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1333 Women“s Hear

A lack of ambition — this was the congenital weakness of most women. Of course, time wasn't on Aina's side. She was just having the best fantasies about love and the world. If it was another 10 years, she would have been numbed by the ugliness and darkness of life. Her goal would have changed, but the Aslan Empire couldn't wait until then, so she had to mature quickly.

As for Huiyin… They had chosen to "abduct" her because she wasn't moldable, but she was enough to garner support and fill the anger of the people.

When a country was too strong, it was easy to throw the so-called peace out of balance. They would riot if their interests were threatened.

Aina was in a daze. Tears fell and she suddenly felt so lonely. Too lonely. She had always been proud of the fact that she was the Princess of Aslan, even when she was at the toughest period with Wang Zheng. However, everything that supported her had now broken down.

Wang Zheng… Wang Zheng was still in the Oracle Star. He had gone for himself and to save Huiyin, in the end…

That couldn't be done. She had to save Wang Zheng no matter what. However, she found cold and strange soldiers standing outside the door when she opened it. She couldn't get in contact with Lacus.

Kashawen cut off her contact with the outside world when she told her the truth. This was of paramount importance to the survival of the Aslan Empire.

The temple, in the Laboratory for the experimental Guardians.

Meng Tian was just receiving the second vaccination since she arrived. The subjects had to enter the petri dishes repeatedly throughout the process. According to their experiments, it was only possible to complete the process if they survived the fifth stage. The last stage was the longest.

Pain came and went, eroding her will. It was very painful, but she could bear it. Meng Tian's character was more stubborn. She was different from other girls, living in her own world.

She hoped that Wang Zheng could come at times and hoped that he didn't for the rest of the time. Her worst fear was for Wang Zheng to come but not for her. She hoped that he wouldn't come in the end, because there was no hope for survival. The enemy was too strong. Perhaps Wang Zheng was with Aina now.

"Number S12967."

A cold voice called out the number on her chest.

Meng Tian walked up slowly and extended her arm out.

An injection gun with three syringes lowered down and found her blood vessels accurately. It quickly pumped the injections labeled "IK78" into her blood.

At the same time, a crimson pill was dispensed from the mechanical pharmacy. "Ingest within 10 minutes," a mechanical voice instructed.

There was no explanation, only complete control. The staff wasn't worried about the subjects not following instructions, because the result would be worse. These medications and drugs were meant to help them to live, to improve the chances of their survival. They would be seeking death otherwise. Of course, that was fine as well because those without a strong will to survive would be dead before long anyway.

"Number S12987."

A lanky woman emerged from behind Meng Tian, making almost no sound with her footsteps, but muttering to herself. Her loose shirt was filled with the same quirky symbol.

She stopped suddenly and didn't walk towards the injection gun. Instead, she lurched at Meng Tian. "It's you, it's you, it's you!"

The crazy howling reminded Meng Tian of the winter when she was 13 years old. The male reindeer was her first prey. Her heart softened and she missed its vital organ. Her father didn't end its suffering - rather, he made her stand in front of it and watch it. Its eyes were desperate and painful, exactly the same as this lanky woman's now.

Her father said that she had grown up and should know that a soft heart would sometimes spell even more hurt and unnecessary suffering.

That reindeer was saved nonetheless because her Ability X awakened as she watched it.

Father said that it had done something well, so it should be allowed to survive.


That lanky woman banged into Meng Tian. However, the one who fell was her. Her sharp nails penetrated the ground but didn't leave any trace on Meng Tian's skin.

"Devour, I want to devour you!"

Meng Tian finally understood what she was muttering.

In the control room.

"Number S12987 has been confirmed to be dead."

"In all 500 cases of the phagocytic fusion experiment, all died. It can be confirmed that the phagocytic fusion experiment has failed, the record will be sealed."

"Number S12967 shows a stronger body and had initial signs of Abyssal physique. Raise her grade and re-assign to the advanced group."

Meng Tian had a new serial number, NO.67.

They weren't always in the training tank once they were in the advanced group. They had two hours of spiritual training a day. The latest experimental results showed that mental breakdowns would lead the human genes to be devoured by the Zerg genes even if they were physically able. This was also the only time left for the subjects to recall their good times as a human. Most of the staff wouldn't disturb them at this point.

Thomas Gibson emerged from a single person lounge and his gaze fell upon Meng Tian. He licked his lips and was filled with desire. Two believers of the Saint were carrying out two young women that had just been used by him. They had been stripped of their vitality.

He was the son of the Fifth Elder and had volunteered to enter this experiment willingly. He was already at the third stage. To Gibson, these people were stepping stones to his success. He loved women, and his desire for them increased with the changes in his body. He was outstanding in martial techniques and had strong ambition, but he knew that the Oracle wasn't for him. But he could own his experiment. He had special privileges here!

"You, yes, you, come over and kneel!" Gibson pointed at Meng Tian and then pointed again towards his crotch. His genetic fusion was a high-end type as well, pumping him full of vitality. This woman had stimulated a certain part of his genes with just one glance. He was going to ravage her!