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1 Technomancer/chapter 1 .

20 years ago, an event now known as "The Awakening" had two major things happen, and many tiny ones. These things changed the world forever. The first major thing is the appearance of witches in the normal, technologically advanced world. The kind of implications and consequences of such a happening can be easily inferred, with a likelihood of witches being hunted down, just like "communists" in the day of McCarthyism America. But there was a second event, just as major as the first. Angels came to our peaceful earth, full of people who thought that the Creator is just a tale of religion. People like Richard Dockings were shocked. These angels claimed that God has sent them down to counter the witches, as they were the messengers of the devil, and tried to rally country leaders to exterminate witches, and guess what? The witches did the exact same thing. And I got caught up in the middle of it. The name's Nick. Or Nickolas. Whichever. If you want a story of magic vs tech, and, maybe fusing them, read on.