The 99th Divorce
1353 If You Don’t Mind, You Can Call Me Dad Too
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The 99th Divorce
Author :Wan Lili
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1353 If You Don’t Mind, You Can Call Me Dad Too

This is a good thing. That was the first thought that appeared in Wen Fenglin's mind when he heard that. However, he couldn't bring himself to be happy at this "good thing" no matter what.

Yu Lili was very possibly Xian'er and Zhen Xianlang's daughter? Was that a good thing? It wasn't. At least to him, it wasn't.

Wen Fenglin began to feel as if his heart was having trouble beating. The pain he felt was almost palpable. It felt as if a knife was piercing into his heart.

Not only had Zhen Xianlang gained his beloved woman, he had her bear his child. And, this man had abandoned the child and left her to her own devices while he happily established another family and had another son and daughter. How could he?

Not only was his heart hurting, his world was spinning. Wen Fenglin couldn't bring himself to accept such an earth-shattering fact. He held his head in his hand.

After a few seconds, he chuckled and asked, "You're joking with me, aren't you? How did you find out?"

Yu Lili knew how cruel this news was to Wen Fenglin. She couldn't bear to add to his pain.

After thinking for a beat, she said, "Ou Ming has been helping me look for my parents for a long time. There was finally some development a while back. Today, we went to F Town…" Yu Lili told him all the details. She didn't speak quickly. In fact, her words were peppered with hesitation

She still persevered and finished the story. While she was speaking, she was observing Wen Fenglin's expression.

He closed his eyes and leaned against the table. There was no obvious expression on his face. In a corner of his heart were all sorts of complex emotions.

Yu Lili knew that such a fact was hard to accept. When she was done, she didn't say anything more.

"You'd like to meet Zhen Xianlang and have me lead the way. Is that it?" Wen Fenglin took his glasses off and massaged his nose bridge as his lips lifted in a smile.

It was evident that he wasn't in a good mood; his dimples were shallow.

"No…" Yu Lili waved her hands in objection. "Ou Ming and I just felt that you should know."

Wen Fenglin smiled wanly. "Actually, you needn't have told me." He put his glasses back on his face and looked up. He had regained his composure.

"So many years have already passed. I have no more regrets. Xian'er has been gone for so many years. Despite what happened, in my heart, she was always my wife." As he spoke, he stood up, "Regardless, thank you for telling me about this. Congratulations, Lili, for having finally found your parents."

As he spoke, his smile deepened. But, his smile hid a pain that no words could describe.

Yu Lili understood somewhat, and her heart ached for him. Wen Fenglin was a good man, but heaven had not been kind to him.

Meeting Yu Lili's gaze, Wen Fenglin said, "Although Xian'er and I weren't married, and nobody acknowledged our relationship, we have a love that was ours alone. In fact, speaking of that, your mother and I even pledged ourselves to each other in private before." As he spoke, his smile waned. He looked at her and asked, "If you don't mind, you can call me 'Dad' too."

Yu Lili looked up to face his warm and gentle middle-aged man. She opened her mouth. In a voice that wasn't too loud, she called, "Daddy."

Wen Fenglin's eyes suddenly reddened. He looked at this "daughter" of his and laughed from the bottom of his heart. He reached out and touched her face. In a low voice, he said, "Alright. Just call me that when we're alone. Don't let your biological father hear it. I have something to do, so I'll be leaving."
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