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Tempest of the Stellar War

Author:Skeleton Wizard

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In a distant future, the empires of mankind span the galaxy, and glorious Earth has devolved into a peripheral backwater. In Shanjing city in the Asian region, Wang Zheng’s dreams of becoming a mech pilot are crushed when his college entrance exam genetic score turns out a pathetic twenty eight, barely above an animal. To make things worse, people get the impression he attempted suicide after being rejected by the campus beauty. Then the closest thing to a family he has, the old man in the book store across the road, goes missing, leaving him only a mysterious birthday present. 星战风暴
《Tempest of the Stellar War》 Text
Chapter 1: Rubik’s Cube
Chapter 2: I Really Slipped!
Chapter 3: Whoa! What a Gigantic Skeleton!
Chapter 4: Wargod’s Covenant
Chapter 5: Brittleskin
Chapter 6: GODLIKE
Chapter 7: Xiao Shi
Chapter 8: Soaring Heavenly Steed
Chapter 9: Destroying Noobs
Chapter 10: Noble Little Sister
Chapter 11: You are truly not worthy of him!
Chapter 12: Fried Dough Sticks and Soy Milk
Chapter 13: God’s Work
Chapter 14: Ye Zisu’s Invitation
Chapter 15: Kill the skinny ones too!
Chapter 16: A Violent Kill
Chapter 17: Nervous
Chapter 18: School Starts for Little Children
Chapter 19: Everyone’s an Expert
Chapter 20: Godly Pentakill!
Chapter 21: Dormitory 007
Chapter 22: Distinguished Community
Chapter 23: The Real Deal
Chapter 24: Minor Test
Chapter 25: Ability X
Chapter 26: Amazing Shooting Skills!
Chapter 27: Magnetic Storm Guardian
Chapter 28: Young Deer! Your Mother’s Calling for You to Go Back Home and Drink Milk
Chapter 29: Recruiting Soldiers and Buying Horses
Chapter 30: Real Men
Chapter 31: Cunning Gu Te
Chapter 32: Brat, You’re Late
Chapter 33: Loose Lips Sink Ships
Chapter 34: MMA Club
Chapter 35: Mysterious Genius
Chapter 36: Indescribable Respect
Chapter 37: Eternal Life in Blood
Chapter 38: Crazy Tempo
Chapter 39: Embrace
Chapter 40: Little Red Noob
Chapter 41: Rainbow Across the Sky
Chapter 42: GOD
Chapter 43: New Weather’s Rhythm
Chapter 44: Return
Chapter 45: Thinking Of You
Chapter 46: Love is to Fool Around Together
Chapter 47: Comeback
Chapter 48: Rhythmic Crushing!
Chapter 49: Boss, Don't Do This!
Chapter 50: Big Brother Really Doesn’t Want to Stand Out
Chapter 51: This Math Class Really is Excellent!
Chapter 52: Devoted to Art
Chapter 53: Seizing Control of the Rank Advancement Match
Chapter 54: An Act Deserving an Oscar! Death with a Thousand Knives!
Chapter 55: Winning Without Trying?! (Explode!)
Chapter 56: Popular Mecha
Chapter 57: Turns Out Science Students Could Be Like This
Chapter 58: Tyrant’s Smokescreen
Chapter 59: Awesome!
Chapter 60: His Name Shakes the Milky Way!
Chapter 61: Honeymoon
Chapter 62: King in the Dark!
Chapter 63: Blind Battle!
Chapter 64: God of the Dark
Chapter 65: A Warrior’s Dedication
Chapter 66: New Challengers Arise
Chapter 67: Sacrifice in Crisis
Chapter 68: Threatening Cheers
Chapter 69: God’s Rhythmn
Chapter 70: War Heroes
Chapter 71: Tyrant’s Determination.
Chapter 72: Slowly
Chapter 73: A Dormitory Love Affair
Chapter 74: I Am Skeleton
Chapter 75: God’s Magnificent Act
Chapter 76: It’s Been Two Years, Bonehead
Chapter 77: Beautiful Ladies, Don’t Be Fixated Over This Brother
Chapter 78: Magical Bird
Chapter 79: Equally Matched Opponents
Chapter 80: Godly Defense
Chapter 81: Godly Skill
Chapter 82: Whispers From the Earth
Chapter 83: Big Brother Has Not Lost His Love!
