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4 Chapter4/ League Final preparations

"The league final, you mean? We don't have to worry about that, we'll just blow our opponent straight of our path, just like we always do. Don't be such a worrywart, Nick, or do you just want to play the role of a knight on a shining steed, protecting a gentle and tender girl?" " Pfft, anyone who has had a taste of your flame formations knows exactly how gentle and tender you are, myself included." Lilith is a Witch who specialises in fire-based attacks, which makes her combat style very flashy, earning her the nickname "The Princess of Fire". My combat style is... interesting, the way I would put it. I mostly revolve around stealth-based combat, sort of like a ninja from the days of feudal Japan, but I don't mind pulling out the big guns and bringing hell onto my enemies. The way I do that: my own inventions. As I said before, I have great talent for programming and building tech, so I use these talents to make weapons, gear, gadgets. My primary weapon when I am sneaking around (thanks to a cloaking device I made with the help of Lilith) is a dagger I have named "Cloud Piercer"

When I have to "go loud", as my cloak "drops" (stops being active) if I take damage, I use two blades, one for each hand, a greatsword and a shortsword. The greatsword is called "Dark Drinker" and is stored in my back sheath and is wielded with my right hand (I'm right-handed, BTW). In my offhand, I use a shortsword, named "Flame Shadow". All three of the weapons are special and have good "surprises" for my enemies. Cloud Piercer was made solely by me, so no magical properties on it. However, it is no simple dagger, but a plasma dagger. How I managed to create a vacuum chamber and a plasma screen inside a dagger is a secret, so sorry about that, but I can tell you one thing-it's very effective, as the plasma function can be turned on and of instantly, and is very discreet, no glowing like a lightsaber-I am a ninja after all. But, that's not all. The secondary function of the dagger (which is sheathed inside my wrist BTW), or of the sheath specifically, Is that it's magnetic, which can also be turned on and off, and with that magnetic function, I can throw the dagger and make it come straight back to my hand. Useful for silent kills at long range and the like. Dark Drinker and Flame Shadow, on the other hand, were made with the help of Lilith. Dark Drinker is very simple but effective-it has an ability to cut and absorb mana, thereby ruining spells and their casting process. Flame Shadow can cast flame-based spells and is the result of months of gruelling work together with Lilith. The base of the sword is a mana-conducting and mana-gathering gem, known in witch circles as "Moratorium". The special thing about this gem is that it can turn EM(electromagnetic) energy into mana. So, I put an EM generator inside, and all of a sudden I can cast spells, even though I am not a witch (or wizard, magic isn't limited to females, but females seem to have a better disposition for it). What do I need all this gear for? Today's league final.