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5 Unlocking the Earth chakra

Kane sat around a stone table with Garth and his wife, enjoying the food.

"Kane are you good? We haven't seen you after the spirit beast attack."

"Yeah I'm fine, I've been making preparations to go into secluded cultivation." Kane answered truthfully. As he looked at the couple before him. Garth was a twenty-five, he had large meaty calloused hands and a stocky build. While his wife was small and mousey. Her looks were very ordinary, but she had a lovely wifely aura around her.

"Oh, Kane I heard that the Black Raven mercenary guild is looking for powerful cultivators, you should try to join." Candice, Garth's wife suggested.

"Actually, I'm not that powerful, it's just that my cultivation is greater than some yours so it may seem that way." Kane laughed.

"True but compared to commoners like us your too shocking!" Candice smiled.

"Oh yeah, since your at the Astral soul realm, can you explain a thing or two about the Unshackling Potential realm to me. I'm stuck at the sixth dimension and I can't advance!" Garth pleaded.

Kane thought deeply for a while before speaking. "As you know, the Unshackling Potential realm. Allows humans to Unshackle the the bonds mortality. In this realm, a practitioner uses external exercises and stances to absorb and control the spirit energy of the world."

"Since your in the sixth dimension, that means that your muscles, bones, marrow, blood, veins and arteries are already stronger than any ordinary man's, now you need to strengthen your tendons and your meridian system.

By then you'll be able to absorb, control, circulate and manipulate the energy within yourself and guide it to your dantian and truly form your inner realm entering the stage of the Astral soul realm."

Hearing this, Garth seemed enlightened. "Hahaha! No wonder your so powerful! Many, many thanks! Haha I'll be able to go further!"

"But the true problem lies in the Cultivation technique you study." Kane said knowing that the techniques studied by the commoners were useless.

"Tell you what, when I return from seclusion, I'll give you a top ranked skill I found." Kane added.

"Really! For free! Thanks! You know kane your a really good person and I owe you my life! How'll I ever repay you!"

"Just enter the Astral soul realm and I'll feel content." Kane smiled, he really had a good impression of Garth. He had taught kane the basics of mining when he first arrived. Also he was quite friendly and honest.

"Haha let me toast to you!" Garth said raising his cup of water.

"Dear your getting ahead of yourself again. How can someone toast using mere water?" Garth's wife chimed in.

"A toast can be used with any drink, once it's sincere!" Garth grinned.

"I agree! kane raised his cup as well and knock it with Garth's.


Deep within the abandoned mines, in a well lit room, was a four feet deep hole in the ground. This hole was filled with water, at the bottom of the hole were numerous Earth attributed materials.

Kane stood over the pool with a frown stretching on his face.

He was very confused if this would work. He was never told how to create a earthly baptism, in fact the voice had told him to find a place of extreme Earth. But he wasn't sure what that was so he improvised.

Looking at the gems and earth attributed materials at the bottom of the pool, he felt hesitant, there was no reaction of the materials whatsoever.

A long sigh escaped his lips as he decided to try anyway. After all there was no threat to his life. Kane stripped and slowly entered the pool. Just as his back came in contact with the Earth attributed materials in the pool. The usually hard materials that needed high temperatures to melt, did just that. They diffused into the water and turned it into a brown muddy colour.

The water began bubbling and sizzling as if it was set over a raging flame. Kane, the catalyst to this lost consciousness the very moment he was completely submerged in the water. His Astral soul projection was somehow formed inside his dantian.

Meanwhile within his dantian, the brown orb glowed with divine golden radiance. It stopped it's revolution around Kane's ten meter avatar and sunk into his Astral soul projection's chest.

Instantly Kane was taken for a long journey through the world of earthen power. He saw how the planet formed, how it's plates converged, diverted and transformed. His saw the millions of animals and plants rise and fall. He saw how the very particles of the planet within each and every living organism. Kane saw countless deserts, cliffs, mountains and volcanoes. He traveled through the ground past the crust, into the mantle and finally the core. He watched as the sand got corroded at some beaches, but also how other beaches were growing in size. He saw how mountains sprouted from the underground, and even how islands were created from lava.

He, saw how the fields allowed for seeds to grow, he saw the herbivores devour the plants those seeds sprouted and how those carnivores devoured them, he watched as those carnivores died and their decomposed bodies becoming one with the planet. Becoming the nutrition for new seeds.

And finally he saw the countless practitioners that tried to live forever using cultivation, he saw how the Earth was dyed in the blood of their enemies as they treaded their paths, but no matter how long they lived they had one day died and got buried. He understood that to live one needed the earth, and the earth was everywhere, one couldn't escape returning to it. The Earth was the beginning and the end. It was the womb and the tomb.

Kane was introduced to the profound truths of Earth. He watched the birth of the planet and everything that happened to it. It was as if he had grew alongside it.

The base of all life!

Unknowingly a brown lake glittering with golden radiance formed within the base of his avatar's spine due to the natrual essence of the Earth attributed materials within the pool entering every pore of his body. His avatar began growing and changing, it's body began glowing with a gloden earthly radiance!

The Earth Chakra no mortal had ever opened was finally unlocked!