Sword Among Us
656 Enter the Coastal Area
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Sword Among Us
Author :Black Swordsman Online
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656 Enter the Coastal Area

When Abyss Tower was destroyed, Night Rain Follows Wind took charge at lightning speed. He got rid of Abyss Tower and Xie Yi's name from Wind and Rain Alliance straight away. Then, he summoned the sect masters who followed Xie Yi and had them give up on the resource points they took from Chivalry Sect. 

At the same time, Chivalry Sect and Mu Clan also returned a part of Abyss Tower's resource points to Wind and Rain Alliance. 

Because of this trade, the situation in the south finally calmed down due to Abyss Tower's destruction. 

Without anyone fanning the flames of trouble, Wind and Rain Alliance recognized the difference between them and the top-class sects, and quite a number of people restrained themselves.

Even if there were still some who could not accept their current situation, it was a problem for the sect masters of Wind and Rain Alliance to deal with. 

They did not want to become like Abyss Tower and become Chivalry Sect as well as Mu Clan's second target. Even if there were certain cries of dissent in their alliance, they would squash it or kick those people out of their sects as quickly as possible. 


When the south gained peace, Happy fulfilled the promise he made at the headquarters of Towering Palace. Mu Clan and Chivalry Sect swiftly mobilized ten thousand men from the branches in the cities to the south and quickly entered the coastal area. For the next few days, an endless stream of Mu Clan and Chivalry Sect members could be seen in groups on the government-made roads, and they marched forward mightily. 

No matter what though, the coastal area belonged to Towering Palace, and as one of the four top-class sects in China, their members did not lose to Mu Clan, Chivalry Sect, and Class One Hall. 

But Class One Hall was an impregnable force in the north. 

Chivalry Sect occupied the south, and the defense of their fortresses was great. 

Mu Clan occupied the West Region and Changjiang River Basin. Even their area was rather long and narrow, they had a lot of top-class elites, and they could definitely defend those places. 

Towering Palace was the only one different. They were in the coastal region, and their sphere of influence was like an arc. It was incredibly awkward, and their line of reinforcements could only come from one direction. Once that line was intercepted, it was very easy for them to be destroyed from all aspects. 

This weakness was displayed to its fullest when they faced the situation of Mu Clan and Chivalry Sect entering the coastal area at the same time!

"Damn it!" The clear sound of porcelain being broken came from Towering Palace's headquarters. Clear Music appeared at the entrance in exasperation and summoned the elites to her palace. "Happy, Wind Void, you're pushing me too far!"

"What's wrong?"

Shangguan Lian had never left the headquarters because of the matter with Happy. Once he received the messenger pigeon from his friends at the headquarters, he rushed over at first notice. 

Musical Note as well as Grim Green arrived at the same time!

"Some Mu Clan you are! How dare you underestimate Towering Palace! I'll fight to the death with him!"

"Big sister, please be calm. What happened? Let's sit down and talk about this."

"What's there to talk about?! Mu Clan is working together with Chivalry Sect to lock down all the resource points in the coastal cities in Guangdong. They surrounded those cities from the west and east, and it's impossible for our people from Guangxi and Fujian to provide reinforcements even if they wanted to."

Clear Music was the first to receive the news. When she said those words in anger, the few people in the hall instantly felt the severity of the issue.

Shangguan Lian and Musical Note sucked in a sharp breath at the same time. 

Happy had really done what he said he would do!

But what they did not expect was that Happy did not seem to be in a hurry to attack the coastal cities in the east. Instead, he decided to strike the coastal cities that were the closest to him and were also the easiest to control. 

"They're thinking of encroaching on our resource points at the coast…" A hint of resignation appeared on Musical Note's petite face. "Happy is fulfilling what he previously said he would do. He might actually be thinking about gradually obtaining all of our resource points at the coast. 

"Big sister, aren't you going to think about it? The resource points in the south provide half of our profit, and it is more important compared to the business we conduct with the foreign organizations.

"Without the resource points in the south, what bit of territory we have left will immediately become worse than what Class One Hall has left, and we might even be chased out of the ranks of the four top-class sects."

Shangguan Lian agreed to Musical Note's words and reminded Clear Music, "Palace master, I think that it's of utmost importance that we immediately tell our brothers in the branches in the south to not engage in any sort of conflict with Mu Clan or Chivalry Sect, or else, it will be too late!"

Towering Palace's territory was long and narrow. Even if they had their members rush over to help, forget about the fact of whether they would be able to fight against Chivalry Sect or Mu Clan, the time they would take to get over there was already a problem. 

A few days' time was enough for Mu Clan and Chivalry Sect to take down most of the coastal cities in the south. Regardless of whether it was war or a simple battle for resources, Mu Clan and Chivalry Sect had a very clear advantage. 

If both sides decided to fight, Mu Clan and Chivalry Sect, who had a large group of top-class elites in the south, would be able to easily get rid of most of Towering Palace's branches!

"Big sister, hurry up and make a decision. Right now, we might be able to make it in time if we have the branches in the south act carefully while we privately go to Happy to settle this matter."

Musical Note looked anxious. 

She had seen all the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears her elder sister had put into Towering Palace, and she could not bear to see her sister's temper being the cause of all her hard work and contributions going to ruin. Her heart would clench in pain if she truly had to see it. 

Going up against Mu Clan and Chivalry Sect had been a foolish plan from the get go!

"Palace master!"

"We can still make it if we turn back now."

Hai Dongqing and the other elders rushed back when they heard about what was going on, and they were just in time to hear the people's conversation. They quickly walked forward to persuade Clear Music as well. 

"Is that what you think too?"

Clear Music's chest heaved violently. She looked at Grim Green, whose face was no longer as trustworthy and inspiring. There was resignation on his face. Clear Music sucked in a deep breath and shook her head in anguish. "Alright, perhaps I've made a mistake this time."

"Palace master, it's not your fault. It's just that Towering Palace never experienced major battles or dangers. We've had a smooth journey all this while, so it's inevitable that we overestimated ourselves. 

"In truth, when it comes to strength, perhaps we can't even hope to go against Class One Hall. Unlike us, Mu Clan, Chivalry Sect, and Class One Hall are all top-class sects that have gone through countless battles and dangers before they arrived at their current stage."

Shangguan Lian spoke in a deeply affected manner. "If we can live through this safely, Towering Palace will definitely become more mature and stronger…"

"Elder Shangguan is right." Musical Note nodded in agreement. "Big sister, we've overestimated ourselves in the past. Now, we can still mend things, but we can't delay in making things right."


When Clear Music saw her little sister's anxious expression, she smiled in anguish. "Oh well, from today onwards, I will hand over the position of palace master to you…"

"What?!" Musical Note was stunned to the ground. 

Clear Music's expression became stern, and she looked at the people in the area. "I will bear the responsibility for all that transpired this time, but I hope that all of you will continue to support Musical Note just like you supported me in the past."

"Big sister…"

"Say no more. I've already made my decision. Besides, if we don't use this method, there's no way we can make Mu Clan pull their forces back." 

Once she finished speaking, the golden emblem on her chest was transferred to Musical Note, and the emblem on Clear Music's chest lost its glow. 

The news about Towering Palace gaining a new master instantly spread to all Towering Palace members!

Once Clear Music finished passing over the position to Musical Note, she walked in front of her little sister, who was still at a loss, and patted her shoulder

"In at most two days, all of this will be settled. Consider it as my gift to you."


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