Chapter 84: For Aslan
Chapter 85: Huiyin is a Naughty Loli
Chapter 86: Professional players?
Chapter 87: Ten Thousand Chilled Arctic Water
Chapter 88: Only a Tyrant Can Suppress Another Tyrant!
Chapter 89: So That's What it is
Chapter 90: Formidable Manly Sister
Chapter 91: Lady Stormsword
Chapter 92: Bumpkin Battle Turtle
Chapter 93: The Ultimate Defense
Chapter 94: The Old Merchant Is Back
Chapter 95: Peeping Tom
Chapter 96: War of the Blind
Chapter 97: Return of the Top Student
Chapter 98: Tyrant Su's Farsightedness
Chapter 99: Class Reunion
Chapter 100: Fixing the EQ Light Bulb
Chapter 101: Vanguard
Chapter 102: The Princess' Coming of Age Ceremony
Chapter 103: Separated By Love
Chapter 104: Group Battle
Chapter 105: Danger
Chapter 106: A Show
Chapter 107: Impressive War Emperor
Chapter 108: Let Old Deer Tremble!
Chapter 109: Little Red Noob, Let’s Get on the Bed Together
Chapter 110: Imperfect… Jewels
Chapter 111: The Intelligent Tyrant Su
Chapter 112: 10 vs 10
Chapter 113: As Though God Sent You To Punish Us!
Chapter 114: The Ultimate God
Chapter 115: Academy X
Chapter 116: The Sun God
Chapter 117: Europa
Chapter 118: Brother Runan's Might
Chapter 119: Command or Support
Chapter 120: Demon Island
Chapter 121: Zerg!
Chapter 122: Become a Demon or Die!
Chapter 123: Enjoying the Excitement of Blood and Fire!
Chapter 124: Schoolmates and Teammates
Chapter 125: Goddess of War!
Chapter 126: Strange Talent
Chapter 127: Split into Two
Chapter 128: Eating is also a Superpower!
Chapter 129: Fatty Has Ability After All!
Chapter 130: Eliminating Brainworms
Chapter 131: Single Arrow Sealing!
Chapter 132: Atlantis Mech Warrior
Chapter 133: Trashy Deer
Chapter 134: Almighty Mech
Chapter 135: Whipped
Chapter 136: The Most Pathetic Duel In History
Chapter 137: A King from the Lie Family of Mars
Chapter 138: Ronin's Nine Successive Strikes
Chapter 139: Lie Guang‘s Pride
Chapter 140: To Settle the Milk Box(es)
Chapter 141: Popularity
Chapter 142: Youth
Chapter 143: Upgraded Training
Chapter 144: All Sorts of Supernatural Powers
Chapter 145: Power
Chapter 146: An Unleashed Fatty is Scary!
Chapter 147: Dash.
Chapter 148: A Gasp of Surprise
Chapter 149: Peerless Sisters
Chapter 150: Thinking of You
Chapter 151: Weightlessness
Chapter 152: The Mighty Mountain Maiden!
Chapter 153: The King of Dueling
Chapter 154: Unequalled Omniscient God!
Chapter 155: Stubborness?
Chapter 156: Elegant Explosion!
Chapter 157: The 9th Godly Technique
Chapter 158: Forgotten History
Chapter 159: What a Female Secretary is For
Chapter 160: Lust
Chapter 161: Living Atlanteans!
Chapter 162: Fate
Chapter 163: Falling In Love With a Pillar
Chapter 164: Li Feng and Wang Tong
Chapter 165: Executing Kids from Earth!
Chapter 166: Norton Students are Silly and Na?ve!
Chapter 167: Whatever Technique You Use, It Will Be Crushed with a Single Lance!
Chapter 168: Proclaimation of Violence!
