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1330 Huiyin“s crisis

Tan Yuyang looked at the rest. "If I were your enemy, I wouldn't have come here alone. I'm here to talk about cooperating."

Xie Yuxin. "Let's talk."

"You guys are stuck in a dead end. Except for Wang Zheng and Xie Yuxin, who are able to put up a fight, the rest are a burden. You guys are no match for Cadillana and Bilro. The most dangerous person is Mo Ling - he will strike when you least expect."

"If we are all doomed, what are you here for?" Mengha said.

Suddenly, Tan Yuyang waved his hand. Boom… Mengha's body smashed against the wall.

Tan Yuyang wiped his hand and said, "Xie Yuxin, your companion is rude. You should know that I am your only hope."

Wang Zheng and the rest did not stop him. Mengha had lost control of his emotions, and it was time to teach him a lesson.

"We are your opportunity as well. Once we get rid of these two people, you will be one step closer to being the Son of Saint. As you know, we have no interest in this place, and only want to leave," Xie Yuxin said.

"Each for their own interest, but first I have to say that if you guys are too weak, I may turn on you," Tan Yuyang said.

"I like true villains, and you should know our strength as well," Xie Yuxin said.

"That's good!" After he said those words, he gradually vanished into thin air.

This was not a physical technique, but Ability X. These people did not only know ancient martial arts, but possessed sufficient understanding and mastery of Ability X as well.

It was clear that Tan Yuyang was being merciful, If not, Mengha would not have been able to stand up. That slap woke Mengha up. Earth-rank warriors required their mech, and without a mech, their battle capabilities would differ.

The stage had been set, and now they were simply waiting for their opponent to come. The battle was unavoidable, and it would be a tough one.

Horrifying screams occasionally came from the outside. For normal candidates, what they wanted was to survive, and fights of this level were none of their concern.

The Great Elder sat quietly in the temple, meditating. Everything within the Holy City was within his control. After waiting for so many years, it was finally here.

In the air, the figures in the petri dish increased, but things did not seem to be going well, as failures followed one after another. Together with the killing in the Holy City, it seemed like it was hell in here.

Lear opened his eyes. Next to him was Luo Fei. They were the strongest ones here, and so were their wills. Their desire to survive surpassed everything else, and they had no fear, so being in complete pain is nothing to them. Just as Luo Fei had said, even as a monster, he had a partner.

In one corner of the temple, Huiyin was alone on a bed. She was afraid. There was nothing there, and food would appear through a small window during meal times. There was only darkness here, and she did not like the darkness…

At this time, the door opened. Huiyin opened her eyes helplessly, looking at the dark figure walking towards her. Who would save her now?

From the Milky Way Alliance, the Thunder Alliance reacted quickly but cowardly. They dismantled the cabinet, sealed the fleet, and enthusiastically welcomed the inspection by the Milky Way Alliance.

The Thunder Alliance is not as strong as Heaven's Arrow, and their military was much weaker, and after feeling the killing intent from the Aslan Empire, they surrendered.

The Thunder Alliance's reaction meant nothing to Kashawen. I would actually be better if they had resisted, as there were some outdated weapons that they needed to get rid of.

The Thunder Alliance was completely taken over and the executives were under surveillance. They were going to be investigated one by one. As for how they would be conducted, and with what standards, it was not according to the Milky Way Alliance's standard protocol.

It was relatively efficient as well. The Thunder Alliance's governing body had been completely revamped and a new temporary government had appeared. The Milky Way Alliance would not harm civilians, but a new mining agreement was signed, and for it to be under the control of the military. This was to prevent important resources from falling into the hands of terrorists. The resources of the mysterious fleet had been found to be from the previous government of the Thunder Alliance. Whether they had directly supplied it or it was through a third party, the blame was definitely on the previous government.

The Heaven's Arrow Federation actively prepared for battle. They had no retreat. The government would not give in - to retreat would mean death. They were not the same as the Thunder Alliance, and through various preparations, all members were ready for battle, to live and die with their country.

This was not enough.

The Milky Way Alliance Fleet was not made up of elites. The elite fleets of various countries were moving towards the Oracle Star. On the one hand, they were considering the strength of others. On the other hand, no country wanted to be left behind, as that planet contained numerous technology and secrets. They knew that whichever county obtained it would receive a tremendous leap in power, advancements worth at least a couple of decades. Hence, other than Aslan, Arbiter, Manalasuo, Hail Cloud Alliance, and other countries deployed their strongest fleet.

The Heaven's Arrow Federation would not give up on this opportunity either. They had the strength to do so, and the Maya Empire had been exceptionally active in this incident, signaling that they wanted to participate in international issues. They were not like the Atlanteans - they did not want to be neutral, they wanted resources, status, and to develop. Not only that, in the whole Alliance Fleet, the most enthusiastic would be the Mayan fleet, volunteering to be the vanguard.

Fleets of various countries formed an encirclement. The vast spaceship fleet easily defeated the outer planets belonging to the Heaven's Arrow Federation, so only the three core planets were left, but those were surrounded as well.

"Commander-in-chief, the Heavenly Crystal Division is ready for battle!" Matt Locatelli said as he saluted.

Locatelli nodded his head. "I hope your division will be the first to occupy the Heaven's Arrow Federation's capital and fly Maya's flag!"


Mayans were different from Atlanteans. They had ambition and a strong desire for expansion. The true battle was not the fight, but the usage of energy, in this aspect. No one could be compared with the Mayans!

The Maya Empire felt that this was an excellent opportunity to show off their military might, and to deter other countries. With such an opportunity now, they would definitely not miss it.

The current Heaven's Arrow Federation had fallen into despair. Even with their connections with the Saint, it had yet to reach the stage where they were under the complete control of the Saint, and hence there was no reason for the Saint to fight for them.

The situation had developed to a point where it could no longer be stopped. For the people of the Heaven's Arrow Federation, it would be either surrender or fight to the death.

They chose the latter.

DeRozan gave the command for the fleet to attack. Countless Zeus shield battleships activated their laser cannons, locking on the major military facilities on the planet. In this situation, the Heaven's Arrow Federation was completely vulnerable, and who knew what they were expecting…