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The 99th Divorce

Author:Wan Lili

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In her previous lifetime, they had married for five years. He meant everything to her, but she was thrown away like an old shoe. After her rebirth, she gave him a divorce contract preemptively— “Divorce after one year, the terms of the contract are as follows: husband and wife shall not share a room or bed. Intimacy forbidden?” He raised his eyebrow. Who knew that after she got drunk one day, leaning on the headboard, he rested his deep-set eyes on her. “You broke the contract, Mrs, Li.” 第99次离婚
《The 99th Divorce》 Text
Chapter 1: Who Was the Murderer
Chapter 2: Sleeping with A Woman as Ugly as I Am
Chapter 3: Lawful F**ktoy
Chapter 4: She Was Reborn
Chapter 5: The Pretentious Bitch
Chapter 6: Childhood Sweetheart or His Wife
Chapter 7: Illegitimate Daughter
Chapter 8: Such Difference
Chapter 9: Exposed in Public (1)
Chapter 10: Exposed in Public (2)
Chapter 11: Exposed in Public (3)
Chapter 12: Exposed in Public (4)
Chapter 13: Grandpa
Chapter 14: He Was… Holding Her
Chapter 15: This Man Is A Tease
Chapter 16: Kissing Ass Without Looking Obvious
Chapter 17: It Was Li Sicheng That She Had Married
Chapter 18: Which Is the Real Her?
Chapter 19: You Mean I Cannot Afford It?
Chapter 20: A Slut Is A Slut
Chapter 21: Unworthy Opponent
Chapter 22: President Li, Do You Know Her
Chapter 23: How Could She Be Mrs. Li!
Chapter 24: Go Down Together
Chapter 25: Sending Her to the Police
Chapter 26: He Wants to Kiss Her?
Chapter 27: They Needed an Abortion
Chapter 28: Did You Do It?
Chapter 29: Rape Him
Chapter 30: I Wish You Will Suffer
Chapter 31: She Is Taking Plan B
Chapter 32: The Li Family Could Lose Money, But Not Face
Chapter 33: So Jealous
Chapter 34: Su Qianci And Dogs Are Not Allowed Inside
Chapter 35: Intruder in the Shower
Chapter 36: Plan B Is Effective For Forty-Eight Hours
Chapter 37: Giving Up
Chapter 38: I Will Replace You
Chapter 39: Did I Say I Would Go
Chapter 40: There Must Be Someone You Would Fear
Chapter 41: Offense Is The Best Defense
Chapter 42: Not Her…
Chapter 43: She Had an Abortion
Chapter 44: First Time Dining Together
Chapter 45: She Was Disgusted By Him
Chapter 46: Lawfully Married
Chapter 47: Nanny Rong
Chapter 48: Lift Your Dress
Chapter 49: I Will Feed You
Chapter 50: He Didn’t Care
Chapter 51: Must Rip Her Off
Chapter 52: You Have Never Used This?
Chapter 53: Buy It If You like It
Chapter 54: Clearly a Rip off
Chapter 55: An Old Classmate
Chapter 56: IOU
Chapter 57: The Man Behind Yu Lili
Chapter 58: Her Face Is A Face Plus
Chapter 59: This Man Has Issues
Chapter 60: Li Sicheng Never Jokes
Chapter 61: I’m Dying
Chapter 62: Cuckolded
Chapter 63: Because It Was Him
Chapter 64: Whose Child Are You Bearing
Chapter 65: Danger
Chapter 66: So Scared
Chapter 67: Car Sex
Chapter 68: Li Sicheng Is Gay?
Chapter 69: Taken Away by Her Husband
Chapter 70: Time to Show Hand
Chapter 71: Let’s Get a Divorce
Chapter 72: Divorce Contract
Chapter 73: Go Please Mr. Li
Chapter 74: Sluts
Chapter 75: Is There Another Man
Chapter 76: Good Dogs Don’t Get Underfoot
Chapter 77: Doing Our Job
Chapter 78: Your Husband Is Li Sicheng? Then I Must Be Ou Ming!
