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Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower!

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Lin Wanwan is a pitiful mentally-disabled girl. Not only does she suffer abuse from her stepmother, her stepmother even attempts to use her as a sexual commodity to pleasure others. Eventually, the poor Wanwan dies from an overdose…

Perhaps a god or a devil had witnessed her tragic fate, but Wanwan gets a brand new chance at life—an external soul takes over her body and gains W...
《Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower!》 Volume 1
1 I Am Your Husband
2 So She's A Fool
3 I'm The One Who's Your Boyfriend
4 The Mysterious Mr. Lu
5 A Kiss of Affection
6 The Sarcastic and Mean Hag
7 A 'Fool' Was Also Capable of Counterattacks
8 I Did It Deliberately, So Come at Me!
9 Lin Wanwan... Thank You and Goodbye
10 A Bloody Scene
11 I Discovered a Rat, Bring Her Over to Me
12 He Was Simply a Beast!
13 Don't Take Things for Granted, This Is Not Something You Should Ask
14 Superb Acting Skills
15 "Coincidental Meetup" with a Weird Man
16 Lin Wanwan = Fangirl
17 The Candid Boss
18 I... Really Want to Kiss You
19 Dear, Just Call Me Dear
20 Want... Me?
21 This Is the Second Time You've Snatched Someone From Me
22 Lu Zhanbei... I'm Feeling Terrible
23 I'm Already Giving You Face by Not Having Sex With You
24 Oh God, What Nonsense Is She Uttering
25 A Bold and Shameless Fool
26 Wanted to Deal With Her Using Little Tricks?
27 "Small Sick Cat" Attacks
28 A Nuisance Call to Lu Zhanbei
29 Miss You, Want to See You
30 We Are No Longer Related from Today Onwards
31 None of Your Business
32 Still a Hooligan After Taking My First Kiss
33 What Happened Between You and Lu Zhanbei
34 Obsession!
35 Absolute Beauty From Within
36 Mental Age of Six?
37 Kneel!
38 Fall Out! I Don't Care!
39 Homeless
40 I Have a Better Way
41 I'll Be Your Wife
42 Let's Sleep Together
43 This Man Knew How to Flir
44 It Must Not Have Been Her Who Asked for a Kiss!
45 I, Lin Wanwan, Will Be Able to Conquer the Entertainment Circle Soon
46 A Fool Must Be Aware She's a Fool
47 Don't Mess with a Lunatic
48 Knock Them Down for Me
49 A Sensation on the Interne
50 Kiss Kiss~
51 Million Watt Smile
52 Takes Skills to Be a Fool
53 Mocked by a Fool?
54 There Is Someone He Liked
55 He Thought That He Hid It Well
56 Does It Have to Be This Dirty?
57 Instinct of a Man
58 I Have No Interest in Kids
59 Wanwan's First Fan
60 More Than Meets the Eye
61 To Be Blurred When in the Doldrums
62 Days with Good Progression
63 Landing a Blow on a Cotton Pad
64 Things Were Made Difficult for Wanwan
65 An Unexpected Counterattack 1
66 An Unexpected Counterattack 2
67 To Give Someone a Dose of Her Own Medicine!
68 I Have Long Recovered, and I’m Not a Fool
69 You Can Find Me If Anyone Bullies You in the Future
70 Give Me Two Billion Yuan and I'm Yours
71 Praise the Sows for Their Beauty
72 Cupid's Arrow on the Wrong Men
73 Who Do You Choose?
74 She Is Not That Person
75 Won't Break a Sweat Destroying Her
76 Everyone Remembers Her
77 Giving a Thief Money?
78 Deja Vu
79 Lu Zhanbei Lost Control
80 Sorry, I Lost Control
81 I'm All Out of Love
82 Lin Wanwan, We Ask That You Get Ou
83 This Brat Is So Arrogant!
84 #Lin Wanwan, Get Out of the Entertainment Circle#
85 I'll Tell You If You Kiss Me
86 Mysterious Caller
87 I'll Give You Three Seconds to Consider
88 What Goes Around Comes Around! 1
89 What Goes Around Comes Around! 2
90 What Goes Around Comes Around! 3
《Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower!》 Volume 2
91 It's Impossible that Lin Wanwan's a Fool!
92 Do You Mean You Want to Provide for Me?
93 Lu Zhanbei, Where Exactly Are You Bringing Me To?
94 Meeting Si Han Again
95 Lin... Could This Be God's Will?
96 Now, Do You Know Who I Like?
97 Yes, I Will Obey Your Command!
98 Protected by Everyone
99 Always Meeting on the Sly
100 Smile
101 The Queen and Knigh
102 What Was This Girl's Background
103 Financier? Lover?
104 Even I Have Never Forced Her Before, Nobody Else Is Qualified to Do So Either
105 You Have the Right to Scold Me, But I Also Have the Right to Say No! 1
106 You Have the Right to Scold Me, But I Also Have the Right to Say No! 2
107 You... Are You Treating Me Like Your Daughter?
108 You A*s! Beast in Human Clothing!
109 Easily Adaptable
110 Give Her a Lesson
111 Paparazzi Once Again
112 Hitting On Her?
113 Seduction from a Nasty Man
114 The Bet Is On!
115 Wanwan, I'm Really in Love with You
116 Mr. Lu, the Delivery Man
117 Teamed Up to Shame
118 Invite Him to Sleep Together
119 Revealing Relationship
120 The Despicable Pair
121 Passionate Roses, Fiery Ocean
122 Exceeding the Boyfriend-o-Meter!
123 The Last Warning
124 The Two Acting Experts at Work
125 Look Quietly, Training a Dog Is Something a Man Should Do
126 Young Tang Knows How to Play
127 Congratulations, You're in Big Trouble Now
128 Dog-Eat-Dog, What a Feeling
129 Si Han Strikes, I Own the World
130 If I Say, I'm Willing to Like You
131 Stealing Your Girl
132 I'm Serious About Lin Wanwan
133 He Really Kissed Her!
134 Extreme Joy Begets Sorrow
135 Credit Taken...
136 The Kindest Soul
137 A Hundred Thousand on Lin Wanwan
138 Changed Man
139 Get Out or I Will Kill You
140 Hug Me and Make a Turn
141 Knocking Luo Han Off His Feet?
142 Getting into the Future Girlfriend's Good Books
143 A Public Audition
144 Can't Survive Not Teasing Her for a Day
145 60... 60... It's All 60...
