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1331 The Ploy Of The Empire

"Lin Huiyin" was still in the first stage of the experiment in the images above. Her genes were in a state of erosion, but this wasn't the Huiyin in the temple.

The door opened and a sense of crisis shrouded her. She might not be as courageous as her elder sister, but she could not be afraid at this time, as the Princess of Aslan!

Huiyin stood up, still shaking. But… this aura…

"I don't care who you are, I'm the princess of the Aslan Empire. You don't need to think about getting anything from me!" Huiyin said loudly. "I will not yield!"

The person who walked in smiled. That special, white robe was only worn by the Great Elder of the Saint. That silver gray hair was that special. The Great Elder touched his face to slightly adjust his face, revealing a bright and awkward smile.

"Young lass, you have courage, but your enemies won't care about your reaction."

Lin Huiyin was taken aback. The room brightened and Lin Huiyin stared at the person in front of her, unable to believe her eyes.

"Grand… father? Didn't you go to heaven?" Lin Huiyin's voice had happiness and a bit of doubt. Huiyin might not have been very experienced in war, but the there was no lack of training in anti-terrorism by the royal palace. A change of appearance was nothing special.

"My dear lass, you were always most sensitive to the soul. Don't you know who I am?" The Great Elder smiled.

Lin Huiyin's gift was charm and sensitivity to souls. She had her own unique way of identification. It was the same with Aina, with Wang Zheng. She saw things differently. She could feel Wang Zheng's warm and gentle soul, which attracted her greatly.

The person in front of her… truly had a familiar feeling. There was also the glow of the bloodline. It was really her grandfather!

Huiyin's tears fell in bunches and she ran over barefooted.

This was the former King of the Aslan Empire, the father of Prime Minister Kashawen, and he was also the Great Elder of the Saint!

Aina's father wasn't incompetent, but he just wanted to avoid gossip. The government affairs were handed over to Kashawen, allowing Constantine Aslan to be free.

This was the most secretive plan of the Aslan Empire. Only three people were in on it: Constantine Aslan, Kashawen Aslan, and Batinah Aslan. In fact, it was a plan that spun over a hundred years. Every step until Constantine became the Great Elder. He had to step down as the King of Aslan and disappear from people's sight then. The only way was through death.

From the beginning, the ones who worked closely with the Saint Church obtained the most. There were some twists and turns, but they had finally reached this day.

Huiyin wasn't stupid. She didn't know much, but she knew something was very wrong here.

"Huiyin, you've grown up. You have to bear a lot as the Princess of Aslan. I can't answer the questions you have now, but our Aslan Empire is about to enter the most critical point in our history. Survive or perish here." Constantine Aslan caressed Huiyin's head and kindly said, "You have to participate in the things after. Both you and Aina have to shoulder heavy responsibilities."

The same thing was happening in the Aslan Empire. Aina couldn't believe it.

The successful abduction of Huiyin and the failure of her abduction were all arranged by Kashawen. This original order of the Milky Way Alliance was broken, now everything was moving in another direction.

Aina was silent for quite a while. Kashawen was satisfied with this response. It was time to let Aina know since things had developed to this stage. She had to choose her position.

The blow of this matter was too huge. That series of activities from the early days of the Saint World until the recent kidnapping… If you think about it, the Saint World had been ignored probably also because of the Aslan Empire. The technology of Aslan had been in the forefront of the Milky Way Alliance probably also because of the technology provided by the Saint.

"But why the war? Isn't it better for us to maintain the country's peace and wellbeing like this?" Aina asked. This plan was too scary. It would send the whole Milky Way Alliance into war. Why would Aslan do that?

Kashawen smiled. "The Milky Way Alliance has changed. You can see that other than a few countries, most of them are just wasting their resources and engaging in the bureaucratic processes. Human society is on continuous decline, and only we can change this fact. We must establish a new system and not wait until everything crashes. We have to bring humanity back to the right path."

"Aunty, that is just aggression. You can't stand on this! It's true that the Milky Way Alliance has various problems, but it's not a reason for launching a war. This will bring about a fatal disaster to the Aslan Empire!" Aina finally reacted. The Aslan Empire might be big, but they could not possibly defeat the Milky Way Alliance.

Kashawen smiled. "Your reaction is very good. This is just one of the reasons. The strength of Aslan is not because we are outstanding, but because we have the precious wealth and technology left behind from the previous generation. However, this advantage is about to be broken. The Saint's successor is about to descend. This means that our core strengths could cease to exist. Not only would they become someone else's, but we would also become a target. Our country's development has reached a bottleneck. The Aslan Empire's military spending is four times that of other countries. You should understand this concept. This plan was born when our S-rank prophet predicted this disaster."

"This… isn't this too arbitrary because of a mere prophecy? Aunty, you have to know that time and space will change constantly with the changes in events!" Aina said.

Kashawen didn't show the domineering aura of the past, but looked at Aina very patiently. "Do you think Aunty is foolish?"

That question put Aina in a bind.

Kashawen stood up. "Your grandpa, father, and I have put great effort into this process. We have been observing all these years until two years ago, when the signs became more prominent. We had no choice but to make preparations. Even if the Aslan Empire stalls for decades instead of being destroyed, do you think that's any different from being dead?"