Chapter 79: She Was Probably Dying
Chapter 80: Crazy World
Chapter 81: Punishment from Li Sicheng
Chapter 82: His Anger
Chapter 83: Have You Ever Felt Desperate
Chapter 84: Su Qianci, You Are Disgusting
Chapter 85: Kissing Him on the Lips
Chapter 86: Like a Dream
Chapter 87: How Enviable
Chapter 88: Not For Long
Chapter 89: I Have Seen Everything
Chapter 90: He Deserves It
Chapter 91: Choked to Death in Bed
Chapter 92: Great Job
Chapter 93: Do You Need Me to Feed You?
Chapter 94: Flirting in Front of Him
Chapter 95: One Million
Chapter 96: Perfect Scene
Chapter 97: Her Elegy
Chapter 98: Your Music
Chapter 99: She Ignored Him?
Chapter 100: Vying Craze
Chapter 101: Like A Crazy Woman
Chapter 102: Blow Everyone Away
Chapter 103: Mom’s Dress
Chapter 104: Before the Storm
Chapter 105: Lucky
Chapter 106: Caught in Bed
Chapter 107: The Door Was Open
Chapter 108: Well-Deserved
Chapter 109: Her Husband
Chapter 110: Who Are You Calling a Bitch
Chapter 111: He Took Off His Jacket
Chapter 112: Time to Go Home, My Wife
Chapter 113: Five Pills
Chapter 114: Lin Wanting’s Consequences
Chapter 115: A Shame
Chapter 116: An Overseas Call
Chapter 117: Brother Sicheng, Slow Down
Chapter 118: A Bitch Is a Bitch
Chapter 119: Secret
Chapter 120: Great Stamina
Chapter 121: Open Relationship
Chapter 122: Designed for Her
Chapter 123: A Thief At Home
Chapter 124: A Wife’s Duty
Chapter 125: Mortified
Chapter 126: An Early Divorce
Chapter 127: In The Hospital Again
Chapter 128: How Unfortunate
Chapter 129: Keep the Money
Chapter 130: There Will Be Another Child…
Chapter 131: Nanny Rong Found the Secret
Chapter 132: Coping With Tang Mengying’s Agenda
Chapter 133: Public Display Of Affection Not Allowed
Chapter 134: A Photo
Chapter 135: Knocked up
Chapter 136: How Dare You Bully My Wife
Chapter 137: Cried out Loud
Chapter 138: Proof under Skirt
Chapter 139: Her Downfall
Chapter 140: Shook Her World
Chapter 141: A Secret Only She Knew
Chapter 142: Did She Cheat On You?
Chapter 143: Her Only Idol, Song Yifan
Chapter 144: Stop Drooling
Chapter 145: Love of His Life
Chapter 146: Playing Together With Her Idol
Chapter 147: I Don’t Allow It
Chapter 148: This Is Your Boyfriend?
Chapter 149: A Secret about Her
Chapter 150: Not Biologically Related
Chapter 151: It’s Okay to Get Mad
Chapter 152: Dear Baby
Chapter 153: Slutty Campus Belle
Chapter 154: Expelled
Chapter 155: Her Sugar Daddy
Chapter 156: You Tell Me What We Are
Chapter 157: In Plain Terms, This Is An Idiot
Chapter 158: Su Qianci’s idiot cousin
Chapter 159: Tang Mengying Showing up
Chapter 160: Grandpa Does Not Look His Age
Chapter 161: Climbing into My Bed
Chapter 162: She Should Have Woken Up From This Dream A Long Time Ago
Chapter 163: Thinking of the Lost Baby
Chapter 164: I Will Give You a Happy Ending
Chapter 165: Sharing A Bed With Him?