146 Fu Zhinian, This Boy Was Quite Smar
147 A Female Picking Someone Up from the Airport in a Male's Outfi
148 Two "Men" Hugging
149 I Can Recognize You Even from Your Ashes
150 It's All You in My Mind
151 He Actually... Towards a Little Girl
152 You Want to Press Me Down?
153 What? Lu Zhanbei Likes Her?
154 Can a Second-Rate Actor Like You Kiss Me?
155 There's No Hurt If There's No Comparison
156 How to Choose Between Desserts and Luo Han
157 To Catch the Small Liar
158 The Two Acting Experts Got Away with Infuriating Her
159 Specialized in Attacking Arrogant Faces 1
160 Specialized in Attacking Arrogant Faces 2
161 You Are Not on Her Level
162 Live With No Regrets
163 Lu Zhanbei, Luo Han. Uncle and Nephew?
164 You Have the Guts to Steal My Man
165 Delivered by a Beautiful Man
166 The Man Hiding Under the Bed Shee
167 Soft, But a Little Small
168 Is It Possible to Be in Love with Two Women
169 You Are Not a Fool
170 Acting
171 A Cuckold Again and Again
172 I'll Hit Whichever Slut That Comes My Way
173 This Is What You Get for Offending Me
174 Glad to Be a Beas
175 Look How I'll Deal with You!
176 A Murderous Look
177 I Really Want to Devote My Life to You
178 The Worrying Stops When There Are Too Many Debts
179 Poisonous Words from a Slu
180 One Person's Movie
181 You Don't Have to Put Up a Strong Front in Front of Me
182 What Has Her Anger Got to Do with Me?
183 A Crazy Increase in the Number of Followers
184 In the Limeligh
185 Forced by Someone
186 Trouble Comes Knocking 1
187 Trouble Comes Knocking 2
188 A Hero Saving a Damsel in Distress
189 Resorting to Fraudulence
190 The Drug Addiction Kicked Up!
191 Hang in There, I'll Bring You Away Immediately
192 How Arrogant!
193 You Are Not Like You Today
194 Didn't Have the Heart to, Couldn't Bear to, Have a Heartache?
195 Continuously Kissing Her
196 Lu Zhanbei's Palpitating Heartbea
197 Someone's About to Become a Hungry Wolf!
198 To Be Gentle to Her Forever
199 Lin Wanwan, Who Are You to Me?
200 Stupid Woman with a Low IQ and EQ
201 Heart-stopping Moment!
202 Someone's in Trouble
203 Give Me a Smile!
204 Heart of a Young Girl
205 Unspoken Consensus
206 Unforgiving Girl
207 Add Fuel to the Flame
208 Cutting Bonds
209 The End of Bai Youran
210 Looking at an Idio
211 Beloved Little Wild Horse
212 Keep One's Chastity and Not Lower Oneself
213 He's So Despicable to Use His Looks to Seduce Me!
214 Should He Pursue Lin Wanwan?
215 Protect Her, Pamper Her, Not Let Anyone Bully Her
216 A Piece of Bad News
217 A Date with the Male God
218 Small Aun
219 Don't Be Afraid, Just Do It!
220 Overbearing Lu's God-like Operation
221 Who Is the Shameless One?
222 Defense Is the Best Offense
223 Good Night, My Darling
224 Foolish and Blind
225 Only Relying on Myself
226 Rope Play
227 A Very Handsome Young Man
228 Lin Wanwan's Relationship Was Exposed?!
229 Yes, I Miss You
230 Making Good Use of Waste Material
231 You're Beautiful Tonigh
232 A Hundred Billion Yuan Was Exchanged for a Beauty's Doub
233 An Undeserved Catastrophe 1
234 An Undeserved Catastrophe 2
235 A Beautiful Turnaround 1
236 A Beautiful Turnaround 2
237 A Beautiful Turnaround 3
238 My Woman Is Finally Willing to Spend My Money
