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The Almighty Ring

Author:Primodial Saint

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UpdateTime:3/26/2019 10:15:01 AM

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Average means nothing to our young protagonist! Why be normal when you have the chance to become a real life superman! Follow Jiang Fei as he discovers a mysterious ring that allowed him to play a Hyper Realistic Immersive MMORPG call Dawn Break! As the thin line between game and reality is gradually blurred, Jiang Fei finds himself having to deal with the troubles that follow him everywhere he g...
《The Almighty Ring》 Volume 1
1 The Mysterious Ring
2 The First Login
3 In-Game Encyclopedia
4 Hack Leveling!
5 A Superman Dream
6 A Strong Hear
7 Easter Egg
8 The Shoes from the Game
9 The Superhuman Nerd
10 The Heroic Momen
11 Inevitable Promotion
12 Rosette Knighthood
13 A Super-Rich, Fancy Lady Coming Your Way!
14 The Lucky Blacksmith
15 Three-Pronged Advantage of "Cheating"
16 The Wild Wolf Blockade
17 Mass Producing Equipment with Bonus Attributes
18 The Overly Attached Girl?
19 Armored Shield
20 Equipment Sales
21 The Gathering of Heroes
22 A “Real” Workshop
23 Class Level Increased
24 Clearing the Storage
25 Full Armor!
26 A Surprising Dungeon
27 Zaire, the Ferocious Tiger
28 Might of the Tiger
29 Dungeon Cleared!
30 The Strongest Tank
31 Challenging the Elite mode
32 Advanced Elite!
33 Dividing The Spoils
34 The Importance of a Powerful Tank
35 Advancing to the second boss!
36 Fighting the Demonic Bear
37 Taking down the Boss
38 A Blue Tier Recipe!
39 Demon Lord
40 A Desperate fight against the Demon Lord
41 I Don't Intend To Stand Ou
42 Three Ascended Equipment!
43 Secret Disclosure
44 Saving Someone From a Car Accident!
45 He Actually Saved a Big Sho
46 Class Advancement Ques
47 Title: The Number One Blacksmith
48 Hidden class: Divine Blacksmith
49 Accessory: Ruby Viper
50 It's A Small World
51 Fail Robbers, You're Better Off as Streakers
52 The Broken Ring
53 Grabbing on to Cash like a Wretched Miser
54 Offline PvP
55 Running off with a Pocketful of Cash
56 To Live of To Die
57 Have You Been Watching Too Many Wuxia Films?
58 Are You Guys Retards?
59 The Boyfriend
60 A Disorderly Crowd
61 Exploration Through the Unknown Dungeon
62 Demonic Pelle
63 Demon Princess
64 Hidden Race!
65 Drug Caske
66 Leeching Experience Points
67 Leader Boss!
68 Sitting Atop a Mountain to Watch Tigers Wrestling
69 Territory Order
70 Head of the Battle
71 The Bloodbath Caused by One Order
72 Jazz Dance Doll
73 Treasure Map
74 Young Master’s Bodyguards
75 The Class Queen’s Reques
76 Party-Forming Crisis
77 Regrouping
78 Asukuna Ruins
79 The Trickster Rears Its Ugly Head!
80 Set-up
81 Weathered the Storm!
82 Mind Control
83 Hatchery
84 Evolving Mutan
85 Certain Death
86 Evolution Blood
87 Campus Hijacking?
88 Chen Kaiyin
89 Ordering Potions
90 Owning the Level Ranking Boards
91 Mutant Empress
92 Duelling the Empress
93 Slaying the Empress!
94 Harem?
95 Asukuna Orb
96 Jiang Fei the Terrorist?
97 Drinking Evolution Blood
98 Blackmailing the Princess
99 Letter Delivery Ques
100 Naga Prince
101 Directional Teleportation
102 Shameless Gnomes
103 Receiving Three Treasures
104 Japanese
105 Juggernaut in the Cour
106 King of Masks