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417 Let’s Go to My Place

"Of course." Li Sicheng looked at Su Qianci and comforted her silently. "I will just drink a little."

She was speechless. Li Sicheng then glanced at Lu Yihan. "Do you want to drink as well, Godfather Lu? The real father will compete against you."

Lu Yihan's hands quivered. He looked up and saw Li Sicheng's teasing look.

This guy said that on purpose! Godfather? Real father? Ha ha ha…

"Sure!" Lu Yihan struck the table. Seeing the waitress carrying two dozen beers, he waved his hand. "Open them all."

Su Qianci was shocked and pulled Li Sicheng's sleeve. "Don't drink too much."

"I know what I'm doing." He comforted her while secretly calculating.

"Here, to the real father of the baby!" Lu Yihan poured a glass of beer, gazing at Li Sicheng.

Luo Zhan said with contempt, "A glass? You need to at least finish the bottle to show respect to the father."

Lu Yihan did not respond.

"Here, to the baby's godfather." Li Sicheng took a bottle of beer and chugged it.

His cheeks burning, Lu Yihan took a bottle and said, "Here's two bottles."

After drinking one bottle up, Lu Yihan had another one.

Su Qianci was shocked. "It is very easy to get drunk like this."

Lu Yihan looked at her and his look softened. "It's fine. I'm a better drinker than you think."

Li Sicheng bristled and sneered inwardly. "Give us two more dozen."

In less than half an hour, the three men had finished six dozen beers.

However, most of the beers were taken by Luo Zhan and Lu Yihan.

After Li Sicheng drank three or four bottles, Su Qianci forbade him to drink anymore. Also, he had the perfect excuse of having to drive. Stepping aside, he watched the two guys compete, with his wife in his arms.

Both Luo Zhan and Lu Yihan were average drinkers. After drinking that much in a short amount of time, they got drunk and started to brag. With one foot on the chair and one hand raised, Luo Zhan said, "I'm telling you, at school I was one of the best looking guys. Look at my face? Not bad, right? It is only because I am too demanding that I haven't found a girlfriend yet… My two sister-in-laws even thought I was… gay. And you… You also suspected that I was…"

His face buried in his arms, Lu Yihan's face reddened. "Stop bragging. Talking about school… When I was a student, someone chased me to my home. Qianqian knows it… Ask her."

Su Qianci chuckled. "That's nothing compared to the fact that Yihan was rated the best hacker on campus. He was really good."

Luo Zhan scoffed and looked at the ceiling. He said in a broken voice, "When I was a student, I was an international… hacker. The best hacker on campus is nothing."

"Are you jerking your chin up at me?" Lu Yihan sat straight, looking contemptuous.

With both hands on the table, Luo Zhan roared, "Yes, I am… I am hacker Z."

"That's only because I did not want to use my talent in that area. Otherwise, do you think anyone would know your name? Naïve."

"Ahhhh," Luo Zhan growled as he put the beer bottle on the table. "Seems that you insist on challenging me today."

"I know how to brag as much as you do…" Lu Yihan sneered.

"There's no point in arguing," Li Sicheng said as he poured Su Qianci a glass of water. "A showdown could settle everything. Luo Zhan has several computers at his place."

"That's right. Let's go to my place!" Luo Zhan walked out and curled his finger at Lu Yihan. "Let's go. Do you dare to fight me?"

"Ha… Let's go. I'm not scared of you."