Days passed, the Crown Prince's sword was forgotten; a new event is rattling Oniro. It's the battle to become part of Oniro's Elite Force.

"Oniro's Elite Force - a force I chose not to name and will leave it to the force itself to come up with - is the epitome of our years of cultivating and perfecting our crafts. This group would be composed of fighters, healers and all people who possess the talent and magic to create an unstoppable force.

"There will be many groups to cater the needs of this force. Remember, the force is a stand-alone organization. As such all things and materials will be provided by the group alone, the Kingdom will only provide the capital for it to start moving and the basic necessities," the King said with a wink.

"This Elite Force, as I mentioned before during the Coronation, will be the ones responsible of protecting the Crown Prince, and as a whole, the Kingdom of Oniro, if needed be. Our military would be the first to respond when a national crisis comes. But if it gets out of hand, the Elite Force shall take over.

"Remember, only the best of the best can enter. Let the elimination begin."

Queen Iris, Crown Prince Amon, Lady Samarra and Denaire where all there, watching with the King. Lady Samarra was planning to try out of becoming a part of the Elite Force. But was then scolded by the Queen, saying it was a dangerous job.

But Lady Samarra was stubborn, she really wants to join. So, Crown Prince Amon invited her to watch the first phase of the trial, which would last for three days, the Survival Test. He wants Lady Samarra to see how gruesome the trials will be.

The Survival Test tests each individual to survive without basic necessities and weapons in the wild. They have to survive within three days on their own. There would be no killings; those who could endure within three days will be the ones to proceed to the next phase.

Denaire argued it to the Lady in whisper, "Samarra, look at that. I know you really want it, and that nothing's impossible, but surviving without someone helping you? I don't know, you were always used to being helped in every chore."

Samarra sighed. They were looking in a crystal ball provided by the noble scholars who were overseeing the whole test above it. "I know. Now I see it, I'm starting to be afraid."

And she said loudly, "Say, Papa. Who would lead this Elite Force? Are their class requirements?"

King Vasillia looked at his daughter and replied, "No. Whoever gains the highest point in this trial shall be proclaimed the leader. Those who would survive this test will all receive 50 points."

"So the next trial will be?"

The King laughed. "That's going to be a secret my darling."

On the side, Denaire could only sigh. She really wanted to join this Force but Amon doesn't want her too. She glared at him, who just smirked back at her.

'Urgh,' she grumbled to herself.


After the third day, they had the Battle - where they are grouped according to their specialty. There would be 1 Defense, 2 Attackers, 1 Support, 1 Healer, 1 Assassin and 1 Smith in each team. It was a test of how they would fare in group effort, highlighting their strategy thinking as well. Winning teams shall receive 30 points; the losing team will get 10 points. The Battle lasted a week.

Third Phase was a competition of sorts for each members of the team. It was to rank the best among everyone. The last five in each of the rankings shall be eliminated. Top 1 shall receive 100 points and then decreasing.

The Last Phase was a Dry-Run of how the force should be operated. They were given scenarios of crisis that requires their intervention such as invasion attacks and coups. It was a test of how they are going to function as a whole unit, making use of each and everyone's skill to overcome the obstacles on their way. Points system for this phase will be determined through the evaluation of everyone among themselves. They were evaluated by how they managed to move in the team, their initiative in performing a solution in a pinch and so on. Evaluations shall be reviewed and then ranked by the most trusted royal scholars - the elites of the scholars.

The day came when the members of the elite force shall be revealed. The people of Oniro were instantly hyped up. They were all excited in witnessing this brand new group that would defend them in these trying times.

Emong, the foot soldier, was full of nerves. Sure he performed well; he was part of the top 50 attackers, their team always won in the Battle. It was his performance in the Last Phase that scared him. He kept getting fights with the defenders and his co-attackers. There were so many clashes of ideas but it was he who countered every suggestion. He feared that they would give him a low evaluation.

Gina, who was sleeping with him, comforted him.

"Hey, honey, stop fretting. We'll both get through. Many people liked you, most especially the supporters; you gave them such high importance in game-changing. And I seriously believed it so that we shouldn't rely on the attackers too much."

"You really think so?"

"Yes. I'll bet my life on it."

"Gods, I so love you."

Emong kissed the love of his life so passionately, that they ended up tangled between the sheets once again.

On the induction of the members of the elite force, Emong and Gina became members, including 300 others.

"You are few," the King said. "But you are the best of the best. I hope and I pray that you will give your all to keep us all safe.

"Tomorrow, you are set to live and train in your new home in the south of the Palace grounds. Royal Generals shall train you to become stronger and more resilient. They would also teach you strategy thinking, more so making weapons that all suit each and everyone's preferences with the best materials available.

"I order you all to protect and defend the land and in its people. Reign Oniro, reign!"

"Reign Oniro, reign!" the people shouted back Oniro's chant, with hands on top of their chests.

It was a good day in Oniro.


Inside a mansion belonging to a noble, a blinding bright light shone. Its beams reached the heavens and the whole Kingdom.

Nobody has seen this kind of magic. The people cowered in fear.

Everyone panicked and fled to their houses.

The King ordered the royal scholars and royal generals to look for the source and investigate immediately.

The old smith smiled and walked back home.

Granny in the no-mage district said with a creepy smile, "It is time."