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Ever since the matter with Towering Palace ended, Happy used the chance to practice the mastered Nine Yang Divine Skill. He focused on training various martial artists, and he was halfway through mastering them. Right then, his qi had reached 620 points, and he was only fewer than ten martial artists away from the requirement of mastering one hundred martial arts, which the Murong Clan had set for him. 

With powerful qi, strong gear, exceptional body fortification, and Nine Yang Divine Skill, Happy no longer needed to be as cautious as he was when he was at Sky Demon Secret Cave. Besides, there were no martial artists at the peak of Inaction Realm before him right then. 

At the moment the damage of Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms reached Inaction Realm, he delivered attacks with great damage!

Dragon Fights in Wild!

Flying Dragon in the Sky!

Arrogant Dragon's Regrets!

Mighty dragon roars rose nonstop. The six Inaction Realm martial artists could not gain a steady footing before Happy. They occasionally counterattacked, but since the dragon-shaped vortex formed by Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms was around, and Happy had Golden Bell Cocoon as well as Nine Yang Divine Skill, the damage he suffered was incredibly light. 

In an instant, he defeated two Inaction Realm martial artists, and the other four were injured!

"Just who are you?! How did you manage to learn Beggar's Sect's ultimate technique to this extent?!"

The elites from Sword Sect could no longer stay still. They worked together to fight against Happy while cursing him.

Happy did not answer. He moved like a swimming dragon. Wherever his arm went, the dragon-shaped vortex would charge over, and a large pool of energy would gush out. 


A Sword Sect disciple's sword shuddered madly. He grunted and staggered away. 

Right then, none of the remaining four Inaction Realm martial artists could do anything to Happy. Even if they worked together, Happy would not be at a disadvantage. 

"Seventh! Hurry up and leave with Heaven Crystal! Sixth and I will stall him here!"

One of the people managed to tell that if they continued to stall, they would be of no match to the mysterious young man, even if their two companions who went to serve as sentries in the cedar forest returned. 

His sword momentum immediately changed, and he switched from offense to defense and holding back someone as his main fighting technique. He intended to buy time so that his people would be able to successfully bring Heaven Crystal back to Sword Sect. 

"Dream on."

They were too far into the fight. There was no way Happy could let the people from Sword Sect take Heaven Crystal with them. It was impossible for him to let those from Sword Sect return alive. 

If any one of them left, he would be chased down by Sword Sect and even hunted by the treasure hunters in the world of martial artists. His own ruin brought to him by his greed was something that he understood well and did not wish to experience. 


Happy quickly brought out a medicinal pill from his Universe Bag and stuffed it into his mouth. An even greater qi rose from his body. 

He tapped against the ground, and once he fixed his sight on the Sword Sect elite with the sword casket, he rushed over. 

"Stop him!"

They had no other choice. Two Sword Sect disciples switched their sword technique, forced to take the initiative to chase after Happy. 

And because of it, they acted exactly how Happy wanted them to. 

He seized the air, and a dragon-shaped vortex with a diameter of more than six and a half feet descended from the sky with a deafening and mighty roar. It arrived in front of the duo at lightning speed. 


The Sword Sect elites gritted their teeth. They could only use their strongest moves to fight against it. 

In the end, since they ended their previous bout with Happy at a disadvantage and since Happy took an Origin Leopard Pill so that his strength increased by 20% and his attack rose exponentially, both Sword Sect disciples were caught off guard. At the moment their sword force touched the dragon-shaped vortex, their sword force shattered. Then, they were forced hundreds of feet back by the remaining force. 


Seventh heard the two grunts behind him and turned his head around to look. He was just in time to see his two companions being sent flying away. The hair on his skin rose, but just when he was prepared to continue running away, he heard the sound of air being torn, and it was swiftly approaching him. 

In an instant, Happy stopped in front of him. 

A huge hand that sounded like a furious and roaring dragon grew before his eyes. 


The shock was so great that he was sent flying away with the sword casket. 


When Happy saw that the Sword Sect disciple did not let go of the sword casket containing Heaven Crystal even when he was heavily injured, he snorted coldly and went after Seventh like a shadow. 

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

He dealt four palm strikes in a row. The Sword Sect disciple shuddered and staggered in the air. Blood continued pouring on the snowy ground. 


When Seventh's consciousness became blurry, he noticed his life force swiftly flowing away. He gritted his teeth and tossed the sword casket to Fifth, who was not too far away.

Fifth reacted incredibly quickly. He caught the sword casket, and without another word, he turned around and fled. He did not care about the other people's survival. 

Happy turned his head around swiftly. He stepped over Seventh's body without hesitation and chased after Fifth at an even faster speed. He executed a finger-generated wind in a seemingly unintentional fashion. 

Seventh's body fortification had long since shattered, and Happy had already made all his organs shift. He thought that he could preserve his life after he threw away the sword casket, but Happy's stomp injured him even further. Before he landed on the ground, his last breath was sealed in his throat by a fierce finger-generated wind. He glared at Happy and fell heavily on the snowy ground without any life left in him. 

There were two people left, and Happy chased them out of the col. He left behind five cold corpses that were already covered in snow. 

A chill ran down the two's spines. 

The Sword Sect disciple in the lead noticed Happy's aggressive palm-generated wind behind him once he ran out of the col. He panicked and quickly opened his mouth! A sharp whistle pierced through the clouds and sent the snow in the cedar forest to the ground with a plop.


Happy knocked the Sword Sect disciple in the shoulder, causing him to lose his balance, and frowned. His spiritual senses heard two sounds of air being pushed aside quickly approaching. They should belong to the people who had been commanded to serve as sentries earlier. 

"Asking for reinforcements?"

Dragon Capture!

Happy did not dare to be negligent anymore. With a palm strike, he delivered such a damaging blow on the Sword Sect elite that his qi and blood surged in him. He did not wait for the person to be sent flying away either. He just shaped his left hand into a claw, and a powerful suction force allowed him to forcefully seize his enemy's shoulder. 

While he breathed, his right hand had already completed the accumulation of strength needed for the next attack!

It was accompanied by a mighty dragon roar. 

With one heavy palm strike, he struck the top of the now stiff Sword Sect disciple's head!

At that moment, Happy had the feeling of someone who stood above others and could control everything when he killed the Sword Sect disciple. The feeling was especially prominent when he saw the rapidly shrinking pupils as well as the red that filled his eyes. 


The Sword Sect disciple crashed into the snowy ground like a meteor when he was struck by the full powered strike from Happy. He did not take a breath even after a long time had passed. 

The sword casket also fell to the side. 


When the Sword Sect disciple known as Sixth saw his companions dying one after another in the stupidly young person's hands, he cast a glance at the sword casket on the ground. For the first time, he had a hint of hesitation and fear rise in him while he tried to seize Heaven Crystal. 

"Sixth senior brother, what happened?!"

"Eldest senior brother is…" 

Two Sword Sect disciples shot out of the cedar forest, and they saw their eldest senior brother lying dead on the snowy ground at first glance. They also saw their sixth senior brother with a look of hesitation and fear on his face. 

The two young Sword Sect disciples sucked in a sharp breath. They could not understand how this sort of thing could have happened after they just left for a short while. 

"Heaven Crystal is in that box. Whoever snatches it, dies!" Happy walked toward Heaven Crystal expressionlessly and spoke words that made the young Sword Sect disciples fly off in rage. 

"Bull crap!"

"Don't! Careful!"

When the two young Sword Sect disciples attacked because they were provoked, Sixth's warning arrived too late.