Chapter 169: Spectacular
Chapter 170: The Three Sisters of the Chen Family
Chapter 171: Pancakes Falling From the Sky
Chapter 172: Roland Garros
Chapter 173: The Elderly Nostalgia Club
Chapter 174: Shock!
Chapter 175: Intersection
Chapter 176: Elites
Chapter 177: Getting Back at Idiot Dong
Chapter 178: Wait
Chapter 179: Girlfriends
Chapter 180: Awakening the Demon
Chapter 181: Getting to the Root of the Problem
Chapter 182: A Fatal Blow
Chapter 183: Tryst
Chapter 184: A Chaotic World
Chapter 185: Enjoyment
Chapter 186: Lie’s Flame Cauldron
Chapter 187: Even This Can Be Happiness
Chapter 188: Treatment
Chapter 189: An Easy Victory
Chapter 190: Solon Cries
Chapter 191: A Rarity
Chapter 192: The Snob
Chapter 193: Final Battle with the Immortal Barbarians
Chapter 194: Taking Advantage
Chapter 195: Rebirth From the Flames
Chapter 196: Complete Destruction
Chapter 197: Jungle Scamper’s Ancestor
Chapter 198: Go Home Immortal Children!
Chapter 199: Great Demon King
Chapter 200: Old Deer’s IQ
Chapter 201: Words from God
Chapter 202: Things Are Finally Moving
Chapter 203: Heroic
Chapter 204: Joining Hands
Chapter 205: Faraway Brother
Chapter 206: Emotional Strength
Chapter 207: Trip to Mars with a Beautiful Teacher
Chapter 208: Team Leader's Battle
Chapter 209: Is Princess Huiyin Giving Me Face?
Chapter 210: A Martian Legend
Chapter 211: Awakening Ability X
Chapter 212: The Destined One's Arrival!
Chapter 213: What Comes Around Goes Around
Chapter 214: The Invincible Solar System
Chapter 215: Huiyin's Favor
Chapter 216: Rebellious
Chapter 217: One Should Be Reckless During Their Youth!
Chapter 218: Cross-border
Chapter 219: Instantaneous Movement
Chapter 220: Female’s Dormitory
Chapter 221: Awakening
Chapter 222: The Second Level
Chapter 223: Alan Tucker's Plan
Chapter 224: Rollercoaster
Chapter 225: Violence
Chapter 226: Time for the Real Show!
Chapter 227: Support
Chapter 228: Old Deer has been Tricked!
Chapter 229: Can Such A Situation Exist?
Chapter 230: This Counts as IQ too!
Chapter 231: Knowledge is Power
Chapter 232: Zisu’s Talent
Chapter 233: Naysayers
Chapter 234: Reverse Psychology
Chapter 235: Country Bumpkins
Chapter 236: Street Sign Zheng
Chapter 237: Professor Wang?!
Chapter 238: Tit for Tat
Chapter 239: Lashing out
Chapter 240: A Professional Beatdown
Chapter 241: Thunderous
Chapter 242: Who Dares to Bully Zisu?
Chapter 243: Time to Stoke the Fire
Chapter 244: Old Deer’s Solo Fighting Dream
Chapter 245: Destined Battle Determining One’s Future!
Chapter 246: Invincible Wind God!
Chapter 247: The Best in the Universe: The Deer God!
Chapter 248: Killing Everyone, the Ultimate Super God
Chapter 249: A Big Victory
Chapter 250: Sellout
Chapter 251: Fiery Desert
Chapter 252: Ambition
Chapter 253: New Place, New Rules
Chapter 254: Broken
Chapter 255: Deadly Quicksand
Chapter 256: Student Wang's Super Explosive Ability X
Chapter 257: Ability X Strength Classification
Chapter 258: Unpredictable
Chapter 259: Attacking the Heart
Chapter 260: Resonance
Chapter 261: Prominence
Chapter 262: Predator's Appetite
Chapter 263: Lure
Chapter 264: Tempestuous Speed
Chapter 265: Split Second!
Chapter 266: The Next Level
Chapter 267: Change of Fate
Chapter 268: Rushing to the Sky!
Chapter 269: Action!
