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1332 Aina“s Breakdown

The country standing at the apex of the Milky Way Alliance had suddenly become the target of criticism. All sorts of repression and vengeance would erupt…

No matter what, it was something intolerable!

"Wasn't there any other way, Aunty? Do you know what it will bring?"

Kashawen gazed at Aina. "I know, but it's too late now. Fate likes to play with people. Do you know who pushed the Aslan Empire to this stage?"

Kashawen stared at Aina and her face paled. "Wang Zheng…"

Kashawen sighed and nodded. "This was only confirmed after the SIG. We checked his background before, and it was very normal. But he has been creating miracles ever since. I have to say that your relationship clouded my judgment. I thought that his ability erupted because of you, because of love, but that was actually only one of the reasons."

Kashawen admitted to it today.

"Aunty, it's not too late to stop. I can convince Wang Zheng even if he really is the successor of the Saint Church. I believe he will choose me, not the Saint Church," Aina said. She was going to stop this war with all her might.

"Silly girl, he might choose you, but it has already appeared. We are not the only ones looking at him. Do you know what kind of power that is? It can overthrow all the knowledge of today and create a new era. The other countries would not let go of this chance. There are also the other Elders of the Saint. We can control the resources of the Saint, but we can't control their ambitions. It's too late," Kashawen said.

The Great Elder deduced that the Oracle was on Wang Zheng. He believed that the rest of the Elders could see it too. Putting Wang Zheng in sight was to maintain order. However, once he was hidden, that would be utter destruction.

In this situation, the Oracle wasn't the most important. Wang Zheng was. If Aslan couldn't get him, then the best way would be for Wang Zheng to disappear. The power of the Aslan Empire and the Saint would then be able to conquer the whole Milky Way Alliance.

Moreover, Aslan had comrades. The rest were just keyboard warriors.

Kashawen opened her Skylink and two images popped up. One was of the Alliance's fleet nearing the Oracle Star and the other was the battle scene of the Heaven's Arrow Federation.

Aina understood immediately. This was the best way for the Aslan Empire to gain power. The Saint's forces would defeat the Alliance fleet with minimal causalities and the Heaven's Arrow Federation would not be able to defend themselves. The Thunder Alliance and the Heaven's Arrow Federation were targeted because of their mineral deposits.

A long, drawn-out battle would need endless resources for machines and mecha. These two had plenty of raw materials.

They were the most greedy and lazy countries, having always relied on selling resources.

The Aslan Empire was fully prepared for battle. That was something the other countries probably didn't think of.

"The Milky Way Alliance looks big and scary, but only a few countries could affect us. Atlantis is our comrade, they are neutral. The Maya Empire is ambitious and hopes to gain an advantage, we can pull them close. The rest are not to be feared. We will build a whole new, unified country. Aina, we are not fighting a long-drawn war, but a quick one. We are ahead in terms of military strength and our reserve of Heaven-rank warriors!"

Aina didn't know about the core powers, but she was about to.

"I know that the matters from today are having a huge impact on you. You should take a while to mull over it." She paused. "Wang Zheng and you are not suitable for each other. The precious stone lands its innocent possessor in jail. Moreover, you should know his character better than me."

Kashawen understood Wang Zheng very well by now. The others were cowards and were corrupted. They would yield sooner or later. There were only that many with combat power. Their enemy wasn't the whole Milky Way Alliance. Wang Zheng… what a pity, Aslan would have grabbed him if he wasn't like that. However, there was no hope in that. Constantine knew better. This was the chosen one.

The Milky Way Alliance moved confidently towards the Oracle Star. Everyone was filled with faith and courage. They didn't know that they were completely exposed. The scariest part was that their leader was with the enemy. They weren't the core of each country, but they were also elites who had lost their judgment.

On the other battlefront, the Heaven's Arrow Federation was done for. The Maya Empire showed their powerful attacks, engulfing the Heaven's Arrow Federation in hell.

Occupation was just a matter of time.

At the same, the other countries in the Milky Way Alliance were just desperately securing their safety. The anti-war organizations continued with their slogans, but it wasn't useful.

"Prime Minister!" Aina changed the way she addressed Kashawen. Kashawen stopped in her tracks and turned back to Aina. "Don't rush, you have ample time to decide."

"I can try to understand, but I can't do it. Whatever I've learnt and experienced won't allow me to agree to this war. As the Princess of the Aslan Empire, I can't go against my own country. Prime Minister, imprison me, because I don't know if I will do anything to harm my country and my loved one."

Aina's voice lost its strength. She had been learning how to make Aslan prosper and the ways of peace when she was young. She could not convince herself of the reasons that Aslan had suddenly become the source of war. There was also Wang Zheng. She used to have courage and was even fearless because she held on to her beliefs. That was gone now.

Kashawen looked at Aina. "Forbid everyone from making contact with the Princess. Report all abnormalities to me immediately. No one is to be allowed to be near her without my direct order!"

"Yes, Prime Minister!"

Guards were already at the door. Aina's reaction was within Kashawen's expectations. She had to break it to her anyway. It was a fate she could not avoid due to being born into this family.