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139 The War for Supremacy: Believe

Eternal Glory Empire.

Zhihao frowned as they are closing in every second.

Zhihao then asked the system: 'I need a very powerful skill, that can kill a Demi-God with my current cultivation'


=No such things had been found.

Zhihao gritted his teeth and asked again: 'I need something where I could pour everything I had in a single strike, focusing my whole Spiritual Energy to that skill!'


=Found four skills, A list will be made below.

-Heavenly Pierce

-Sovereign's Mighty Howl

-Dance of the Piercing Dragon

-Thunder God's Offering

Zhihao immediately picked Heavenly Pierce and learned it, It definitely is something that would definitely be helpful later, but just after learning the skill, Zhihao immediately felt the land beneath him tremble.

Zhihao immediately shouted: "Prepare!"

"YES!" Everyone answered and immediately prepared themselves.

Then after just a few moments, They saw two gigantic silhouettes appearing as it slowly walks towards them.

Zhihao immediately figured out that those two were the ones emitting the Mythical Realm Pinnacle cultivation.

Zhihao immediately ordered: "We shall hold them from entering the walls! Heavenly Establishment Realm! Bring all the citizens to the center of the City!"

The enemies came closer and closer as Bugal had finally come in full view.

Bugal immediately shouted: "You will die today!" his shout reverberated through the whole area as they rushed towards the Eternal Glory Empire.

Zhihao ignored Bugal and shouted: "Prepare your strongest range skill!"

"Yes!" Everyone answered in unison.

Bugal and his army were about 5 Kilometers away.

"HOLD!" Zhihao kept thinking of the proper distance to launch their attacks.

When the enemies were about 1 kilometer away, Zhihao immediately ordered.


Millions of Concentrated Spiritual energies were released, as it turned into different kinds of Elements, Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind Elements poured down from the sky.

Bugal frowned as he shouted: "Protect yourselves!"

"YES!" They raised their barriers and braced themselves for the impact.

The bombardment of elemental energy bombarded them as their barriers shattered one after another.

Zhihao seeing the effectiveness of union attack is effective, then ordered again: "Fire at will!"

Zhihao wouldn't want them to recover after that massive bombardment and ordered a very effective second one.

Bugal gritted his teeth as he ordered: "Goliath! Attack!"

When Bugal ordered that, The Goliath immediately gathered a concentrated energy within its center.

Seeing this, Zhihao immediately shouted: "DODGE! NOW!"

Zhihao's warning was a little too late, more than 10,000 of his subordinates had been either killed or injured after that concentrated laser energy hit them, destroying the castle wall.

Zhihao then Shouted: "Verushka, Ning'er, Wentian, Xiao'er, and all of my Direct Disciples, Immediately deal with those Giant things! Eternal Royal Guards! Forward as you obliterate the enemies in front! Divine Realm Middle stage and below to only to provide back up as you continuously use your skills, and pull out the injured ones!"

"Yes!" Everyone immediately answered as they rushed forward.

Zhihao then looked at Ying Mai as he spoke: "Ying Mai! Kill Rah and join me immediately!"

Ying Mai nodded as she answered: "Yes Master!"

Zhihao immediately rushed towards Bugal and Bagul after hearing Ying Mai's reply.


Somewhere within the Midst of the Citizens. a lot of cries can be heard, and also started a praying session within themselves. A voice then was heard.

"Mom, I`m scared"

Everyone looked at the one that spoke as they felt scared too, imagining what would happen if their warriors actually lose.

Her Mother replied shackingly: "Don't worry my good daughter, Our Lord will protect us"

Her Brother also replied: "Yeah! our Lord is very powerful. don't worry Minyi, we'll definitely be scared."

All of the men immediately felt assured after hearing the Mother and Son duo speaking highly of their Lord, but it immediately went down from the little Lady's next words.

"But why did they retreat then?"

The Mother and Son duo's face immediately sank as they don't know how to reply to the child's question.

Those words immediately struck them and became solemn as they bowed and prayed again.

But then a person fell from the sky towards them, a crater immediately formed where he fell, he was blasted away by the enemy's concentrated energy strikes.

The men and women of all ages became scared, then the one that fell stood up, they immediately asked.

"Are you alright?"

"How is everything there?"

"Are you doing good?"

The one that fell was actually one of Zhihao's direct Disciple. he just smiled at them and replied: "Our Master would not let anything happen to you guys, that's why we are fighting for you guys, right?"

Hearing his words, they immediately smiled as they nodded.

"My name is Noobelist, I`m one of Master's Direct Disciple, don't worry, all of us are doing everything we can do to kick those invaders to where they came from!" Noobelist immediately walked but then a sharp pain caused him to kneel.

All of them were shocked as they also saw blood flowing out of his mouth, they were about to help him but then. Noobelist stood up as he spoke.

"Don't worry, It's just a physical injury, I`ll just consume a pill for now."

After speaking, Noobelist immediately swallowed a pill as he circulated the effects of it around his body, after just a few minutes, he stood up as he spoke.

"Belive in us, Believe in our Master, Believe the ruler of our Empire, Zhong Zhihao, the strongest man in our world." with that said, he immediately rushed back to the battle.

All of the citizen's eyes brightened as they nodded. One of them then spoke.

"Why are we even getting afraid for? They are fighting there risking their lives for us, and we're safe here but we're still getting scared? Are you guys such cowardly men?"

"Yeah! don't let our previous failures become the best of us! I`ll help! Even if it's just bringing the injured and providing something like foods and water would be good."

"Yeah! me too!"

"Me too!"


"And me!"

All of them immediately burned with passion as they rushed out of their safety hole.

"Elderly and children should stay here, It`ll motivate us to know that our family is still safe!"

"Yeah! Let's go!"

Everyone immediately rushed out, they wanted to help even if it's for a little thing.