Supreme Martial System
224 I Want your Body
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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224 I Want your Body

Morning easily came to the New World.

Zhihao and Ying Mai couldn't sleep until it is almost morning, 10:00 AM in the morning, Zhihao woke up and slightly felt some weight above his body.

Opening his eyes slowly, Zhihao saw two round mounds in front of him, snow white mounds, Zhihao moved his hands but it seemed stuck on something, he then opened his eyes widely and noticed that above the two snow mounds, he saw a face, Ying Mai's face to be exact.

Zhihao was shocked, he tried to break free, but with his powers sealed, he couldn't budge an inch.

With Zhihao's continues assault, Ying Mai frowned as she moaned. "Unnn..." And after that, her hands and tighs hugged Zhihao's body tighter.

Ying Mai is in a fantastic dream, where Zhihao is in her embrace and he finally accepted her as his wife, such a fantastic dream, Ying Mai wouldn't want to even wake up.

"This... Ying Mai, wake up."

Ying Mai slowly opens her eyes, seeing Zhihao's face, it felt that her dream continued, she hugs Zhihao tighter, leveraging on her fantasies for an additional time, trying to extend her dream some more.

"Ying Mai... wake up?"

Hearing Zhihao's words again, Ying Mai frowned, she focuses her gaze in Zhihao's face, trying to make amends with reality and her dream, and in just about three seconds, Ying Mai realized that she's already awake.

Removing her limbs away from Zhihao, she stood up and fixed her clothes, which is a little disordered, and when I say disordered, it is extremely loose, her two peaks is almost out of her robe.

"Sorry Master, I thought I`m still in my dream, so I hugged you tighter."

Ying Mai blushes after speaking, then realized something, she blushed further after thinking of the words that she had said.

Zhihao immediately realized the meaning in Ying Mai's words.

'So, you hugged me tighter when you thought that you are still in a dream hugging me there?!'

"Ahem, well it's alright, we should eat for now," Zhihao spoke, trying to remove the awkward situation between the two of them.

"Un!" Ying Mai stood up and walked out of the bed, she then remembered something and looked at the surrounding, the cage that Riku has made yesterday is already gone.

The both of them, Zhihao and Ying Mai walked out of the house.

"Rich people really wake up late, especially the lazy ones." A voice sounded with sharp tones, carrying disdain in it.

Ying Mai and Zhihao looked at the direction where it came from and saw Blythe standing in front of the house with both of her hands on her hips.

"Time to eat, come with me." After speaking, Blythe walked towards the direction to the back of her house.

Zhihao sighs as he nodded and followed, Ying Mai then walked behind him as she smiled, reminiscing the time that she had hugged Zhihao's body when she's sleeping. Expression of bliss can be seen on her face like a goddess blessed to just make everyone's mood bright.

Arriving at the back of the Courtyard, Zhihao saw the men and women that greeted Blythe yesterday, lining up to a very big cauldron which seemed to contain soup inside.

Ying Mai and Zhihao also lined up, when it is their turn, the both of them took the wooden bowl that seemed to have been overused, dents and chips can be seen everywhere, the one Zhihao took out even has a crack forming from left to right.

The one that is serving smiled as she poured the soup into the bowl until it is full.

Zhihao tasted it and was astounded.

'They have such a bad condition, how are they surviving? and why are they serving a Young Miss that they couldn't even get anything from?'

The soup contains something incredible that even his previous self would find a pity.

The soup is just flour, water, and salt, not even a single rice can be seen,

"Hmmp! I just wish you don't regret your decision, my Lord." Carrying the same tone with disdain, Blythe sipped on the soup slowly, trying to cherish every single drop of it.

Zhihao sighed and ignored her, he could only feel pity for her status and the people under serving her.

Zhihao looked at Ying Mai and drank the soup dry, not wasting a single drop.

Seeing that even her Master is drinking it, Ying Mai didn't hesitate at all and drank the soup in one gulp.

"We're having a feast!"

A loud noise sounded as someone exclaimed, a tall man with a skinny yet properly built body appeared. Both Ying Mai and Zhihao looked at saw Ollie, holding something in his hand.

"We've hunter a beast outside, hahaha, we will be having meat in our table tonight!"

Ollie waved his hand holding a dead monster in it, the monster has the same size as that of a rabbit, only bigger.

Zhihao is shocked, a feast for a meat that small?

"Wow! Uncle Ollie caught a Warthog!"

"This is really great!"

"Meat will go on our stomach again!"

"Yay! Meat! Meat! it's been three months since I had one!"

The children went into chatter as they happily exclaimed, while all the parents smiled, all the meat will go to the children, while they are satisfied with just the taste of the meat will mix with the soup tonight.

The children are their life, so long as they can join a power, they could lead to a happy life, not striving for scraps, so long as their children can have a better life, they are even willing to sacrifice their life.

Seeing this sight, Zhihao felt his chest tightened, the scene of a family really touches his heart to its limits.

Zhihao then suddenly thought of something as he looked at Blythe.

"I know what you can pay me with."

Blythe snorted as she asked: "What is it? do you want the meat for yourself?"

All of them, including the children, they looked at Zhihao waiting for his answer. Blythe has already brief them of Zhihao, that they owe them Ollie's life, if giving up on the meat for a favor, they are willing to accept such a term.

The children are sad, but they already accepted it, they are already matured due to the circumstances that they were pushed to.

Zhihao smiled as he shook his head and answered: "No, I`ll be needing your body."

Hearing this, all of the nice faces around them turned from sadness into anger, all of them glared at Zhihao preparing to attack even if they die in the progress.

Blythe was shocked at first, but then she shook her head and waved her hand to all of them.

"Okay, I accept, do you want it now or do you want it later?"

What's running in her mind right now is, even if she'll turn into a concubine, it will be acceptable so long as she could have a chance to take her chance and make the lives of her subordinates better.

"Young Miss!"

"Young Miss!"

Everyone stood up trying to stop her, Blythe glared at them instead.

"How about now? Let's go."

Zhihao spoke as he walked out of the backyard and headed outside, Ying Mai followed him, she wasn't shock at all, she just knew one thing, her Master, Zhihao is bad at wording things, which means, they must've misunderstood him to what he really intend to say.

A sad expression appeared in Blythe's face as she sadly followed, she looked at her subordinates and spoke.

"Do not follow nor make any commotion, I've made my decision and nobody can influence it."

All of her subordinates gritted her teeth, some even prepared some sharp stones or rusted knives, if something happens and their Young Miss really became a sacrifice, they'll just have to sacrifice their lives to atone for it.

Zhihao walked inside the ruined house of Ollie's residence and sat on the floor while Ying Mai stood beside him.

Blythe followed inside as her heart pounding extremely fast, she looked at Zhihao and disdain can be seen in her eyes, she then removed the top of her clothes slowly.

Seeing this, Zhihao's eyes widened and exclaimed.

"What are you doing?! Stop!"

Blythe was shocked: "What do you mean? didn't you say that you needed my body?"

Realizing that Zhihao made a misunderstanding, Zhihao shook his head and spoke.

"No, I just want to ask you something and let you help me in some matters!"

Hearing Zhihao's words, Blythe blushed as she exclaimed.

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