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Superstars of Tomorrow

Author:Lazy Cliche

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Updates:Chapter 376: So Small and So Obedient

Well-known Composer Fang Zhao was in the glorious stage of his career, when the Apocalypse arrived; After finally experiencing the bitter difficulties of a thousand dangers, when the Apocalypse was simmering down to an end, he collapsed; When he opened his eyes, he was reborn in a New World, 500 years after the end of the apocalypse, in the body of a student who had been dumped barely after graduation, who had been cheated of his hardwork barely after he started working……. The World of the Future, Virtual Idols PK Real Idols 未来天王
《Superstars of Tomorrow》 Text
Chapter 1: The New World after the End of the Old
Chapter 2: Black Street
Chapter 3: Your Friend Has Made It
Chapter 4: Virtual Idols
Chapter 5: New Talent Competition
Chapter 6: Brainstorming
Chapter 7: Qualification
Chapter 8: Awoken by Coolness
Chapter 9: So That’s the Kind of Little Secretary You Are
Chapter 10: Crowded Out
Chapter 11: Overtaken
Chapter 12: The Shelved Virtual Project
Chapter 13: I'll Leave This Mission to You
Chapter 14: Don’t Set the Bar Too High, Young Man
Chapter 15: Do You Follow Pop Stars?
Chapter 16: Graduation
Chapter 17: Creativity
Chapter 18: Longxiang Tianluo
Chapter 19: Professional Extra
Chapter 20: One Freak Dubbing for Another
Chapter 21: Step Aside
Chapter 22: What Do You Think About When You're Acting?
Chapter 23: My Version, My Rules
Chapter 24: You're F*cking Messing with Me
Chapter 25: Yanzhou Derby
Chapter 26: First in History
Chapter 27: Gold Brick Road
Chapter 28: Upstairs for a Meeting
Chapter 29: The Label Prizes Its Best Talent
Chapter 30: We're Rich Now
Chapter 31: It Can't Be Him
Chapter 32: Killing by Flattery
Chapter 33: Expansion
Chapter 34: He's Panicking
Chapter 35: Comeback?
Chapter 36: Bringing Out the Big Guns
Chapter 37: Fiery Bird
Chapter 38: Second Movement: "Cocoon Breach"
Chapter 39: Haven't Heard of a Single One
Chapter 40: Pushing Back
Chapter 41: The Assigned Topic Is Over Our Heads
Chapter 42: It's Actually a Real Photo
Chapter 43: Serendipitous Indeed
Chapter 44: Such a Bully
Chapter 45: Don't Be Afraid
Chapter 46: Coffee
Chapter 47: Home Purchase
Chapter 48: An Order from Another Continent
Chapter 49: From Whence the Gumption
Chapter 50: This Mofo Ain't Backing Down
Chapter 51: Exam Time for Secondary Students Again
Chapter 52: Third Movement: "Mission"
Chapter 53: Great Grandfather
Chapter 54: Anguished Tears
Chapter 55: What Is the Title?
Chapter 56: Battle for the Composition
Chapter 57: Battle Date
Chapter 58: Ten Military Postings
Chapter 59: Arrested
Chapter 60: Sideshow
Chapter 61: His Own Grave
Chapter 62: Where Have They Seen This Name Before
Chapter 63: Immortality
Chapter 64: Custom-Made Invitation
Chapter 65: Going Back
Chapter 66: Candy
Chapter 67: You Are Also Children
Chapter 68: Winging It
Chapter 69: The Odd Great-Grandson
Chapter 70: Wait till You Are Well-Known
Chapter 71: Is That You?
Chapter 72: Fourth Movement: "Eternal"
Chapter 73: Unexpected Foreign Aid
Chapter 74: The Real Composer
Chapter 75: How Scary
Chapter 76: Evidence
Chapter 77: The Decision
Chapter 78: Heading Out to Gather Materials
Chapter 79: Landowners Are Very Much Like Dogs
Chapter 80: Play a Little?
Chapter 81: Winning
Chapter 82: Really Don't Have One
Chapter 83: It's from Kowtowing
Chapter 84: My Boss Is a Crazy Fellow
Chapter 85: This Is It
Chapter 86: Cash or Console?
