal like core formed inside his navel region.

Max felt quite shocked at the change. But this wasn't the end. Before he could get a hold of what had happened to him. The vortex in his temple region started to conjure. This change sent him shivering down to his spine as if he had been thrown into a pool of ice.

But this time, it didn't end quickly. The torture continued for hours before Max lost the track of time and vision turned black.

When he finally woke up, Max found himself standing in a vast space. The world seemed to have changed. It appeared as if he had entered a fairy tale book.

Everything ranging from the terrain to the insects to greenery seemed to have a unique charm to them.

" Am I dreaming?", Max mumbled as he took a step forward.

He breathed in the air and felt a strange and relaxing feeling. It was the same feeling that he felt a while ago and it triggered a strange flow in his body.

"What is this? Is it moving in a pattern?"

Max thought before trying to push through the pattern which led to the faster circulation of the relaxed feeling and it immediately drove him into a state of heightened senses.

" is the same from a while before. I can notice even smaller things very clearly."

" It is too real for a dream. Where is this place? "

Max looked around. But he literally had no idea about his whereabouts. There wasn't a single living being except from some strange insects.

" Hm.."

Suddenly, a tree caught Max's eyes. It wasn't an ordinary tree. It could only be summed up with one single word.


The trees top had driven itself into the cloud and it wasn't fully visible.

Max felt an urge to move towards the tree and so he did.

" I don't even know what to do. I might as well check it out.", Max said aloud as he moved towards the tree.

After moving for a while, Max still couldn't see himself reaching the tree.

After an hour…

" Damn! I didn't think that it was that far. It looked gigantic from such a distance. But now that I am close to it, the word 'Gigantic ' ain't enough to describe it."

Yup, when Max finally reached the tree. He realised that he was being naive. Even the leaves of the tree were a dozen times bigger than him.

" Is this Yggdrasil? Am I really dreaming?", Max mumbled as he raised his head up. But he still couldn't see the end of the tree.

Max turned his head around. But failed to find anyone in the vicinity.

Suddenly, Max heard a flapping sound from above which grabbed his attention. As he looked above, Max instantly felt mesmerized.

It was a beautiful lady with a pair of beautiful fairy-like wings. Her golden hair and rainbow colored wings along with her gorgeous dress made her extremely beautiful. She looked around her mid 20s.

' Did she fall from heaven?', Max couldn't help but think about it.

The lady flew down and stopped a few inches from the ground. She was above Max by the length of four fingers.

The lady stretched out her hands and caught a hold of Max before speaking in an ethereal voice with charming smile on her face.

" I have chosen you...take care of me. I will depend on you for now until I can finally meet you beloved..I, the Fairy Queen Seraphine, dedicate my life to you…"

With that she kissed Max on his forehead and before Max could react any further, a blinding light consumed the world.

" Wait! Who are you?!!"

Max shouted as his body jerked up and he found himself back on the ground in the similar surroundings.

" Huh? What are you doing girl?", Max said as he saw the blue haired girl on top of him. She seemed to be touching Max's chest.

Max too noticed that there was a blue colored glow on his chest. His clothes were almost incinerated and he could clearly see a complex tattoo stretching out from his neck to chest and then to his side on the left. The tattoo had 7 complex patterns in total and one of them was glowing with a blue glow while the rest were gray without a glow.

" I will think about it later. First, I need to get changed. Thank God...there is no one here or else I might have been in a lot of trouble."

Max slowly got up and took out a towel from his inventory before wrapping it around him.

" You stay here and don't move...Ok…"

He didn't know whether the girl understood or not. He slowly moved to the river and seeing that the girl kept looking towards him...he finally sighed in relief.

" Finally, I can check what has happened to me?", Max said as he entered the water for a bath.


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