Chapter 166: Condoms, Extra-Large
Chapter 167: Grocery
Chapter 168: She Is In My Bed
Chapter 169: The Warning from Mr. Li
Chapter 170: It’s Good That She’s Still Alive
Chapter 171: You Are Not Being Fair
Chapter 172: I Am Your Husband
Chapter 173: Only Horny for You
Chapter 174: Bully
Chapter 175: Coincidence?
Chapter 176: Awkward
Chapter 177: Why Didn’t You Say I’m Heavy When I Was On Top Of You
Chapter 178: Unable to Run Away
Chapter 179: Aren’t You Husband And Wife
Chapter 180: Song Yifan was her father?
Chapter 181: All You Need to Know Is That You Have a Good Husband!
Chapter 182: Breathe, Little Fool
Chapter 183: Call Me Something Else
Chapter 184: Eat for More Energy
Chapter 185: They Feel Good and Taste Nice
Chapter 186: Are You Sure You’re Just Good Friends
Chapter 187: Never Quite There
Chapter 188: Don’t be afraid because I’m here
Chapter 189: Kissing in the Clouds
Chapter 190: He Will Only Smile When He Wants To
Chapter 191: Evil Thoughts
Chapter 192: You Got Great Tits
Chapter 193: Messy
Chapter 194: Shhh… Don’t Move
Chapter 195: I Will Be With You On All Your Birthdays In The Future
Chapter 196: Because He Was Li Sicheng
Chapter 197: What Is This Thing So Hard…
Chapter 198: Take You to See the Stars
Chapter 199: Take Care Of What You Have Started
Chapter 200: Can’t Follow Up With The Youth
Chapter 201: What Are You Without Mr. Li
Chapter 202: Unexpected Affliction
Chapter 203: F**k off
Chapter 204: Darling It Hurts
Chapter 205: It was indeed them
Chapter 206: Worst Luck
Chapter 207: Let the Game Start
Chapter 208: Hang in There, Qianqian…
Chapter 209: She Was The Substitute
Chapter 210: Liar
Chapter 211: Isn’t Your Baby Mine
Chapter 212: Want To Sleep With You At First Glance
Chapter 213: Su Qianci, I Want to Have a Child with You
Chapter 214: The Fight Was Continued On The Bed
Chapter 215: Unable to Deny It
Chapter 216: Be Proactive
Chapter 217: A Scandal about Your Wife
Chapter 218: Brother, Too Much Information
Chapter 219: So Unfair To The Single People
Chapter 220: Tiptoeing
Chapter 221: Like an Idiot
Chapter 222: Disgusted by the Thought
Chapter 223: She Is Paying
Chapter 224: Godfather
Chapter 225: Stripping in Front of Everyone
Chapter 226: The Girl Looks so Much like My Mother
Chapter 227: Couldn’t Wait to Unbuckle His Belt
Chapter 228: She Killed Someone
Chapter 229: Lu Yihan, please don’t die…
Chapter 230: The Wallpaper On Lu Yihan’s Phone
Chapter 231: The Drama Began
Chapter 232: My Wife’s Waiting For Me At Home
Chapter 233: Someone Wanted To Harm Her
Chapter 234: Press Conference
Chapter 235: Gang Bang
Chapter 236: Smash That File
Chapter 237: Romance
Chapter 238: Love you…
Chapter 239: Blow Her Cover
Chapter 240: She Killed Su Qianci’s First Baby
Chapter 241: He Had Always Known
Chapter 242: If You Run, We Will F**K Ten Times Tonight
Chapter 243: Three-Month Old Boy
Chapter 244: Time to Talk
Chapter 245: Time to Wake up, Tang Mengying
Chapter 246: DNA Test
Chapter 247: Why Don’t You Dare
Chapter 248: Li Sicheng Only Has One Woman
Chapter 249: Old Villain
Chapter 250: Gals Before Pals
Chapter 251: Tired
Chapter 252: Coming Right Away
Chapter 253: Lu Yihan’s Call
Chapter 254: Qianqian, Don’t Scare Me
Chapter 255: Spread Your Legs
Chapter 256: Clever Nanny Rong Had Seen Through It All
Chapter 257: How Shameless!