Chapter 87: On Account of Your Forehead
Chapter 88: Master Zhao
Chapter 89: The Styles of Most Dogs
Chapter 90: Collecting Materials
Chapter 91: Dongshan
Chapter 92: Little Pet Dog
Chapter 93: New Voices in Symphonic Composition
Chapter 94: See Fang Zhao
Chapter 95: Live Broadcast Lesson
Chapter 96: Global Lecture Tour
Chapter 97: Complete
Chapter 98: Publicity Film "Chasing Wind"
Chapter 99: Takeoff
Chapter 100: The Dog with a Value of 50 Million
Chapter 101: Ambassador, an Even More Natural Image
Chapter 102: The Person Behind
Chapter 103: The Only Non-Human
Chapter 104: You Have Too Few Expressions
Chapter 105: Strictest Lockdown Day
Chapter 106: Possession of Dangerous Materials
Chapter 107: Star-Studded Gathering
Chapter 108: Really, What Sort of Dog Is This?
Chapter 109: Not for Sale
Chapter 110: What Happened That Day
Chapter 111: Coincidence?
Chapter 112: We Are in the Same Boat
Chapter 113: Tools from the Old Era
Chapter 114: Your Express Delivery Is Arriving
Chapter 115: Astonishing Adaptability
Chapter 116: Your Boss... Is Still Your Boss
Chapter 117: Black T-Rex
Chapter 118: Who Is That Lunatic
Chapter 119: What's His Background?
Chapter 120: Overtaking
Chapter 121: Bullying Kids
Chapter 122: Who Do You Think You Are
Chapter 123: Bring It On
Chapter 124: Boss, Don't Be Scared; We'll Cover You
Chapter 125: Immortal! Let's Drink, Old Friends
Chapter 126: If You Don't Listen to Your Elders, Log Off and Wait
Chapter 127: Sorry, Too Immersed in Character
Chapter 128: God Knows What We Just Experienced
Chapter 129: SilverWing50PolarLight
Chapter 130: You Guys Are Up To Something Again
Chapter 131: Crazy Killstealing Demon
Chapter 132: Please Let Us Off
Chapter 133: Morning, Boss
Chapter 134: Pry Away the Foundations
Chapter 135: Downright Masterful!
Chapter 136: What Is He Playing At
Chapter 137: The King Summons
Chapter 138: Just Fight Again
Chapter 139: Report at Silver Wing Tower 50th Floor Tomorrow
Chapter 140: That's Me
Chapter 141: Eight Successive Bombshells
Chapter 142: The Distance Between Virtual and Reality
Chapter 143: A Reporter That Separated Himself from the Inferior Ones
Chapter 144: I Know Who You Are
Chapter 145: It's Really the Same Person
Chapter 146: Young Man, Stop Being So Solemn
Chapter 147: Such a Great Generation Gap
Chapter 148: Sketchy at First Glance
Chapter 149: Reference Book Taking Human Form
Chapter 150: Follow the Rhythm, Move About!
Chapter 151: Yanzhou's Shadowless Hands
Chapter 152: Improvised Quarrel
Chapter 153: Boss, You Made The Headlines
Chapter 154: God's Domain
Chapter 155: Show Me Your Fastest Strumming Speed
Chapter 156: Most Valuable Grave
Chapter 157: Letting Go
Chapter 158: Nostalgic Trend
Chapter 159: Fiery Bird Annual Gala Invite
Chapter 160: "Kings of the Battlefield"
Chapter 161: Arriving at Imperial City
Chapter 162: You Are AliveAfter500Years?
Chapter 163: Resplendent Night of Stars
Chapter 164: How Can This Be?!
Chapter 165: Give Everyone a Chance
Chapter 166: Please Do Not Show Mercy
Chapter 167: Evaluation Without Question
Chapter 168: Pure Slander
Chapter 169: Temporary Withdrawal
Chapter 170: Diehard Fan
Chapter 171: Not Worth It
Chapter 172: No Way of Explaining
Chapter 173: Live Broadcast
Chapter 174: It Still Has This Sort of Function?
Chapter 175: Rise in Value
Chapter 176: Sir, Could I Trouble You for an Autograph?
