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Tempest of the Battlefield

Author:Skeleton Wizard

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Having a rough life growing up, Wang Tong had numerous dreams of living a better life. However, his alcoholic foster father sells him off as a space settler of the distant planet Norton for some pocket change. Soon after his arrival, the Zergs overran the planet and obliterated its defenses in a matter of minutes. What awaited Tong on Norton was more than just an unbearable environment – its gravity alone was five-times stronger than earth – there were also swarms of bugs, constant hunger, thirst, and desolation. While he lives a year of total carnage and survival, humanity’s Confederation eventually overcomes the Zergs on Norton and the powerful survivor Wang Tong is given a recommendation to a once famous, but now dying military academy where he begins his life anew. 武装风暴
《Tempest of the Battlefield》 Text
Chapter 1: We Shall See, Old Fart
Chapter 2: Escape
Chapter 3: Survive
Chapter 4: I Lost My Weapon
Chapter 5: Kowtow My Ass
Chapter 6: Peasant Genes
Chapter 7: The Real Deal
Chapter 8: Ambush
Chapter 9: Manliness is Impulsiveness
Chapter 10: Please Don't Miss Me
Chapter 11: Rises and Falls of History
Chapter 12: I Will Find You
Chapter 13: Frugal Living
Chapter 14: Tactics of Sympathy
Chapter 15: A Bad Apple
Chapter 16: Noob
Chapter 17: Piece of Cake
Chapter 18: Attraction and Coercion
Chapter 19: Hellish Monthly Test
Chapter 20: Lazy Bird
Chapter 21: Butterfingers
Chapter 22: Gale-Blade
Chapter 23: The Followers of the Templar
Chapter 24: METAL Arm
Chapter 25: I Am One Lucky Guy
Chapter 26: Mailman
Chapter 27: Public Enemy
Chapter 28: Eight Minutes and Thirty-five Seconds
Chapter 29: Investigation
Chapter 30: Cunning Principal’s Plan
Chapter 31: Poor Man’s Repair
Chapter 32: Beauty Pay the Bill
Chapter 33: Lost at the Starting Line
Chapter 34: Sixteen Meters
Chapter 35: Repair Charcoal
Chapter 36: Patroclus
Chapter 37: Stealth METAL
Chapter 38: The Fist of the Racing Tiger
Chapter 39: Epiphany
Chapter 40: Jesting
Chapter 41: Temp Tong
Chapter 42: Hu Yangxuan's Ploy
Chapter 43: Weekend Visit
Chapter 44: Temptation
Chapter 45: Tactics of the Enchantress-Round One
Chapter 46: Fall from Grace
Chapter 47: This Is Not a Request
Chapter 48: Haggling
Chapter 49: Caretaker Wang
Chapter 50: I Shall Stay
Chapter 51: Ahead of the Game
Chapter 52: Hyper Lock-on
Chapter 53: Cloning Technique
Chapter 54: The Principal Got Hit By Pennies From the Sky
Chapter 55: Gauntlets Were Thrown Down
Chapter 56: Tutor the Beauty
Chapter 57: Information Overload
Chapter 58: What Have You Done to Me
Chapter 59: The New Alpha
Chapter 60: The Lazy Bird
Chapter 61: Tempestuous Lectures
Chapter 62: The World of Inferior Zergs
Chapter 63: Smelling Danger
Chapter 64: Miao Xiu’s Nightmare
Chapter 65: An Ace Who Came Out of Nowhere
Chapter 66: Wang Ben's Double
Chapter 67: One Riddle Solved
Chapter 68: Too Generous
Chapter 69: True Friends
Chapter 70: A Naked Floating Body
Chapter 71: A Little Punishment From a Girl
Chapter 72: Unexpected Discovery
Chapter 73: The Power of a Mind-Opened Fighter
Chapter 74: Went Overboard
Chapter 75: The Devilish Miss Principal
Chapter 76: Coercion Round Two
Chapter 77: None of My Business
Chapter 78: Troublesome Bed Sheets
Chapter 79: Sword in Hand
Chapter 80: Serene Imagination
Chapter 81: Petty Thief?
