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566 The Last Preparation 3

Syarlion was powerful.

A lot better than what Ian expected.

However, that didn't mean that Ian's motivation and drive had vanished.

The stronger Syarlion was, the more determined Ian was to take him down.

'Where to? Let's take this till the end.'

Ian's vision was filled with countless spirit shadows.

The most difficult, unique ability of all the abilities that Syarlion possessed, 'Spirit Replica'.

Wong- Woong-!

A low resonance was filling the room in a row, and the spirits of Syarlion began to replicate.

It was the kind of magic that was unheard of.

Just a little while ago, Ian managed to see the magic.

'Is the cooldown time back already? What is this… the duplication magic would have been an easy one to deal with?'

The Duplication, one of the high-level spells of the wizards, was a spell that duplicated the target.

However, the replicas created by Duplication wasn't the same as the original.

It was because the replicas' stats were inferior to the original one, and the replicas couldn't use the abilities of the main body.

Rather than fighting and going against the enemy, the main purpose of the replicas was to disrupt the magic of the enemy.

However, the spirit magic performed by Syarlion was different.

The duration was much shorter than the duplication magic spell; however, it was able to replicate in large numbers, and the spirits were able to use their own abilities.

Unlike the Duplication, the spirit cloning could put in a powerful combat attack.

'I was busy running away earlier…'

Ian was focusing on the movements of the incoming spirits.

He began to 'draw' a picture in his head.

'This time, I need to break through!'

The first time Ian had witnessed the replica, the only thing that Ian could do was to hold back until the replica spirits were done.

From his past experience, he realized that it shouldn't be the case.

If he ran away from the spirit replicas for 3 minutes, then the vitality of Syarlion would start to get restored.

'I need to go out at once.'

While standing behind the spirits, Syarlion was controlling them with absolute focus.

Ian, who checked the vitality gauge of Syarlion, noticed that there were 30 to 40 percent remaining, and he jumped into the spirit crowd.


On the face of Syarlion, signs of fluster and shock could be seen.

'What are you planning now?'

In the battle that had been going so far, Syarlion had already recognized the abilities of Ian.

As a result, the quest conditions had already been met.

Then why were the two of them still battling?

The reason was simple.

Apart from the quest conditions being met, the quest wouldn't continue until one of them was defeated.

Either Ian won or Syarlion won.

One of them had to win and control the quest's direction.

Of course, in most cases, if Syarlion won over Ian, the quest would still continue.

With Ian not even having a transcendence level of 10 against Syarlion, winning was a huge task. Also, Ian had everything sealed, excluding his spirit and the unique ability of his spirit weapons.

Even then, the battle between the two was very close.

Which was why Syarlion was feeling confused.

'Is he really a human from the earth? Or is he some kind of greater being that I haven't come across till now?'

Syarlion was turning desperate; he was controlling his spirits with utmost dedication and concentration.

Although he was the weakest of the dojo masters, he wouldn't be able to handle the disgrace if he was defeated by a man which wasn't even an intermediate-being.

Looking over at Ian who was keenly observing the spirits and Syarlion, his eyes shined.

'The land ability could be used to breakthrough… even if it was used, would it be hard to hold?'


After thinking for a while, Syarlion lifted his staff up high.

A golden energy started to form over the heads of the Spirit.


In the sight of Ian, new system messages came up.

[The Dojo Master 'Syarlion' used the spirit magic spell 'Soul of the Wind'.]

[For a limited duration of time, 'Eltika' spirit's attribute is converted into 'wind'.]

[For a limited duration of time, 'Ellen' spirit's attribute is converted into 'wind'.]

Upon confirming the system messages, Ian's eyes went wide.


Just like the thoughts of Syarlion, Ian had been using the power of land to endure his spirits.

Originally, most of the attributes which Syarlion had summoned were of 'water' attribute, so by placing the strong land buff on the water attributes, it was possible to withstand all the attacks from the water.

However, the situation took a 360-degree turn.

Since Syarlion used the 'Soul of the Wind' spell, all the attributes of his spirits had turned into wind, which was great against land.

Since the spirit mask's fire attribute had just passed, it was impossible to activate fire right away.

Ian was going to have to wait another 20 seconds to trigger a fire.

Ian had actually jumped forward, so the situation was much more urgent.

Ian, who started to think, shed away the spirits of the land and activated the wind power.

[Spirit power has been used.]

[A powerful whirlwind has risen.]

[The 'Spirit Mask' will disappear.]

The whirlwind, which had been summoned by the wind, was like a broad CC skill which was like the Abyss Hole of Ddukdae.

However, unlike the Abyss Hole, it couldn't damage the enemies, but it was a powerful enough attack to put the others in a state of 'unprotected' for a long time.


As the spirits of Syarlion got sucked into the whirlwind, Ian urgently moved back.

