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Chapter 433: Space Battle of the Einherjars

Chapter 433: Space Battle of the Einherjars
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The competition to for the Ark's crew membership was incredibly fierce. Wang Tong had heard that even the ones with connections inside House Ma were not guaranteed a spot on the team. Therefore, he felt lucky to be able to get enlisted thanks to Ma Xiaoru.

Ma Xiaoru watched Wang Tong as he was absorbed in the imagination of his life on the ship. She hugged him gently and felt that she had never been so happy before.

House Ma was not entirely altruistic—profits would be made, and influence would be exerted after the successful expedition, and rightfully so, since the Ark project had almost exhausted House Ma's resources. Ma Dutian had to make sure his efforts were worthwhile.

Although House Ma had the sole rights on the ownership of the technology and the battleship, they were not free to use the power at will. The captain of the ship would have to obey the Confederation's orders. Otherwise, it would be treated as mutiny.

Ma Xiaoru was fully aware of her situation on the ship during the expedition. However, she believed that as long as she worked hard, she would be able to eventually move up the rank despite the watchful eyes around her.

Although Ma Xiaoru was about to sit in for her father, she knew practically nothing about the ship. Not only was she excited to learn more about the mighty ship, but she was also happy that Wang Tong would be traveling with her. The expedition was sort of like a romantic road trip for the couple.

Wang Tong and Ma Xiaoru finally landed at Shangjin, Wang Tong's hometown.

Ma Xiaoru's fame was no less than a rock star, but the citizens of Shangjin showed their excitement courteously without being intrusive and annoying. Wang Tong was grateful for their politeness. People's attitude towards him was like day and night compared to when he was just a no-account.

After resting for a couple of days, Wang Tong started his training again. He also looked after the S-Club, since Zhou Sisi was still at the Templar's Court. Soon, he was overwhelmed by the task, so Ma Xiaoru also stepped up to help him. Her attention to detail made her a great assistant. Even after a few days of recuperation, Wang Tong's body was still sore from the injury he had sustained during the tournament.

Although Wang Tong was not able to obtain any solution for Mr. Wannabe's imprisonment, the old ghost knew that the boy had already tried his best.

Based on the evidence he had gathered, Mr. Wannabe was convinced that his imprisonment was related to Li Feng, and he would not be able to get out of the crystal for a while. With a slight sense of resignation, he felt less urged to get out of his entrapment, and started to take time and enjoy his life.

However, he still thought to finish on the PA system, and Einherjar Lee Moshan's patience was wearing thin.

Lee Moshan had learned that his goddess, Lan Qinyue, had left a message for Einherjar Wannabe, but she didn't receive a reply. The story circulated wildly on the internet, and everyone felt that initiating a conversation with a stranger went against Lan Qinyue's cold and distant personality. Ever since Einherjar Wannabe accepted the challenge, he had ghosted the entire PA community.

"Mr. Wannabe, aren't you gonna do anything about that challenge? " Wang Tong said and yawned. The paperwork of the S-Club had quickly tired him out.

Mr. Wannabe was playing poker with Charcoal, and he didn't spare Wang Tong a glance as if he didn't hear a word. Charcoal sensed that Wang Tong had something important to say, so he put down the cards and listened.

"He is an Einherjar, and you need to prepare. I have a reputation to keep, you know?"

"Oh, come on! I am at least as powerful as you are now. I could kick his a*s!" The thought of exchanging blows with an Einherjar excited Wang Tong.

"Wow, look at you, tough guy. You think you can defeat an Einherjar just because you had defeated Patroclus? That was a close call. By the way, you were not supposed to win." Mr. Wannabe rolled his eyes at Wang Tong.

"Is Patroclus really that much more powerful than Wang Tong?" Ma Xiaoru asked.

"Yes. What gave that little sh*t an edge was his adaptive and improvising skills. However, that advantage has a very short shelf-life. He will have his a*s handed over to him on a platter if they have a second battle. The match against Patroclus was more of a test of each other's power than actual fighting. Otherwise, Patroclus would not have waited until the end to unleash his coup de grace, and give Wang Tong an opportunity to strike his down."

"Balls! Don't put me down! After all, I am the winner, am I not?"

"Yes, yes, you have won. But, I wish that you had lost the match, so that you wouldn't be so full of yourself. If you keep on acting the way you do, you will become history very quickly!" Mr. Wannabe announced.

Sensing the harshness in his tone, Mr. Wannabe tuned it down a notch and then continued, "I understand that you need to rest, but you should never let your guard down. I can't see into the future, but I have the nagging feeling that something terrible is coming. You have not only made a name for yourself, but also many enemies. The battle has just begun!"

"Enemies? What are you talking about?"

"Are you an idiot? You are a threat to many factions, especially the powerful ones. Anyways, as I said, it's a suicide for you to fight Lee Moshan right now." Mr. Wannabe refuted.

Wang Tong reflected on his recent inactivity on the training ground and conceded that cultivation had been put on the back burner. He reckoned that it was very naive of him to believe that the rest of his life would be smooth sailing after he was crowned the champion of the tournament. If anything, his publicity only exposed himself to new enemies.

Mr. Wannabe was right, Wang Tong needed to keep improving himself.

"What do you think I should do, Mr. Wannabe?"

"That's the attitude I want to see! I know you are thinking of joining the Ark's expedition, so we have to put an end to the PA match before you leave. You have to try to enter the Einherjar state, and we have to work together." Mr. Wannabe announced. He felt frustrated by Wang Tong's inability to release his full power.

Although Wang Tong's power would increase over time, the sense of urgency had nibbled at Mr. Wannabe's patience. Patroclus had opened his mind ever since he was five, so he had massive head-start over Wang Tong.

"Ok, let's set up a time then, say in fifteen days? Let's try the power of Einherjar in fifteen days!" Mr. Wannabe shouted.

"Alright! Fifteen days it is!" Wang Tong pumped his fist in the air as he announced.

"Xiaoru, you will have to look after the S-club now. I need to focus on my training. "

"No problem. Why don't you come over to my place? It's much quieter than the school."


Lee Moshan had finally received a message from Einherjar Wannabe: they would carry out their fight in the outer space in fifteen days!