Chapter 82: “Maid”
Chapter 83: Prelude
Chapter 84: To Conquer
Chapter 85: Dominance
Chapter 86: Girly Bed Sheet
Chapter 87: Wonderful Weekend
Chapter 88: A Lesson
Chapter 89: Laughing Stock
Chapter 90: Alternative Truth
Chapter 91: Activation
Chapter 92: An Existence from Another Level
Chapter 93: Intel Gathering
Chapter 94: Fulfilling the Duties of a Mentor
Chapter 95: Men are Sexually Driven Animals
Chapter 96: Samantha’s Plans
Chapter 97: The Battle Begins
Chapter 98: Foolhardy?
Chapter 99: To Hunt
Chapter 100: The Troublemaking Gardener
Chapter 101: The Cunning Gardener
Chapter 102: The Arrogant Rookie
Chapter 103: Right in Your Face, Sucker!
Chapter 104: The Winning Sacrifice
Chapter 105: Dead Heat
Chapter 106: Surprise Surprise
Chapter 107: Proved with Blade
Chapter 108: Meaning of Victory
Chapter 109: Heated Battle
Chapter 110: Battle Trance
Chapter 111: Keeping the Promise
Chapter 112: One Sweet Day
Chapter 113: Man of Honor
Chapter 114: S-Ranked
Chapter 115: Aux Armes!
Chapter 116: Real Power
Chapter 117: Enticing Battle
Chapter 118: Kunai
Chapter 119: For the Glory
Chapter 120: Never Too Late to Train
Chapter 121: The Supreme Reigner
Chapter 122: The Win-Win Solution
Chapter 123: United We Stand
Chapter 124: IPA
Chapter 125: The Rookie Dance Machine
Chapter 126: Self Motivation
Chapter 127: Reemergence of the Merciless Legend
Chapter 128: Encore
Chapter 129: God-Slayer
Chapter 130: Also a Hero
Chapter 131: A Girl's Feeling
Chapter 132: The Twin Sisters
Chapter 133: Recon Zergs
Chapter 134: Wang Tong’s Doubts
Chapter 135: Bucket Full of Confidence
Chapter 136: It's Too Much
Chapter 137: Count on Me
Chapter 138: Undeniable Strength
Chapter 139: Passed the First Test
Chapter 140: Nightmare Came True
Chapter 141: Special Training
Chapter 142: A Baron in Space
Chapter 143: Comprehension
Chapter 144: A Special Reward
Chapter 145: No Big Deal at All
Chapter 146: The Last Moment
Chapter 147: The Legend
Chapter 148: Curiosity
Chapter 149: Adventure
Chapter 150: Zergs’ Revolt
Chapter 151: Intervention from the Military
Chapter 152: Besieged
Chapter 153: The Fight
Chapter 154: The Bloody Brawl
Chapter 155: Taken into Custody
Chapter 156: Fair
Chapter 157: He's a She
Chapter 158: A Surprising News
Chapter 159: Peerless Palm Strike
Chapter 160: Zhang Jin’s Doubt
Chapter 161: To be at Daggers Drawn
Chapter 162: The Absolute Advantage
Chapter 163: Burst of the Bubble
Chapter 164: I’m Not Sleeping in the Streets Tonight
Chapter 165: It’s Wrong For Being Too Strong
Chapter 166: The Inner Force
Chapter 167: Cool Down
Chapter 168: Men Should Be Brave!
Chapter 169: Powerful Foes
Chapter 170: To Know Yourself As Well As The Enemies
Chapter 171: Monsters Everywhere
Chapter 172: Allelopathy
Chapter 173: The Pleasure of Bullying
Chapter 174: Fortune Bringer
Chapter 175: Deep into the Tactical Core
Chapter 176: Noob?
