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2 Chapter 2/Technomancer

20 years after The Awakening, Moscow, Russia. Saturday.

I am 16, born 4 years after The Awakening. Society split in two - witches and demons, angels and their subordinates, first called witch hunters, but, after the non-aggression pact between the two forces, now known as Templars. The non-aggression pact (NAP) was signed because the demons and angels realised that humans have weapons of mass destruction(nukes), and provoking a war between the two forces will simply destroy the earth, not giving anyone followers or worshippers. So the NAP was signed, and the people of Earth split roughly in half, between the Angels who believed in righteousness, and the Demons, who believed in desire. Cliche, right? I know, thought so myself. I live in Russia, a country with largely angel influence, as Russia was very religious even before The Awakening, but, as Russia is just so big, there are some parts that are controlled by demons, mostly on the north though, Norilsk and places like that. I live alone. I'm an orphan as well. Don't pity me, it's all good, as I have personal freedom at the very least. Moscow is full of Templars and even Angels, who sometimes come down to followers (to spread influence even more, therefore getting more belief energy, which was their and the demons' original objective in coming to our world in any case) and many parents want their children to grow up into powerful templars, getting the favour of the Angels, as the best templars get to move themselves and their families directly into the Heavenly Domain, a sort of paradise, I guess. Demons offer the same reward, BTW. I always hated being told what to do. Anyway, I digress. The reason my parents are dead is quite simple - they were killed in battle, but not with Devils, as the NAP is very much active. After the NAP there were a lot of people left unsatisfied. People who love war and fighting. Mostly it was the demons, but there were the angels as well - the battle angels to be precise. All they wanted is the complete extermination of the opposite kind, and when the NAP stopped them from doing so, they got quite annoyed. So, they split and became "fallen angels" as they no longer follow the will of God, but just want to turn Earth into al eternal battlefield between demons and Angels. The demons are just demons who have nothing but slaughter on their minds and have split from the main demon forces after the NAP was signed. These two groups then allied together, creating a sort of terrorist organisation that hopes to turn the Earth into an eternal battlefield. They do that via summoning different beings from different realms and then attacking Angel and Demon outposts. Normal people like me don't know much details, so bear with me. Anyway, my parent died when fighting these terrorists, and my uncle adopted me. When I struck 14 he let me got, with the parting words being "Here's the inheritance from your parents. Go out into the world and make them proud. You're on your own now." So I did. Rented an apartment, got a job, e.t.c. I hear you, "what kind of job at 14 years of age"? Well, I actually am a genious with technology and programming. I take orders online, make stuff for people, and they pay me. I also love experimenting with thech and making some stuff even weapons. What weapons you ask? I'll tell you when we got to my school...