239 When Lu Zhanbei Went Casual, He Was Really Not Human-Like!
240 A Competition for Beauty of Looks
241 Beautiful Beyond the Horizon
242 Where Was the True Love We Talked Abou
243 The Victory of Ball's Fans!
244 Everyone's Drunk But I'm Sober
245 It's My Honor to Sleep with You!
246 Look, This Is My Woman
247 The God of Plague Arrives
248 A Big Awkward Mistake
249 Lend Me Your Gun
250 My Mind Is Set and I'm Going to Snatch Her from You
251 Lin Xiao's Dead, Lin Wanwan's Still Alive
252 Causing Trouble Again
253 Misfortunes Never Come Singly
254 A Fake Is a Fake
255 Join Hands with Me? Do You Think You Are Worthy?
256 Dirty-Minded
257 Lu Zhanbei = Little Fresh Mea
258 Really Want to Kiss Her
259 It's Easier to Get Her That Way
260 Dominating the News and Inciting Criticism
261 Taste of Conspiracy
262 Sowing Discord
263 The Fish Had Been Baited
264 A Wolf in Front and a Tiger Behind
265 Aggressiveness
266 I Am Jennifer...
267 The Truth Was Ou
268 Lin Wanwan, Who Exactly Are You?!
269 It Was Only a Slight Difference Between Heaven and Hell
270 Believe in Me to Have Eternal Life
271 He Has Been Secretly Noticing You
272 Chase First, Sleep Later
273 Si Dada's Great!
274 Ms. Lin, Sir's in Trouble
275 A Crazy Kiss
276 I... Like You
277 As Long as the Beauty Is in My Hands, What Use Do I Have for Face?
278 So Furious!!!
279 I Don't Like Small Steamed Buns
280 Because She's a Fool
281 Completely Remove the Label of a Fool
282 The Shock from the Explosion!
283 Lin Wanwan... No Longer a Fool
284 Flirt!!! Lu Zhanbei's Words Among Words 1
285 Flirt!!! Lu Zhanbei's Words Among Words 2
286 Highly Unexpected
287 Meeting the Dream Lover by Chance
288 A Dangerous Momen
289 Get Lost, Let Me Handle It!
290 Showcasing One's Talen
291 Dear, You're Grea
292 Give Me One Minute, I'll Give You a Surprise
293 Oh My God! We Were Tricked! Run Quickly!
294 We Would Be Eternal Enemies
295 There's Only One Her in This World
296 The First Argumen
297 Admitting Defeat Immediately in Front of a Strong Opponen
298 The Scheming Boy Strikes Again
299 An Incredible Though
300 The Best Cake in My Life
301 Just for You, I Will Be Fine
302 You're Back, You're Really Back
303 Have a Blissful Marriage and a Baby Soon
304 Thin Relationship Between Father and Daughter
305 A Dream-Like Kinship
306 Getting Away with Infuriating Someone 1
307 Getting Away with Infuriating Someone 2
308 Unable to Flare Up
309 Let's Wait and See!
310 Pink Bubbles Are Spreading
311 Little Lover, Listen to Me
312 The Birthday Party 1
313 The Birthday Party 2
314 The Birthday Party 3
315 Making Things Difficul
316 I Don't Mind Sending Whoever Touches Her to Hell
317 Supporting Her
318 Unwilling to Take This Lying Down? Hold It!
319 One Divides into Two
320 The Moment of Witnessing a Miracle
321 A Slap on the Face! Every Dog Has Its Turn!
322 Am I a Monster?
323 Lin Wanwan Got Kidnapped
324 Venomous at Hear
325 Don't Mess with His Woman!
326 The Show Begins
327 What a View...
328 A Taste of Her Own Medicine
329 I'll Take It When the Flower Blossoms
330 In a Heartbea
331 Jealous!
332 He's Really Here!
333 Queen, Forgive Me 1
334 Queen, Forgive Me 2
335 Her Heart Has Already Promised Me
