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952 If I Want to Play with You, Don“t Blame Me for Not Informing You Beforehand

"Lu Zhanbei, pick an auspicious date and give yourself to me."

At this rate, what if he fell ill because he had continued to resist the urge for too long a time?

Lu Zhanbei squinted his eyes slightly. "Haven't you always been waiting for me to beg you?"

This man didn't know what was good for him!

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes. "I just feel pity that you're going to reach the age of a great magician soon."

"Eh?" Lu Zhanbei didn't understand this pun.

Lin Wanwan smiled evilly. "In the world of homebodies, there is a legend. If a man could retain his virginity until the age of 25, he would become a magician. If he could retain it until the age of 30, he would become a great magician. Mr. Lu, what kind of magic do you know?"

"…" This was the first time Mr. Lu felt that there was a great generational gap between him and Lin Wanwan.

While Lin Wanwan and Lu Zhanbei were enjoying themselves, Si Han had already contacted Qi Shujie.

"Director Qi, hello. I'm Lin Wanwan's manager."

Si Han!

Qi Shujie felt tense in his heart. After being in the entertainment circle for so many years, he understood Si Han's abilities quite well.

"Director Qi, I feel that there's a misunderstanding between you and Lin Wanwan. Shall we meet to talk things out?"

Si Han's gentle voice loosened the tightness in Qi Shujie's heart.

"Mr. Si, our judgments were wrong this time around. Lin Wanwan's immoral and isn't qualified to be my female lead at all. She's also not qualified to be Mr. Si's artiste. Based on Mr. Si's status in the entertainment circle, it'll be a breeze to find artistes who are more outstanding than Lin Wanwan."

If there wasn't a need, Qi Shujie really didn't want to fall out with Si Han.

When he heard this, a cold smile formed on Si Han's lips. "Is Director Qi not willing to solve the misunderstanding?"

"There's no misunderstanding. It's the truth that Lin Wanwan seduced me!"

Si Han smiled. It sounded pleasant.

"I admire Director Qi's ability to misrepresent facts deliberately. Since you're certain that Lin Wanwan seduced you, I'll give you another sentence: Don't say that I didn't warn you."

Qi Shujie listened to the mobile static noise from the receiver and his heart turned cold.

Don't say that I didn't warn you…

What this sentence translated to was: "If I want to play with you, don't blame me for not informing you beforehand."

No, no!

Si Han wouldn't be able to find evidence.

There were no surveillance cameras in the room at that point in time. No third person was present as well. In the absence of witnesses and physical evidence, it was natural that people believed whatever he said.

Qi Shujie tried his best to comfort himself. As he gradually calmed down, he decided to increase his efforts to frame Lin Wanwan. Using the power of public opinion, he hoped to force Lin Wanwan to leave the entertainment circle as soon as possible!

The lights weren't switched on in the winery's study room. The light of the computer screen was reflected on Si Han's face, making him look pale. His thin lips were smiling, and it had a strange enchantment.

There was a squeak, but he seemed to be unaware of the sound of footsteps from behind him until a hand landed on his shoulder.


"Shut up!"

Lin Wanwan, who was prepared to give him a scare, was frightened by him instead. She patted her chest and looked at the computer screen. The mess of codes made her dizzy.

"Are you looking for negative news about Qi Shujie?"

"More or less."

Lin Wanwan waited patiently for a while. Seeing that his fingers never stopped leaping fast on the keyboard, she couldn't help but ask, "How long more?"

Si Han hit the "enter" key with his index finger. "Done."

Without waiting for Lin Wanwan to see what he had found out, Si Han had already closed his laptop. "I'll be out investigating. Head back first."