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Author :Aedion
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It was the day before Prince Amon's coronation and he was frantically pacing back and forth outside Denaire's bedroom. He wasn't allowed to go out anymore because of assassination attempts that he have been experiencing for the past year. He was followed by too many bodyguards, and he couldn't really risk his own life. And so he waited.

On the other side of the estate, Denaire was talking to her finished sword for the Prince. "You will provide the Prince with the strength to protect his most beloved country and people. You will strengthen his fire and water. You are Raiyukii, his lightning and ice."

And the sword glowed in response. Denaire smiled. Finally, years worth of effort and she made her ultimate gift to her beloved Prince.


It was getting dark when Denaire finally got back to the mansion. She slipped into the servant's door undetected. She wasn't supposed to go out that day, but she needed to finish the Prince's sword. It was a good thing that Lady Samarra covered for her, saying she'd pretend that she was staying inside her room to take care of her for she was sick. Lady Samarra knew of the Prince's and Denaire's secret relationship, and she greatly approved the both of them.

Denaire then headed to the secret passageway leading to a more secret one that directly leads inside her room. She emerged from a ceiling-to-floor portrait, put the sword on the bed and changed her dirty clothes.

When she felt ready, she went back to the secret passageway and made a right turn towards a secret one leading inside Lady Samarra's room.

She emerged from a door hidden behind a tapestry near the Lady's fireplace.

"Oh Denaire!" Lady Samarra exclaimed in fright. "You scared me! But good thing you're back. It's almost time for dinner, they might find you not in here. Quick set me up as a sick girl."

Denaire chuckled. "Okay, you go lie down. I'll just wet this towel."

When the food server came in, Lady Samarra was under the blanket, face scrunched up as if in pain or not feeling well. Denaire was wiping the Lady's body with a wet towel, another towel was on top of the Lady's forehead.

Ginny, the food server, asked, "Is the Lady still not okay? Should we call a healer now?"

Denaire slightly panicked, but Lady Samarra took the reins. "No need Ginny," she said in a croaky voice. Denaire thought that the Lady was going all out. "I'll be fine by tomorrow. This is just some consequences when using magic too much."

"And her fever's already subsiding,"Denaire added.

"Well, that's good. Here's your dinner my Lady."

"Thanks Ginny," Lady Samarra replied. "Denaire please take it and lead Ginny out."

"Yes, my lady."

When Ginny was out, Lady Samarra threw the blanket aside. "Oh this is so tiring. When can you both be legal?"

Denaire looked sadly, "We never will Samarra." She calls her Samarra now because she was ordered too, and besides, they were very close as if they were siblings.

"Just you wait. When my brother becomes King, he'll do everything he can to be with you forever. Yiiiieee~" Samarra teased the blushing Denaire.

"Stop it, will you?"

"I am just so happy for you two. If only...."

Denaire sighed. Yeah, if only there wasn't this gap in societal class.

"Anyway, Denaire. Brother came by here earlier. He said he'll be waiting for you at your room."

Denaire jumped in shock. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"Well, we have to play our part first. Go on, get out. I have to rest now, tomorrow's a big day."

And Denaire sprinted out of the Lady's room.

She came up on the scene where Prince Amon was pacing outside his room, face downcast with worry plastered on his face. Denaire smiled. She felt so touched of the Prince's worry for her.

"Your Highness, have you been looking for me?" Denaire addressed him formally for there were guards around him.

As soon as Amon heard her voice, he looked up and his face lit up.

"Denaire," he said with relief. "Is it done?"

Denaire smiled a knowing smile. "Yes, Your Highness. It is inside my room. Is it alright for you to get inside my room?"

"Sure. Lead the way."

He was stopped by one of his guards. "Your Highness, for safety purposes, we have to check inside her room first."

Amon rolled his eyes. "Then by all means," he said while extending his hand forward like presenting a very nice object, "but make it quick."

The guards curtly nodded and opened the room. Amon walked slowly towards Denaire and whispered, "Where did you put the sword?"

"On my bed. Under the blanket. Will they notice it?" Denaire said, panic lacing her voice.

"I hope they won't."

After some time, the guards came out one by one. The one who stopped him earlier addressed the Prince, "The room is clear, Your Highness."

Amon nodded and then they went inside.

"Whew. That was scary. Have you been alright?" Denaire asked.

"I'm now better now that I see you."

Denaire blushed at the Prince's swords.

"So, tomorrow's your coronation. Are you ready?"

Amon sat on her bed. "I don't know. At one point, I'm happy that I get to live by the expectations expected of me as the son of the King. I'm happy to be the Crown Prince to serve and protect my people. But, on the other hand, I'm afraid of the big responsibility I am tasked to bear. I am afraid that I won't perform well, and I'd doom everyone."

Denaire sat beside him and hugged him. "I believe you will be the greatest King in the entire history of Aenario."

Amon laughed. "How can you say that? And how sure are you that that's gonna happen?"

"Because I trust you. And don't burden yourself of what tomorrow may bring. Thing first of today, if you'd do good today, then tomorrow will be better. Trust in the lessons you've learned. I know you'd pull through this huge task set upon you. But, you are not yet King, so try to learn more from your father."

"What am I gonna do without you Denaire?" Amon said while lovingly caressing her hair.

"You'd still do fine. Because you are independent and very smart. You will be fine."

Amon hugged her. "Thank you, thank you so much. Will you be there tomorrow?"

Denaire shrugged. "It's up to your sister. But you do know she's our biggest fan, right?"

Amon chuckled. "Then I'll be seeing you wearing something grand tomorrow."

Denaire wickedly smiled. "Of course. Nothing short for my Prince."

That smile provoked the raging fire inside the Prince. He kissed Denaire passionately, his fire coming out of him in bursting waves.

Denaire seeing the fire engulfing them, wasn't even afraid, and welcomed the fire between them. It didn't burn her, instead, it gave her warmth and the love Amon have for her.

Denaire broke the kiss. "Amon," she breathlessly said. "The guards might notice your fire. We better stop."

Amon wanted to continue. This was the first time that they kissed that long. He missed her now that he couldn't stop himself. But rationality enveloped him quickly after seeing Denaire's glare.

He combed his hair and sighed. "Okay. But, we have to do this more sometime. It's so good."

Denaire laughed. "Sure, Your Highness. And oh, before I forget." She leaned towards the bed and looked for the sword's pommel through her hand. When she finally grasped it, she stood up and knelt in front of the Prince.

"Prince Amon," she said, "here is Raiyukii, the sword I made for you."

Amon looked at the sword mesmerized. It was still sheathed but he could feel the hum of power emanating from it, calling him to take hold of it. He stretched out his hand and took the sword.

Denaire stood up and watched as the Prince slowly unsheathed the sword with a smile on her face.

As the Prince pulled out the sword, Raiyukii lit up, lightning and ice merging into one at its tip. The Prince's own magic answered to its kin. And the Prince was engulfed in a powerful aura.

And all the light went out.
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