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749 It“s Obvious You“re the One Who“s My Financier

Seeing the two of them, Old Master Lin waved his hands. "Zhanbei's here too. Come and take a seat quickly."

Hearing an unfamiliar name, Lin Siqing, who was playing her mobile, subconsciously looked up.

When she saw Lu Zhanbei, her eyes shone immediately.

Lin Wanxin, who was comforting Matriarch Lin, squinted her eyes. She looked over in shock. "Second Sister, this Mister is?"

"My boyfriend."

As Lin Wanwan's words fell, Matriarch Lin immediately knocked her cane against the floor and scolded, "You heartless girl. Your father's inexplicably imprisoned for life. Instead of thinking of ways to save him, you're actually in the mood to fall in love?!"

Lin Siqing looked at Lin Wanwan jealously and added, "Exactly. Such a heartless girl like you isn't worthy to be liked by anyone!"

Lin Wanwan wanted to faint. Such a method of sowing discord was child's play.

"I won't think of ways to save him as it's also my intention to send him to prison."

There were a few seconds of silence in the living room.

Old Master Lin took the initiative and asked, "What did he do wrong?"

"He… killed my mother."

Upon hearing this, Old Master Lin was enlightened.

Matriarch Lin rushed over with a scream. She lifted her cane and wanted to hit Lin Wanwan. "You are a slut who should be hacked to death. You actually dared to send your birth father to prison. Let me hit you to death…"

Lu Zhanbei's eyes turned cold. Before he could do anything, Lin Wanxin suddenly shielded Lin Wanwan and used her slender hands to grab the falling cane.

"Grandma, it's right and proper to pay with one's life for murder. If Father really killed Second Sister's mother, she has already taken into account the father-daughter relationship by not letting him pay with his life. He has to bear responsibility for the mistakes he made!"

"Lin Wanxin, you…" Matriarch Lin was nearly angered to death.

Before she could scold her, Lin Wanxin waved her hands. "Both of you, send Matriarch Lin back to her room to rest."

Two servants immediately supported Matriarch Lin forcibly to the bedroom upstairs.

The sharpness on Lin Wanxin's face disappeared. She became that beautiful and gentle girl again. Her eyes were slightly red and she whimpered, "Now I understand why Father left me a note to take over and manage the Lin family. Second Sister, I understand how you feel. You don't have to carry too big a psychological burden."

Lin Wanwan raised her eyebrow. She looked at her to subtly size her up.

After the incident with Tao Xinyue, the magnanimousness Lin Wanxin displayed once again shocked her.

It was just that she didn't know if these were sincere words or… just a pretense.

"Thank you. With your capabilities, I believe you can manage the Lin family very well."

Lin Wanxin lowered her head shyly.


Lin Qinghao deserved it for ending up in such a state. However, Lin Wanwan didn't know how to face Old Master Lin.

Thankfully, Old Master Lin didn't seem to have the intention to blame her. He sighed and said, "Everyone has their own lives. Perhaps this is Lin Qinghao's fate."

When Lin Wanwan and Lu Zhanbei left, Lin Wanxin came out again to send them off.

Lin Siqing miraculously followed along as well. It was just that her gaze was revolving around Lu Zhanbei. When she saw that low-key luxurious car, she became even more envious, jealous, and full of hatred. She could not help but ridicule, "Lin Wanwan, this mister shouldn't be your financier, right?"

Such a good-looking and wealthy financier…

She wanted one as well.

Lin Wanwan sneered and glanced at Lu Zhanbei. "What do you think?"

Lu Zhanbei never looked at Lin Siqing and Lin Wanxin once. "It's obvious you're the one who's my financier."