Chapter 177: The Ultimate Strategy
Chapter 178: Despised
Chapter 179: Might of the Victor
Chapter 180: Alliance of Noobs
Chapter 181: Clear-cut
Chapter 182: S-level Difficulty
Chapter 183: Struggling?!
Chapter 184: My Own Victory
Chapter 185: The Battle of Control
Chapter 186: Strong Enough to Leave the Opponent Speechless
Chapter 187: Evenly Matched
Chapter 188: To Win Without Any Confrontation
Chapter 189: Absolute Suppression
Chapter 190: Surprisingly Well-Matched
Chapter 191: A Legendary Character
Chapter 192: Ms. Fantastic
Chapter 193: A Beggar Could Never Go Bankrupt
Chapter 194: Instant Kill!
Chapter 195: The Beginning of the Real Battle
Chapter 196: Surpass
Chapter 197: M...Monster!
Chapter 198: Brothers
Chapter 199: Rise to Fame
Chapter 200: Mystical Orb of Light
Chapter 201: A Night of Passion
Chapter 202: The Unruly Super METAL
Chapter 203: 15 Seconds of Fame
Chapter 204: A Season of Love
Chapter 205: Derangement
Chapter 206: Shrewdness
Chapter 207: Crescent Moon
Chapter 208: Super Energy
Chapter 209: Return of the Golden Goose
Chapter 210: A Stronger Opponent
Chapter 211: Double Battles
Chapter 212: Overwhelming Dominance
Chapter 213: Undefeatable
Chapter 214: Arm of the Blazing Kirin
Chapter 215: Onslaught
Chapter 216: One-Strike-KO
Chapter 217: The Real and The Fake Tactics of the Blaze
Chapter 218: All The Best
Chapter 219: One Step Further
Chapter 220: Men Were Supposed to be Macho
Chapter 221: Touring
Chapter 222: Hidden Talent
Chapter 223: For the Greater Good
Chapter 224: The Concert
Chapter 225: Artistry Explosion
Chapter 226: Savor of the Enchantress
Chapter 227: Elemental GN Force
Chapter 228: Polar Blizzard
Chapter 229: Three is a Crowd
Chapter 230: Never Back Down
Chapter 231: Unstoppable
Chapter 232: Zhang Jin
Chapter 233: Complete Madness
Chapter 234: Eye For Eye, Tooth For Rump
Chapter 235: Tactics of the Bladder
Chapter 236: Raise the Bar
Chapter 237: Charcoal Revived
Chapter 238: Father's Counsel
Chapter 239: Planning the Attack
Chapter 240: An Anonymous Recommendation
Chapter 241: Lie Wushuang
Chapter 242: The Authentic Blazing Palm Strike
Chapter 243: Ice and Fire Combo
Chapter 244: Showdown
Chapter 245: Returning to Norton
Chapter 246: Fresh Blood
Chapter 247: Call of Duty
Chapter 248: New Backbone
Chapter 249: Exchange of Fire
Chapter 250: Detection Failure
Chapter 251: Enter the Hive
Chapter 252: Deadly Battle
Chapter 253: Battle Achievements
Chapter 254: Princess Warrior
Chapter 255: The Familiar Stranger
Chapter 256: Big Head's Song
Chapter 257: Zerg's Counterattack
Chapter 258: Material for Evolution
Chapter 259: Kill Kill Kill
Chapter 260: Escaped Death
Chapter 261: Life Goes On
Chapter 262: Dawn
Chapter 263: There She Goes Again
Chapter 264: A Blessing in Disguise
Chapter 265: Resurrection
Chapter 266: Attack Missed
Chapter 267: A Deal Is A Deal
Chapter 268: The Source of All Problems
Chapter 269: Humans’ Counter Attack
Chapter 270: A Wrench From Mars
Chapter 271: Enchantress versus Enchantress
Chapter 272: Paragon of Perfection
Chapter 273: Super! Tactics of the Deva King
Chapter 274: The Pirate King
Chapter 275: Friend Turned Enemy
Chapter 276: Fighting An Einherjar
Chapter 277: The Great Escape
Chapter 278: Soga
Chapter 279: I'm Hungry
Chapter 280: The Powerful Presence
Chapter 281: Charcoal Is a Genius
Chapter 282: Inner Thoughts
Chapter 283: What Do They Want?
