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6 Chapter 6/Graduation and the Northen frontier

@@After winning the league, Lilith and I went separate ways. She has decided to move to the Southern Frontier ( there are 4 of them, North, East, South West, which will be referred to as NESW) which are the frontiers of battle against the Angel and Demon splinter groups. The reason many would travel to a frontier after graduating us that it's the easiest way to quickly game fame and money if your combat skills were good enough, and that was definitely the case for Lilith. I also choose to go to a frontier, but as far form Lilith as humanly possible, as I really don't want to get mixed up in her schemes, so I chose the Western frontier, which is in Japan. What a frontier exactly is no human knows for sure, and Angles and Devils aren't into giving their secret away. What we do know is that it's a dimensional gap of sorts, created by the splinter groups, whose name is Iscariot, to invade our world from, as it became nearly impossible to stay in our world after the NAP was signed. These have human bases on Earth and the Iscariot base in the other dimension. Between the two there's a no man's land, just like in WW1, but without the trenches. The two fighting sides send out their Adepts or Templars (and bounty hunters) to do most of the fighting. Bounty hunters are in a unique position where they don't have to listen to the orders of one of the two factions: they can come and go as they like and pick whichever missions they like. No one will stop a bounty hunter from going out and killing enemies by himself to collect materials, or something else. This is perfect for me - I can make money, gather materials for weapons, gain renown all in one place - perfect! So, what am I taking - let's see here... Dark Drinker-check! Cloud Piercer-check! Cloaking device-check! All right! Off we go !