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Author :Aedion
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It was a bright, sunny day. The streets of Oniro were jam-packed with busy people streaming here and there. Carriages being drawn by horses were seen as well, where inside, nobles are sitting. Majority of these people were going to the Royal Palace. It was the day of the Crown Prince's coronation.

Inside the palace, Prince Amon was full of nerves. He wasn't prepared for his coronation speech; he wasn't ready to speak in front of thousands of people. His Mama and Papa said that they have forgotten to remind of him. If he only knew that they made it so. Oh how he wished for Denaire to be with him. He was so freaking nervous.

"Son," Queen Iris held his shoulders. "Relax. It's going to be alright. We will always be here with you."

Prince Amon looked at his Mama. "What if I mess up Mama? What if I say something wrong?"

"Amon, never, ever think negative. If you constantly think of a thing, chances are, it would surely happen. So if you think negatively, the outcome will be negative. Think only of good things, and all that goes will also be good.

"Address the people like they are all your loved ones, and they will be as soon as you become King. Because that's what they wanted to hear, a King who empathizes with them."

Prince Amon nodded; understanding and resolve dawning on his face.

"Okay Mama. I can do this. Thanks Mama."

The Queen kissed his son and then left him to think things through.

'Denaire, I hope I'll see you later. You are my inspiration in my every day,' the Prince said to himself.

Denaire and Lady Samarra rode on a carriage towards the Royal Palace.

Lady Samarra was so ecstatic that Denaire could only sigh and leave her be.

"Denaire," Lady Samarra called her. "Are you excited to see brother in his most royal, regal suit as Crown Prince?"

"Honestly, Samarra," Denaire replied. "Whatever he wears, I always find him handsome."

"Yiiiieeeeee ~," Samarra teased.

"Hey stop teasing me!" a blushing Denaire said.

"But I wanted to see his face when he sees you wearing this dress. Oohhh I can imagine brother's eyes to pop out!"

"Well, that would be hilarious. But seriously Samarra, do I look okay? Is it too over?"

"Okay? What are you talking about? My Mama always said that you are the most beautiful girl in the whole kingdom! And I definitely agree with her. So you don't look okay? You look exceptional!"

Denaire was lost for words that she could only hide her reddening face, which earned her a laugh from Lady Samarra.

"You are so cute Denaire," Lady Samarra said and sighed. "I wish my brother could find a way that the both of you can marry. I really want you to become my sister-in-law. All the other royal girls are mean bitches."

"I hope so too Samarra. I hope so," Denaire agreed.

The palace courtyard was filled to the brim. Royals were seated at the very front row on the right side. Opposite them were the nobles, and sitting at the very front were Lady Samarra and her servant Denaire. The rest of the people who were allowed to see the Coronation were at the back. A live broadcast outside the palace was set by noble scholars, using water magic. Denaire's family was the musicians for today's event.

They were all seated; an excited chatter filled the air. Lady Samarra was giddy in her seat and Denaire scolded her now and then.

"Lady Samarra, people are watching you. Could you please behave a little?"

"Oh, but Denaire, I really wanted to see brother."

"You already see him every day."

"But it's his coronation today! I am so happy for him."

"Contain your emotions. Sit properly. Your Mama would be coming, and she will be very disappointed to see you in that manner."

"Oh. Yeah. Gosh. I forgot her first lesson. Even if I became a noble, in my heart, I am still a Princess."

"Very good, Your Highness."

Lady Samarra almost teared up at the honorific. Denaire handed her a napkin and whispered, "In case."

And Lady Samarra laughed at that.

And then the trumpets sounded. All people rose up and knelt in one knee, a hand on top of their hearts. The royal family walked on the center aisle. As soon as they reached the dais where their throne was located, the King finally spoke.


The people complied and went back taking their seats. The Queen and the Prince did too, but the King remained standing.

He then began speaking.

"Oniro has been steadfast and strong in maintaining the peace and order; always being neutral in the constant wars our neighbors are always engaged.

"But during the past years, assassination attempts were directed at my son. I am not yet sure of the reason behind it, for we were always impartial. But, the times are changing. Recent Kings have become ambitious. They wanted to take over the whole Aenario for themselves. So I ask you all to be vigilant, and report anything amiss. Royals and Nobles should work hand in hand to combat these threats to our kingdom.

"Before my son's crowning, I am officially declaring that all citizens learn how to defend themselves. It is a must. In a week's time, I will be looking for the Crown Prince's official guards, those who could wield their powers to the fullest and who would swear to serve and protect the Crown Prince all the days of their lives. We will not be lenient on this; we will stand up and fight."

A noise broke out of the assembly. People were excited of the prospect of guarding the Crown Prince. It was an honor for them to be near and protect their future King.

But Denaire wasn't concerned of anything at all. Her eyes were glued to the Prince, who was looking back at her. They spoke through their eyes, understanding each other. The Prince grasped Raiyukii's pommel, and Denaire nodded in response. The Prince broke out a smile.

Then the Coronation began.

Prince Amon was called to the center of the dais and knelt in front of his people. The Chief Noble Scholar read to him the oath and his obligations toward the people and the Kingdom of Oniro.

Then the King touched the Sword of Oniro on his son's shoulders and on his head. As soon as it was done, the King placed the crown on his son's head.

The Chief Noble Scholar then proclaimed, "Rise and serve your people, Crown Prince Amon."

And then fire arrows rained down upon the dais. The Knights stationed near them ran and attempted to run and protect the Crown Prince. But before they could arrive, Crown Prince Amon unsheathed his sword.

A wall of ice appeared in front of the Crown Prince, disabling all the fired arrows.

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