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5 Chapter 5/ Leauge Final

An easy way to earn money these days is to participate in the many fighting leagues that came about when people realised that combat has become much more flashy than it normally is *cough cough* Lilith *cough cough*, one can make more money from it than even of profession soccer games, so a lot of fighting leagues popped up- Adept only, Templar only, Mixed, duo, team, solo, etc. I participate, in a duo with Lilith, in the junior mixed duo league ( it's a sub-league of the junior league, and all of the sub-leagues generally just get called junior leagues, regardless of the specifics). We have made it to the finals, which was quite easy, considering the fact that we are considered the best duo in the league and have been the holders of the "best partners" title for 2 consecutive years. Today's final is against another league mainstay, a templar duo known as "The Divine Brothers". If I were to classify them, I would call them tanks-they can absorb a lot of punishment, can deal a lot of damage themselves, but aren't very mobile as their armour is very heavy. Enough of boring analysis, see you at the arena *lazy author*

Moscow, Russia, Junior Leauge Arena

"We are going to cut your witch apart, and make you regret ever joining forces with her!!!", the two templars scream as soon as the battle starts. Always so loud, these two. Obsessed with cutting every unbeliever into pieces. While the strength and tenacity of the two are amazing, they were never quite smart, preferring brawn over brains. I slip into stealth with the help of a makeshift flashbang, made by combining my shortsword's and Lilith's flaming explosions, making it impossible to see which way I went after using the device. Quickly getting behind them I pull out Cloud Piercer and wait for the perfect shot. Meanwhile, Lilith is up in the air, quite out of reach, firing away with her flame spells, with fancy names like "Crimson Destruction","Volcano's Core", etc. The two Templars do have a ranged mean of attack, a church-made artefact called "God's Grasp", that can lock on to a target and pull them towards the user in two seconds, unless the user escapes the lockdown radius of 2 metres squared. However, to activate it, one has to fully focus their attention and will inside the artefact, their strat is simple-one uses the artefact to pull Lilith down, the second protects the user, they deal with Lilith, then deal with me. A good plan, but they completely forgot that I can go stealth. So, the guy using Grasp goes down, as he has his back to me, and that makes it very easy to, well, backstab him. Immediately after the other Templar turns around to face me, Lilith also blasts him in the back with her "Flaming Spear". That's our strategy, the double backstab. We win the league just like that.