Chapter 284: Fifty Shades of Ambition
Chapter 285: A Different Person
Chapter 286: The Upper-Class Elite
Chapter 287: Motivated
Chapter 288: Layered Fist of Tong
Chapter 289: Goals Achieved
Chapter 290: The Future of The Kaedeians
Chapter 291: Ruthless
Chapter 292: It's a Trap!
Chapter 293: Fully Recovered
Chapter 294: Her Name Is Rosy
Chapter 295: Practice Target
Chapter 296: Score Settled
Chapter 297: A Bully
Chapter 298: Power Attack
Chapter 299: Zhou Sisi's Victory
Chapter 300: Always Be The Winner
Chapter 301: Forcing It Through
Chapter 302: Forbearance
Chapter 303: The Ultimate Weapon
Chapter 304: The King of Cheapness
Chapter 305: Assassin
Chapter 306: Free Admiration
Chapter 307: Annihilation
Chapter 308: The Turtle King
Chapter 309: Strong Opponent
Chapter 310: Unbridgeable Gap
Chapter 311: Reckless
Chapter 312: My Name Is Karl!
Chapter 313: Stay Together
Chapter 314: Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger
Chapter 315: Battlefield Control
Chapter 316: Counter Attack
Chapter 317: Tit For Tat
Chapter 318: The Ultimate State
Chapter 319: The Final Showdown
Chapter 320: Revenge
Chapter 321: Final Victory
Chapter 322: Reaching the Peak
Chapter 323: The Fantastic Five
Chapter 324: New Hope
Chapter 325: Playing Dumb
Chapter 326: Hidden Power
Chapter 327: The Bloody Bats
Chapter 328: Eye-Opener
Chapter 329: Boot Camp Training
Chapter 330: Back To School
Chapter 331: Tournament Start!
Chapter 332: Kaedeian's Livelihood
Chapter 333: Super Einherjar
Chapter 334: Zhang Jin's Probing
Chapter 335: The Last Fight?
Chapter 336: Baby Steps, Please!
Chapter 337: Pretender
Chapter 338: Return of An Einherjar
Chapter 339: Who's Next?
Chapter 340: Greater Challenge
Chapter 341: Carnival
Chapter 342: Super Space Hive
Chapter 343: Promoted
Chapter 344: Too Much Hype
Chapter 345: Stage Was Set
Chapter 346: Total Knockout
Chapter 347: The Second Legend
Chapter 348: I've Got Practice
Chapter 349: Headbutt Is Legit
Chapter 350: The Power of the Divine Master
Chapter 351: Soul Mastery
Chapter 352: Puppet Show
Chapter 353: Wang Tong's Claw
Chapter 354: Complete Victory
Chapter 355: Look Down on The Templars
Chapter 356: Belligerent Force
Chapter 357: Instant Kill
Chapter 358: Fire Breathing Serpent
Chapter 359: The Source of Power
Chapter 360: Cure For The Sickness of Arrogance
Chapter 361: Gentleman From the Templar's Court
Chapter 362: Commando Hu
Chapter 363: A Real Man's Desire
Chapter 364: Nearly Immortal
Chapter 365: The Magnificent Princess
Chapter 366: Undead Ghost?
Chapter 367: Ice Mastery
Chapter 368: Vayu Unsheathed
Chapter 369: The Top Sixteen List
Chapter 370: Mutation?