Chapter 270: A Chair Flies
Chapter 271: Leader
Chapter 272: Strength
Chapter 273: Space Battle
Chapter 274: Dazzling
Chapter 275: To Share Weal and Woe
Chapter 276: Unusual Change
Chapter 277: Can You Aim?
Chapter 278: Even Robots have Friends
Chapter 279: Room Service
Chapter 280: Fortunate
Chapter 281: Wall-crashing Rabbit
Chapter 282: Untitled
Chapter 283: Target of Many Years
Chapter 284: Deer God's Provocation
Chapter 285: The Comeback
Chapter 286: Understanding Space
Chapter 287: Winning on the Brink
Chapter 288: Public Execution
Chapter 289: Big Ambitions of a Small Character
Chapter 290: Super Counterattack
Chapter 291: A Showdown on Mars
Chapter 292: Leader’s Code
Chapter 293: Winning Hearts
Chapter 294: Achilles’ Challenge
Chapter 295: Getting Ready For the Final Training
Chapter 296: Only the Best will Survive
Chapter 297: Introduction to Underwater Combat Mecha
Chapter 298: Wang Zheng’s Cute Side
Chapter 299: Acting Cool
Chapter 300: Acting like the Nouveau Riche
Chapter 301: Making the First Move
Chapter 302: Taking Their Lives
Chapter 303: Mad Encirclement
Chapter 304: Atlantis’s Phantom King
Chapter 305: Well Deserved
Chapter 306: Plotting in the Dark
Chapter 307: The Power of the Best Mother-In-Law
Chapter 308: The Final Straw
Chapter 309: Using Big Brother
Chapter 310: Asking for a good beating
Chapter 311: A Day in the Life of Professor Wang
Chapter 312: Try and You’ll Know
Chapter 313: Simplicity is Beauty
Chapter 314: Pretending to be an Aslanian
Chapter 315: Big Shot
Chapter 316: Body double
Chapter 317: Who was That?
Chapter 318: Two Girls
Chapter 319: Boundless Seas and Skies
Chapter 320: The Business World is a Battlefield
Chapter 321: The Young Surpasses the Old
Chapter 322: Rune Technology
Chapter 323: Maacah Tiger
Chapter 324: Taking Down Some Thugs
Chapter 325: College Powers
Chapter 326: Untitled
Chapter 327: Ruthless Retaliation
Chapter 328: Fatal Blow from the Shadows
Chapter 329: Enthusiastic Aslanian Girl
Chapter 330: Overlord’s Single Strike!
Chapter 331: I Actually Hit Nothing?
Chapter 332: Rose Coat of Arms
Chapter 333: Knowing When to Lie Low and When to Walk Tall
Chapter 334: Untitled
Chapter 335: Commanding the Battle!
Chapter 336: Golden Wheel
Chapter 337: I Possess Ability X too!
Chapter 338: Si Jiali's Interest
Chapter 339: Knocked out!
Chapter 340: The Princess Calls
Chapter 341: Welcoming Ceremony
Chapter 342: Her Highness Arrives
Chapter 343: Suppression’s Rhythm
Chapter 344: First Love
Chapter 345: True Friends Never Lie
Chapter 346: Genesis’ Strength
Chapter 347: Killing Cards
Chapter 348: Tyrant Su's Paradise
Chapter 349: Si Jiali, Overthrown!
Chapter 350: Settlement
Chapter 351: Ambition
Chapter 352: Avenging Humiliation
Chapter 353: Protecting the Fairer Sex!
Chapter 354: Locke’s Star’s Doom
Chapter 355: Definite Victory
Chapter 356: Rookie
Chapter 357: Being Vulgar Counts as a Power Too!
Chapter 358: The Violent Captain from Earth
Chapter 359: There is no solution!
Chapter 360: Momentum
Chapter 361: Naturally Arrogant
Chapter 362: The Unknown
Chapter 363: Solo
Chapter 364: Team?
Chapter 365: Victory
Chapter 366: Trouble
Chapter 367: That Shovel is Flying
Chapter 368: Does Kissing Taste Good?