336 Trying to Be a Hooligan in Broad Dayligh
337 I Want You
338 Lin Wanwan Can Only Be Pampered
339 Why Are You Here?
340 A Sneaky Silhouette
341 I'm Watching You
342 Why Was This Man So Good to Her
343 Exposed Relationship!
344 Upgraded Sweetness
345 The Sudden and Unstoppable Confession
346 I Will Lay My Hands on You When You're Bigger
347 Then Do You Want to Try?
348 Only Belongs to You
349 A Demonic Wife-Protector
350 Husband Following the Tune of the Wife
351 If It's You, I'm Willing to Make an Exception
352 How Rich Was He Exactly?
353 You Better Pray That Lin Wanwan Would Be Safe Forever
354 Being Serious
355 I Don't Like Him Now
356 The Right and Proper Boyfriend
357 An Additional Jar of Vinegar Next to Her
358 Declaring Sovereignty
359 Say That You Like Me
360 Such Is the Truth. Up to You to Believe It or No
361 Official, Your Servant Will Feed You
362 Are You Game?
363 Madness Dominating the Screen
364 Go and Marry Such a Good Man
365 Play It by Ear and Give Her a Slap in the Face
366 I Want a Status
367 Looks Like You Forgot All About That Famous Actress
368 One Must Be Wholehearted When Liking Someone
369 Si Han's Anger
370 Unique
371 Really Want to Tell Him I'm Still Alive
372 To Ask Straight to the Face
373 Shock! No, This Was Impossible!
374 Lu Zhanbei Forms Doubt 1
375 Lu Zhanbei Forms Doubt 2
376 Lu Zhanbei Forms Doubt 3
377 Lu Zhanbei Forms Doubt 4
378 We Are Finished
379 Everything Was Incredible
380 Seeing Through One's Identity!
381 I Am Lin Xiao
382 You're Still Somewhere Close, Next to Me
383 You Actually Forgot About Me
384 Little Missus
385 Don't Leave Me
386 I'll Always Be Here from Now On
387 Owning the Whole World
388 This Was Too Smooth
389 Come Over Here Obediently, If You Don’t, I'll Carry You Over
390 If I'm Impotent, What Will You Use in the Future
391 No One Can Mess with His Woman!"
392 New Role
393 Search for Husky
394 Naughty Hands
395 A True Surprise
396 Take Her to the Sky
397 Dad, Mom, Baby.
398 Couple Fights
399 Bad Luck
400 It's None of Your Business
401 Who Had She Provoked
402 Apologize Immediately!
403 The Real Luxury Car
404 In Cahoots with Each Other
405 What a Thick Golden Thigh...
406 The Queen Has an Order, I Must Follow I
407 I Won't Be Bored Sleeping with This Woman for a Lifetime
408 Going Back on Their Words
409 The Matter Was Blown Up
410 The Matter Was Blown Up. Si Dada's Angry!
411 Whether She Wants It or Not Is Her Business. Whether I Want to Give It or Not Is My Business.
412 This Was a Trick. How Ruthless.
413 Don't Be Happy Too Early 1
414 Don't Be Happy Too Early 2
415 Marrying a Husband Equals Marrying Tang Chen
416 Increasing the Be
417 Self-Panicking
418 Lost... Actually Lost...
419 I'm a Professional Actress
420 Taking Advantage of Her
421 Favorable Comments Like the Waves
422 Showering Her with Red Packets
423 Lu Zhanbei and Ball Were More Compatible
424 I Don't Mind You Calling Me Baby
425 Why Are You Not Blushing?
426 Lin Wanwan Refused to Be the Third Party
427 After I Kill Lu Zhanbei, You Are Mine
428 Jealous King Lu
429 Four Starlets
430 What Is Mine Is Yours. Even I Am Yours
431 Lu Zhanbei, Do You Still Want Face?
432 One vs Three, Being Pushed Aside