Chapter 371: Test Subject
Chapter 372: Fret Not
Chapter 373: Rosy's Rage
Chapter 374: Silver Lining
Chapter 375: Enchantress's L-Bomb
Chapter 376: Uphill Battle
Chapter 377: Hand To Hand
Chapter 378: One Simple Punch
Chapter 379: The Harp Goddess
Chapter 380: Hero Incognito
Chapter 381: The Third Wheel
Chapter 382: Gloves Are Off
Chapter 383: Have Me Now
Chapter 384: First Night of Love
Chapter 385: The Eight Quarter Finalists
Chapter 386: Wind and Thunder
Chapter 387: The Seal of Thunder
Chapter 388: Never Forget the History
Chapter 389: Missed the Target
Chapter 390: War of Gods
Chapter 391: Power of the Sky
Chapter 392: Turn the Tide
Chapter 393: A Fledgling Among Einherjars
Chapter 394: An Old Ghost
Chapter 395: The Same Actor but Different Stories
Chapter 396: Return of the Moon King
Chapter 397: Establish Dominance
Chapter 398: Power of the Flame
Chapter 399: Heir of the Legend
Chapter 400: The Worthy Heir
Chapter 401: The Speed of Vayu
Chapter 402: Murderous Intent
Chapter 403: The Phantom Cut
Chapter 404: Two R*scals!
Chapter 405: Fell From Grace
Chapter 406: The Killing Blow
Chapter 407: My Money Was Not On You
Chapter 408: Unscrupulous Strategy
Chapter 409: The Reckless Prince
Chapter 410: Unbearable Insults
Chapter 411: The King of the METAL
Chapter 412: A Brazen Youngster
Chapter 413: Heir of the Blade
Chapter 414: Seven Days
Chapter 415: The Young Master
Chapter 416: The Invitation From a Princess
Chapter 417: The Final Battle
Chapter 418: Dragon and Tiger
Chapter 419: Freakishly Strong
Chapter 420: The Difference in Timing
Chapter 421: Dual Wielding
Chapter 422: The Youngest Einherjar
Chapter 423: Power of the Soul
Chapter 424: Uncrowned King
Chapter 425: Two Girls One Pillow
Chapter 426: The Real Templar's Court
Chapter 427: Where Is My MONEY?
Chapter 428: Masters of the Templar
Chapter 429: Enter Valhalla
Chapter 430: Noah's Ark
Chapter 431: Competition
Chapter 432: The Hybrid Monster
Chapter 433: Space Battle of the Einherjars
Chapter 434: The Riddle
Chapter 435: Ugly METAL
Chapter 436: Counterfeit Einherjar
Chapter 437: Struggle
Chapter 438: How To Provoke An Einherjar
Chapter 439: Rise Of A New God
Chapter 440: A New Epiphany
Chapter 441: Tour Of The Space Fortress
Chapter 442: Handyman
Chapter 443: A New Round Of Competition
Chapter 444: It's A TRAP!
Chapter 445: Smoke Screen
Chapter 446: Weekly Report
Chapter 447: X-Ray Vision
Chapter 448: A Headstart
Chapter 449: Karmamudra
Chapter 450: Life Is Not A Popularity Contest
Chapter 451: Outer-Space City Network
Chapter 452: Reunion
Chapter 453: Sneak Off The Ship
Chapter 454: City Of Zerg
Chapter 455: Patroclus' Loyalty
Chapter 456: The Beginning Of The End
Chapter 457: Missing Personnel
Chapter 458: Fighting Back
Chapter 459: Attack From Both Sides
Chapter 460: Patroclus 2.0
Chapter 461: Obsession
Chapter 462: Age of Aggression
Chapter 463: New World Order
Chapter 464: Super Mechanic
Chapter 465: METAL Mechanic
Chapter 466: Helping a Beauty
Chapter 467: Do I Know You?
Chapter 468: This Is…300!
Chapter 469: Not A Coincidence
Chapter 470: Night Raid
Chapter 471: Surrounded
Chapter 472: A Secret Shadow
Chapter 473: Level Up
Chapter 474: A Rigged Game
Chapter 475: Sassy Reinforcement
Chapter 476: Take Me With You
Chapter 477: The Secrets Of Mastery
Chapter 478: Visitors from House Lie
Chapter 479: How Can I Make A Man Out Of You?