Chapter 369: The Three Tiers
Chapter 370: Battle Start
Chapter 371: Zerg Nest
Chapter 372: Dreams vs Truth
Chapter 373: The Benevolence of Women
Chapter 374: A Loyal Dog
Chapter 375: S Class, Salvation or Hell?
Chapter 376: Golden Wheel War God
Chapter 377: I Want to Live!
Chapter 378: Purgatory Great Devil
Chapter 379: Not a Tinned Can
Chapter 380: Hide and Seek
Chapter 381: A Test
Chapter 382: You Fight, I’ll Struggle
Chapter 383: The Undying Warrior
Chapter 384: Everyone is Good for Something
Chapter 385: Examinations are Eternal
Chapter 386: Alternative Combat Strength
Chapter 387: Unconventional Disdain
Chapter 388: Victor’s Might
Chapter 389: Fire Sage
Chapter 390: Non-mainstream Fatty
Chapter 391: Legs Shaking, Sweat Flowing!
Chapter 392: Despair
Chapter 393: Female Tyrannosaurus
Chapter 394: Crucial Battle Against Manaluoso
Chapter 395: For Victory
Chapter 396: Moonlight Rising
Chapter 397: Reputation for Butchery
Chapter 398: Unbounded Strength!
Chapter 399: Frightened into Peeing their Pants
Chapter 400: Dark Horizon
Chapter 401: Golden Wheel Battle King vs the Radiant Wheel King
Chapter 402: Killing God!
Chapter 403: Unable to be Understood Translator: Abyssruler Editor: Lucas
Chapter 404: Aim
Chapter 405: Confidence
Chapter 406: Steel Desolate Beast
Chapter 407: Intolerable Bullying
Chapter 408: Victorious War Goddess
Chapter 409: Mayans
Chapter 410: Chain of Explosions
Chapter 411: Team Leader’s Heavenly Battle!
Chapter 412: Wind God
Chapter 413: Dream-like Movements
Chapter 414: The Life of a Man!
Chapter 415: Dilemma
Chapter 416: A Song of Fire and Ice
Chapter 417: Frozen Sunset
Chapter 418: The Second Heavenly Battle
Chapter 419: The True Overlord
Chapter 420: A Counterattack?
Chapter 421: Unbelievable!
Chapter 422: Style
Chapter 423: Heart of Raging Fire
Chapter 424: Eruption
Chapter 425: Snow Princess’ Battle Invitation
Chapter 426: Crushed
Chapter 427: Beautiful Lady, Kneel and Admit Defeat!
Chapter 428: The Gold Wheel Reappears
Chapter 429: True or False?
Chapter 430: Devastating blows by the overlord’s wheels
Chapter 431: The Phantom King
Chapter 432: King of Mirage
Chapter 433: The Atlantean Party
Chapter 434: Despair
Chapter 435: Preparing for War
Chapter 436: Odds of Winning
Chapter 437: Hidden Dragon No.1
Chapter 438: Unstoppable
Chapter 439: The Ultimate Battle with Atlantis
Chapter 440: Disgusting Displacement
Chapter 441: Rotating Storm
Chapter 442: To Set a Trap
Chapter 443: Stepping Forward
Chapter 444: A Gorgeous Explosion
Chapter 445: Perfectly Restrained
Chapter 446: A Team Battle to Decide Victory
Chapter 447: Wang Zheng’s Phantom King
Chapter 448: Showing Off in Front of a Master
Chapter 448: Showing Off in Front of a Master
Chapter 449: A few steps away
Chapter 450: History’s First Counter Kill!
Chapter 451: The Impulsive Princess
Chapter 452: A Royal Gift
Chapter 453: The Royal Family’s Reaction
Chapter 454: Crisis
Chapter 455: Critical Moment
Chapter 456: Tita’s Lan Family
Chapter 457: Hostage
Chapter 458: When in Rome, do as the Romans do
Chapter 459: The Wise
Chapter 460: Dueling with Mech Bare Body
Chapter 461: I Do Not Need a Mech
Chapter 462: Strength Of The Small
Chapter 463: The World of Tita
Chapter 464: A Challenge in the Middle of the Night
Chapter 465: Complete power over life and death
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