Chapter 177: Selecting the Most Difficult Applications
Chapter 178: Choice
Chapter 179: Chapter
Chapter 180: Service with Funding
Chapter 181: Worst Luck
Chapter 182: The Middle-Aged/Senior Demographic
Chapter 183: Flying to the Heavens
Chapter 184: Unique Treasure
Chapter 185: Healthy Appetite
Chapter 186: Adapting Well
Chapter 187: Only He Can Eat It
Chapter 188: The More You Eat, the Less Scary They Become
Chapter 189: S5 Is Real Special
Chapter 190: Ratings System
Chapter 191: Mining Is a Techinical Job
Chapter 192: It's Really Not Deliberate!
Chapter 193: Grade A Power
Chapter 194: I Have Good Hearing
Chapter 195: Entire Planet's Most Precious Ears
Chapter 196: Fang "Diting" Zhao
Chapter 197: Naming
Chapter 198: Why Don't You Come Farming with Me
Chapter 199: Purely Natural Energy-Saving Lamp
Chapter 200: Unpresentable
Chapter 201: Our Muzhou Blood
Chapter 202: Breaking through the Soil
Chapter 203: Transfer Over
Chapter 204: Showing Off Gunplay?
Chapter 205: Attack
Chapter 206: Raging Fury
Chapter 207: How Can It Be Him
Chapter 208: I Disagree
Chapter 209: Blind
Chapter 210: No Interest
Chapter 211: Virtual vs. Reality
Chapter 212: Meritorious Deeds?
Chapter 213: New Bodyguard
Chapter 214: Promotion
Chapter 215: Power of an Idol
Chapter 216: Fang Zhao Style
Chapter 217: Military District Established
Chapter 218: Broken Teeth
Chapter 219: Auction Item
Chapter 220: High Valuation
Chapter 221: I Want That Tooth
Chapter 222: First Lot
Chapter 223: Crazy
Chapter 224: Hundred-Billion-Dollar Auction
Chapter 225: Auction Outcome
Chapter 226: Zaro Is Coming
Chapter 227: Please Call Me Smiling Angel
Chapter 228: Life Ark
Chapter 229: Investment
Chapter 230: Collaborating to Purchase Land
Chapter 231: Riding Coattails
Chapter 232: Why Not Raise the Stakes
Chapter 233: Cultural Film Base
Chapter 234: Grabbing Land
Chapter 235: Hurry Up and Return
Chapter 236: Friggin' Spicy
Chapter 237: The Most Expensive Pet
Chapter 238: Imperial Palace
Chapter 239: Why Is He Everywhere
Chapter 240: Flash Mob
Chapter 241: Appreciate
Chapter 242: Dual Function Base
Chapter 243: Revolutionary Project
Chapter 244: Bookworm
Chapter 245: Fang-Style Cursive
Chapter 246: Protection-Fee Collectors
Chapter 247: Those Things About Great Persons
Chapter 248: My Idol Is a Man of Many Talents
Chapter 249: Idiot
Chapter 250: Swatting a Fly with a Baseball Bat
Chapter 251: Spotted a Suspicious Person
Chapter 252: Ear Value Rising Again
Chapter 253: Who to Play the Role of "Fang Zhao"
Chapter 254: Transferring Duty
Chapter 255: Blackmail
Chapter 256: Brother Zhao
Chapter 257: Stealing the Show
Chapter 258: Golden Paws
Chapter 259: Unspeakable Secret
Chapter 260: Concert Ticket Advance Sales (1)
Chapter 261: Concert Tickets Advance Sales (2)
Chapter 262: "Diting" Series
Chapter 263: He Is My Older Bro
Chapter 264: "Intrusion"
Chapter 265: Advice
Chapter 266: Paving the Way
Chapter 267: Gathering Together
Chapter 268: Concert (1)
Chapter 269: Concert (2)
Chapter 270: Concert (End)
Chapter 271: "Idiot" Companies
Chapter 272: Pet Archives
Chapter 273: Extremely Fierce
Chapter 274: Ferocious Beasts Inside
Chapter 275: Global Pet Value Chart
Chapter 276: We Meet Again
Chapter 277: Esteemed Guest Award Presentation
Chapter 278: A Hazard Has Arrived
Chapter 279: This Matter, Should We Do It
Chapter 280: What Is He up to Again
Chapter 281: Poisoned
Chapter 282: Exactly the Same
Chapter 283: Making a Casual Police Report
Chapter 284: Plea for Help
Chapter 285: Expert
Chapter 286: Director Sighted
Chapter 287: You Are...