Chapter 480: Number One Meant Nothing
Chapter 481: Meat On A Chopping Block
Chapter 482: Hammer Blows
Chapter 483: Insult Granted
Chapter 484: A Mechanic's Threat
Chapter 485: Transition
Chapter 486: First Spar In Five Years
Chapter 487: Mastery Intuition
Chapter 488: Ladies' Man
Chapter 489: The New Inferno Hell
Chapter 490: The Helpful Loot
Chapter 491: You Are Lab Mice
Chapter 492: Pressure Test
Chapter 493: Level Up
Chapter 494: Divine Burst
Chapter 495: Slave Driver
Chapter 496: What Makes Us Human Is Trust
Chapter 497: Martian Match Maker
Chapter 498: Mastery Tornado
Chapter 499: Survival Of The Fittest
Chapter 500: Bring On The War
Chapter 501: Peace Negotiation
Chapter 502: Essence Buzz-saw!
Chapter 503: Inferno Cauldron
Chapter 504: Forward Thinker Or A Traitor?
Chapter 505: Be A Strong Man
Chapter 506: Immortals Versus Dark Ones
Chapter 507: Business Tong
Chapter 508: This is Robbery!
Chapter 509: Charcoal, The Real Super Mechanic
Chapter 510: No Cheap Goods
Chapter 511: Steal A Talent
Chapter 512: I Will Survive
Chapter 513: A New Mastery
Chapter 514: The Jade City
Chapter 515: Dark Souls
Chapter 516: Revenge
Chapter 517: Enter the City
Chapter 518: Divine Hostel
Chapter 519: The Black Market
Chapter 520: An Unusual Crystal
Chapter 521: The Chief Medic Xiao YuYu
Chapter 522: Xiao Yuyu's Doubts
Chapter 523: The Zergs' Surprise Attack
Chapter 524: The Unknown Einherjar
Chapter 525: Captain Wannabe
Chapter 526: Crystal Gun
Chapter 527: Spell Crystals
Chapter 528: Annual Auction Event
Chapter 529: Always The Winner
Chapter 530: Einherjar's Bane Unit
Chapter 531: Life Mastery
Chapter 532: Golden Zerg
Chapter 533: Death To the Zergs!
Chapter 534: Human Alliance
Chapter 535: Xiao Yuyu's Gift
Chapter 536: Templars On Mars
Chapter 537: Small Tank, Big Fish
Chapter 538: The Zergs' Infighting
Chapter 539: High Risk, High Reward
Chapter 540: The Weakened Defense
Chapter 541: All Big Things Have Small Beginnings
Chapter 542: Zergs At The Doorstep
Chapter 543: Unstoppable
Chapter 544: The Brave Victory
Chapter 545: Overbearing Impression
Chapter 546: Back Away
Chapter 547: I Am A B*tch, and I Am Your Hell
Chapter 548: We Are All Square
Chapter 549: Missing In Action
Chapter 550: On The Horns Of A Dilemma
Chapter 551: The Fearless
Chapter 552: Decisions Before the The War
Chapter 553: The Battle Begins
Chapter 554: Eager To Fight
Chapter 555: The Divine Punishment
Chapter 556: The Perfect Man
Chapter 557: All Sorts Of Talents
Chapter 558: Here Comes The Trouble
Chapter 559: We Are Family
Chapter 560: Gossip Porcelain Doll
Chapter 561: Let Me Be The Champion
Chapter 562: Champion Security Guard
Chapter 563: Templar Branch Master
Chapter 564: Rain of Aura
Chapter 565: The Final Preparation
Chapter 566: Sweet Success
Chapter 567: Old Friends
Chapter 568: Fraternity For Princes
Chapter 569: The First Generation Divine Master
Chapter 570: Divine Miracle
Chapter 571: Old Memories And New Life
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