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The Attractive and inciting CEO


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Her parents died in planned accident by her uncle. They used her in every way they can. They planned to sue her so she wont take her fathers company back. They want to destroy her life making her penniless. No one knows that she is the not the same girl who was played as puppet in their hands. Five years changed her a lot. Now she is a hidden genius still acting pityfull to take revenge.

《The Attractive and inciting CEO》 Volume 1
1 Broken hear
2 They are so weak
3 I am doomed
4 who dared to say it as overconfidence
5 Saviour
6 Her real identity
7 camping with friends
8 I am your boss
9 Lady boss?
10 Cassandra
11 Jealous
12 Eating vinegar
13 She is my bottom line
14 boss's boss's boss
15 First day in work
16 You distracts me
17 Nathan's visi
18 Nathans sweet revenge
19 You are nothing without your father
20 Shocked again and again all the day
21 I agree
22 Let me see who will save you from my teasing
23 Pain and Passion
24 Accident and crossroads
25 Change in her plans
26 Jean's past 1
27 Jean's past end
28 Real emotions and turmoil
29 True love
30 Possesive and Overprotective
31 Ordering with eyes
32 Perver
33 Poor Sco
34 Mission accomplished
35 Evil side
36 Stunning girl in his house
37 Elena's false assumptions
38 New neighbours
39 I agree that I am jealous
40 Game master
41 Before the storm starts
42 Hot topic
43 Stirring up the trouble
44 Powerful person like you also can't withstand their temper
45 Hey missed me..
46 Calculative mind
47 Suits her
48 The CEO is he or she ?
49 Let the game star
50 Engagemen
51 Identity exposed
52 Nothing when compared to her
53 She is awesome
54 Should I call doctor
55 Fragile hear
56 Dig deeper and closer
57 The incidents in this day
58 Save me somehow
59 My pawn in this game
60 Alliance or Rival
61 Who is she
62 Ready to ripe for a sacrifice
63 Our identity may expose
64 Compensation
65 A team to monitor him
66 The dinner 1
67 The dinner 2
68 The murder plan
69 Dont you know how to kill
70 She is not affected by pill
71 I don't do anything without profi
72 Side effects
73 Heart wrecking pain
74 Though I want you dead
75 Professionalism
76 I was his girlfriend for four years
77 She WAS only one in his life
78 Drug her
79 I will never go easy you
80 Main branch got attacked??
81 Author's request - Not an update
82 So let me go
83 Grown up princess
84 Who is he ?
85 History repeats again
86 You can get even more good boyfriend
87 You will be safe for now but it won't last forever
88 She went overboard
89 Ganging up
90 Daniel
91 Is he one of them just like her..
92 Why should it be this complicated
93 Only one clue
94 I will be gone for a while
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