Chapter 288: Given an Opportunity
Chapter 289: Who Is This?
Chapter 290: Committee of 100
Chapter 291: Number Seven
Chapter 292: Vote Results
Chapter 293: He Is Just a Kid
Chapter 294: Violent Battering
Chapter 295: Belief
Chapter 296: Bad Luck!
Chapter 297: Inferior to a Dog
Chapter 298: Thigh Hugging
Chapter 299: Takeout Delivery Man
Chapter 300: I Won't Seek Him Out Even If It Kills Me!
Chapter 301: Premiere
Chapter 302: Starting at the Apex
Chapter 303: Immense Pressure Too
Chapter 304: Innate Talent That Isn't too Mainstream
Chapter 305: Stage Name
Chapter 306: When in Doubt, Call Fang Zhao
Chapter 307: Train?
Chapter 308: A Pot Falls from the Sky While One Sits at Home.
Chapter 309: Magical Object Diting Z Series
Chapter 310: Fan Base
Chapter 311: Zaro + Garlic
Chapter 312: Standing on the Shoulders of a Giant
Chapter 313: Troublemaking Hands
Chapter 314: That Is My Wife
Chapter 315: You Are?
Chapter 316: He Really Composed This Himself?
Chapter 317: How Do You Wish to Die?
Chapter 318: Super-Huge Bento Box
Chapter 319: I'm Not Talking about You
Chapter 320: You Can't Bring the Dog Away
Chapter 321: Wrap Banquet
Chapter 322: The Disappearing Bullet
Chapter 323: The Dog That Eats Anything
Chapter 324: Really Divine Ears
Chapter 325: Death Penalty!
Chapter 326: It's Over!
Chapter 327: This Life of Mine
Chapter 328: Where Did You Get This Self-Confidence
Chapter 329: God-Level Advanced Course
Chapter 330: Doubting One's Own Existence
Chapter 331: Balance between Work and Rest
Chapter 332: Preliminary Exam
Chapter 333: Good-Luck Charm
Chapter 334: Finishing Early
Chapter 335: You Absolutely Musn't Misunderstand
Chapter 336: All the Rage
Chapter 337: You Are Going to Keep a Dog?
Chapter 338: Can't Even Afford a Dog
Chapter 339: New Assistant
Chapter 340: Boss, Rest Easy and Allow Me!
Chapter 341: Can I Touch?
Chapter 342: High-Pressure Assistantship
Chapter 343: Compulsory Exam Question
Chapter 344: Prize Notification
Chapter 345: It's Watching Me
Chapter 346: Gift from a Kid
Chapter 347: A Kindly Smile
Chapter 348: Realizing a Short-Term Goal
Chapter 349: "My Neighbor"
Chapter 350: Alien
Chapter 351: Borrowing a Dog
Chapter 352: Film Festival
Chapter 353: Arrival
Chapter 354: Preferences
Chapter 355: Can Eat
Chapter 356: This Story Is Purely Fiction
Chapter 357: Life on the Rebound
Chapter 358: Don't Ask Me
Chapter 359: Model Student
Chapter 360: Junior Disciple
Chapter 361: It Is Fang Zhao
Chapter 362: Gala Kickoff
Chapter 363: Red Carpet Partner
Chapter 364: Boiling
Chapter 365: Defection!
Chapter 366: Bragging Rights
Chapter 367: Award Winning
Chapter 368: Him Again
Chapter 369: "High-Class Face"
Chapter 370: Dog Gamer
Chapter 371: Are You Asking For a Beating?
Chapter 372: Doubting One's Existence
Chapter 373: This Kid
Chapter 374: Brother, Run?
Chapter 375: Little Puppy
Chapter 376: So Small and So Obedient