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Sword Art Online: Warrior's Path
Author :Setdinner321
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19 Alice

The next day Red woke up early in the morning and chose to have a casual walk on the city.

There were now many players who crowded Rovia City on the 4th floor.

Red who was walking along the road heard some whispers.

"Isn't that Red the leader of the Asura party?"

"Yeah, he's the one I heard Diabel made a public apology fearing that Red will take revenge on his members who tried to sully the Asura party's name"

Red grinned hearing this and was confused "Asura Party? that's what they call us? hmmm, not a bad name I suppose."

While Red was thinking about their party's name a group of players sunddenly approached him.

"Mr. Red, Mr. Red can we join your party? we know you're still missing 3 members" A player spoke.

"Yeah yeah, we are strong Mr. Red and will definitely fit in your group!" Another proud players said.

"Mr. Red"

"Mr. Red"

Red got annoyed seeing many players were pestering him so he waved his hands and said "If you want to join my party go and find Chris tell him to write your names and wait for further notice"

Hearing Red's speech everyone immediately ran towards their inn in order to write their name.

Seeing everyone leave Red sighed in relief he then sat down under a tree nearby and closed his eyes.

"How's the celebrity life going Red?" A familiar voice sounded infront of Red.

Red raised his head and saw a familiar figure he smiled and asked "Oh Kirito, what brings you here?"

Kirito then sat down beside Red and said "It's nothing, I just wanna meet the strongest player and see how far is our gap."

Red looked at Kirito and grinned "Don't think too much, atleast you're at Chris and Asuna's level that's already good enough to stand beside me."

Kirito sighed and said while standing up "To think that I'm still far behind, see you again Red I need to grind more in order to catch up to you."

Red shook his head and laid down under the tree, he didn't want to return because he knew it will be crowded at the inn.

While Red was having a relaxing time, Chris on the other hand is quite annoyed seeing many players pestering him to put their names on the list.

He doesn't even know what the list was for and just went with the flow and took all of the player's papers that they passed at him.

For a whole hour there were many players coming and going passing their papers at Chris who now knew what's the reason behind this event and couldn't help but curse his boss.

Seeing that no one was gonna pass their papers anymore, Chris stood up and was about the enter the inn when suddenly he saw a guy with a 10 year old girl beside him walking towards his direction.

Chris waited for the both of them to reach him and he already extended his arm out to get their paper, he waited for a moment but the duo still didn't hand him their paper so he asked.

"You're not gonna pass your paper in order to join our party?"

The guy who was about 20 years old shook his head and said while patting the little girls head.

"I don't want to join but I have a request, I would like to see Mr. Red"

Chris stared at the guy then nodded "Okay, you can wait inside. the boss isn't back yet so if you don't mind waiting you can sit down inside the inn."

The guy nodded and thank Chris, he then followed behind Chris along with the little girl.

Asuna who had just woke up was surprised seeing Chris

carrying bundles of papers and couldn't help but ask.

"Chris, what are those papers for?"

Chris rolled his eyes and complained "To think that you just woke up and left all the work to me. our boss decided to have a screening to add more players to our group."

Asuna looked at Chris pitifully and comforted him "Don't worry Chris, you did a good job I'm sure the boss will be proud of you."

Chris didn't even know if he should laugh or cry and asked "Are you being sarcastic?"

Asuna laugh seeing Chris annoyed and she walked downstairs only to see two people staring at her.

"Ummm, are you waiting for someone?" Asuna asked.

The guy only nodded and closed his eyes completely ignoring Asuna, the little girl on the other hand ran towards Asuna and asked.

"Do you know where the monster player is? Big brother told me that he is the strongest player ever and can kill any monster with a single slash" She said while doing a slash in the air.

Asuna was confused then something suddenly clicked "Oh, are you talking about our leader?"

The guy opened his eyes then spoke "Are you part of the Asura Party?"

Asuna was even more confused hearing this "Asura Party? what is that? My leader is called Red so is he the one you are looking for?"

The guy nodded and asked "Can you contact your leader for me? I would like to talk to him."

"Yeah! can you please call him?" The little girl asked with a cute voice.

Asuna heart melted seeing such a cute little girl and was about to contact Red when suddenly the door of the inn opened and a handsome man clad in black and blood red armor walked in.

"Ah! leader you're back I was just about to contact you, there is someone looking for you" Asuna said while walking towards Red.

Red then looked at the man who stood up and asked "What is it that you want from me?"

The man was about to speak when suddenly the little girl shouted and ran towards Red.

"Aaaah! are you the strongest player? you're really handsome 😍😍😍" She said while hugging Red.

Red and Asuna were dumbfounded seeing such a turn of events they couldn't even react properly.

The guy massaged his temple seeing his little sister acting so weird and apologized "I'm sorry, but my sister is a huge fan of yours and she really wanted to meet you that's why she's acting all clingy."

Red by this time has finally managed to calm down, he looked at the little girl who was hugging him and patted her head.
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He looked at her warmly and asked while smiling "What is your name little girl?"

The little girl looked up to Red and said in a cheerful voice "My name is Alice, Big brother handsome!"
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