Chapter 258: A Common Mistake Among Men
Chapter 259: I Have Evidence
Chapter 260: Overseas Footage
Chapter 261: Yes, I’ve Missed You
Chapter 262: Punishment
Chapter 263: Su Qianci, You Lost
Chapter 264: You Think I Believe You?
Chapter 265: Wet All Over
Chapter 266: He Doesn’t Want It, But I Do
Chapter 267: Use All Means To Find Him
Chapter 268: This Guy Is Doomed
Chapter 269: Cheng You’s Husband
Chapter 270: Go Home and Make a Baby
Chapter 271: He Left The Hospital
Chapter 272: Mysterious Mail
Chapter 273: Very Drunk
Chapter 274: I Want to Kill Him
Chapter 275: It Seems That You Are Still Confused Who I Am to You
Chapter 276: You Don’t Want Me, Huh?
Chapter 277: Give Me a Baby
Chapter 278: Spend the Night with Him
Chapter 279: Don’t Get Closer, Please
Chapter 280: I… Raped Her
Chapter 281: Get Dressed
Chapter 282: Nanny Rong lied to her
Chapter 283: I Don’t Want to Share a Room with You
Chapter 284: Our Marriage Is Officiated And Consummated
Chapter 285: You Guys Continue
Chapter 286: Stuff Her Bra Into Li Sicheng’s Mouth
Chapter 287: Wet Dream
Chapter 288: Heart-Wrenching
Chapter 289: Furious Grandpa
Chapter 290: She Felt Like a Thief
Chapter 291: So Awkward
Chapter 292: My Husband Is in the Shower
Chapter 293: At This Moment, He Only Wanted To Undress
Chapter 294: Ill taught by him
Chapter 295: Qin Shuhua’s Visit
Chapter 296: DNA Test
Chapter 297: Heart Attack
Chapter 298: Don’t Touch Me
Chapter 299: That Incident Back in the Day
Chapter 300: Who Was It That Night
Chapter 301: No Idea Li Sicheng Could Be Like This
Chapter 302: She Is Not Good Enough
Chapter 303: You Don’t Care About Your Face, So I’ll Hit It For You
Chapter 304: She Never Knew That Li Sicheng Could Be Like This
Chapter 305: Let’s Get a Divorce
Chapter 306: 0.00%
Chapter 307: Another DNA Test
Chapter 308: Mr. Rong Rui, How Do You Do
Chapter 309: A Tag She Cannot Get Rid Of
Chapter 310: She Ran Away
Chapter 311: Looking for Her like a Crazy Person
Chapter 312: Marry Me, And Everything I Have Will Be Yours
Chapter 313: Thinking about My Girl at Midnight
Chapter 314: He Came to Bring Her Home
Chapter 315: Yes, Ma'am
Chapter 316: Going Home with Him
Chapter 317: I Trust You
Chapter 318: Qin Shuhua’s Secret
Chapter 319: Don’t Tell Her What Happened Today
Chapter 320: Let’s Destroy The Enemy
Chapter 321: Unspeakable
Chapter 322: A Dozen at a Time
Chapter 323: This Man Was More Intimidating Than He Had Thought
Chapter 324: Making Things Up
Chapter 325: She Was The One Who Pushed Him Down The Abyss
Chapter 326: Rong Rui’s Suicide
Chapter 327: Falling Into Li Sicheng’s Trap
Chapter 328: So Big, So Good
Chapter 329: She Would Become Mrs. Li Sooner or Later
Chapter 330: An Unprecedented Surprise For Her
331 Use Su Qianci’s Hands To Get Rid Of The Baby
332 How Do You Explain This?
333 A Secret That Belongs to Them
334 A Familiar Figure
335 So, So Deep