In order to overcome the inertia, he triggered the blood split in the opposite direction.


Thanks to the blood split, he was able to pass through the air without any damage.

But Ian's skill management didn't end there.

['Blood Revenge' item has been unlocked.]

[You have equipped the item 'Guardian Orb'.]


As soon as Blood Revenge was over, Ian swapped equipments.

Before he could even take control of his own body, Ian triggered 'Infernal Fire'.

[The Spirit magic 'Infernal Fire' has been activated.]


With the appearance of the longbow of fire in his hands, the fire arrows started to get released.

The targets of the arrows were the spirits of Syarlion, and Ian shot his arrows at the spirits.

Piping-! Pipiping-!

Ian pulled on the string of the bow crazily.

Without even a single concern about his accuracy, Ian's rate of firing the arrows became even faster.

'Before the defenseless part ends, I need to place the mark.'

The more intense the whirlwind turned, the more urgent Ian felt.

Before the whirlwind ended, he had to explore the marks to inflict as much damage as possible.

According to the calculations of Ian, the sprits wouldn't be able to withstand the explosion mark.

With a poor attribute and negligible defense, there was a chance for massive damage to be inflicted.

The arrows were shot by Ian and Magbi quickly turned the whirlwind red.

Followed by the next move.


['Hellfire' mark has reached the maximum overlap.]

[The mark will cause a powerful explosion.]

['Hellfire' mark has reached the maximum overlap.]

[The mark will cause a powerful explosion.]
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Damage more than what Ian had thought was occurring.

[Inflicted fatal fire damage to Syarlion's spirit 'Ellika'.]

[Due to affinity, more powerful damage occurred.]

[Syarlion's spirit 'Ellika's' vitality had been reduced by 10,987.]

[Syarlion's spirit 'Ellika's' vitality had been reduced by 9,788.]

Ian and Magbi had grown considerably.

In the case of Ian, his transcendence level had risen, and the proficiency of the 'spirit spell' had increased by a lot.

However, even then, the damage caused by the mark of explosion at the time would be 3,000 to 4,000.

No, not just at the time of using the fire.

It was the first time Ian dealt over 10,000 damage in Middle-Earth.

Because of that, Ian started to admire his skills.


'Due to the defense, it was common, so the damage is doing great!'

However, he wasn't in a situation where he could stop and admire himself.

Ian, who successfully reversed the situation, ran toward Syarlion.


And the same time, Ian was swapping weapons.

[Unlocked the 'Guardian Orb' item.]

[Equipped the item 'Judgment of the Spirit King'.]

Ian understood the situation Syarlion was in; he couldn't use most of the skills he had.

The Spirit Replica had quickly broken through, and his skills' cooldown was not done yet.

Perhaps the only magic that Syarlion could use right now was the 'reflecting shield'.

Because of that, Ian took out the Judgment of the Spirit King.

He threw it toward Syarlion.


The spear rushed forward like it was tearing up the space. The golden spear was shot with intensity.

And with the golden shine that it had around it, the Judgment of the Spirit King looked like a single lightning strike going forward.

Syarlion couldn't help but feel shocked by Ian's attack.



A huge explosion rang, and it pushed Syarlion back.

[Deadly damage is done to the Dojo Master 'Syarlion'!]

[Vitality of 'Syarlion' reduced by 2,398.]

[The item Judgment of the Spirit King has been swapped.]

['Bloody Revenge' item has been worn.]

While Syarlion was being pushed back, red streaks were shot in.


[Unique ability 'Bloody Split' has been used!]

[Deadly damage done to the Dojo Master 'Syarlion'!]

[The vitality of Syarlion is reduced by 3,198.]

If Ian had used the Blood Split first, he would have been blocked by the Reflecting Shield just like what had happened in the beginning.

However, by throwing the Judgment of the Spirit King at a high speed, he had broken the magic flow of Syarlion.


Ian's red sword continuously made contact with Syarlion, who had already lost his balance.

Syralion tried to cast the shield magic, but it was of no use.


With just a few explosions, the shield was broken down quickly.

The last explosion was the end of the battle.


[The vitality of Dojo Master 'Syarlion' has dropped to less than 10 percent.]

[You have won the battle against the Dojo Master 'Syarlion'.]

[The duel has ended.]

[Successfully cleared the 15th floor of the Spirit Dojo.]

[Cleared the 15th floor of the Spirit Dojo for the first time.]

[The first clear reward has been applied.]

[You have 'transcendence equipment box (Lv. 10~ 20) x2' item.]

[Earned Hero Score of 30 points.]

Numerous pleasant system messages started to appear in front of Ian.

[Cleared the quest 'Syarlon's Errand'.]

[You have met the hidden requirements for the quest 'Syarlon's Errand'.]

[Moved to the waiting room.]

After confirming the last message, Ian clenched both his hands unknowingly.