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Author :Twelve Winged Dark Burning Angel
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2119 Dollar Shows Off

"It is no wonder that the Dragon are considered the bravest in the world. With an attack power like this, they do not have to fear anyone on the same level," Han Sen complimented his opponent.

His power wasn't as great as Dragon Eight's. Jadeskin made his body sturdier, but when it leveled up to Marquise, it gave him some ice powers, too. The evolution wasn't entirely focused on making his body sturdier, so when compared to the gold Dragon body, he was in inferior shape.

Han Sen could not use Jadeskin godlights in this fight, or people might suspect he was Han Sen. If he had been able to, though, he'd have fared a much better chance.

Dragon Eight was continuously growing stronger. Han Sen was at a vast disadvantage right now, and even the spectators were surprised by how things were turning out.

"Dragon Eight is very powerful. With this much strength, felling Dukes must be an easy feat."

"The race of the Dragon is getting stronger. Dragon Eight is only the eighth of this generation, as well! He is so strong. No one of the same level can ever hope to beat him."

"Dollar is not bad, I'll give him that. After all, he has pushed Dragon Eight to this point. This was the first time he has had to make use of his gold Dragon body in a ranked fight."

"Dollar is actually quite strong. He must be one of the best Marquises in the universe. If he didn't have the misfortune of being pitted against Dragon Eight, he could definitely have gone much further. I bet reaching the top ten would not be all that difficult for him."

"What a shame."

"Dragons are still the strongest. With the power that they wield, and with the addition of gold Dragon bodies, Dragon Eight can most certainly challenge Evil Eye."

"I think so. Gold Dragon body makes Dragon Eight invincible, but adding to that, his attack power seems to know no bounds. It keeps increasing! If his gold Dragon body is strong enough, he could very well engage a King."

"Fighting a King is a bit of an exaggeration, I think. No matter how strong his gold Dragon body is, he cannot withstand the power that a King wields. But if this continues, he could definitely rival a Duke without much trouble."

Inside Sky Palace, Yun Suyi, Yun Sushang, Thousand Feather Crane, and First Day were watching the fights together.

Yun Suyi was shocked. "The Dragon is so powerful! I think the bodies of the Sky might be weaker than theirs."

Thousand Feather Crane nodded and said, "As one of the ten higher races, the Dragon are indeed stronger than we are.

But simple vitality isn't our area of expertise. Battles always boil down to one thing, and that is a fighter's skills in combat. But yes, this Dragon Eight is the most physically powerful. Out of those in Sky Palace, I believe only Lone Bamboo can challenge him."

"What about Han Sen?" Yun Suyi said.

"Han Sen is strong, but he is not of the Sky. I am merely comparing the Sky and the Dragon." Thousand Feather Crane smiled at Yun Suyi.

Yun Suyi blushed. "I was just saying."

"We don't know where Han Sen even is right now, anyway." First Day sighed.

After First Day spoke, Yun Suyi immediately looked depressed. Yun Sushang said, "Didn't Mister Dream say that Han Sen is still alive, though? Mister Dream isn't one to tell lies. I am sure he will be back here soon enough."

"I know he will be. It's just a shame he could not participate in the Geno Being Scroll," Yun Suyi said.

Han Sen saw that Dragon Eight was growing stronger and stronger without any sign of stopping. Han Sen had managed to hurt him a few times, but after each wound, Dragon Eight's recovery powers proved too much. He was like new moments after every injury.

Han Sen couldn't use his Teeth powers, and even if he could, it might not have proven able to tear the gold Dragon body to shreds.

Dragon Eight was correct in what he had spoken. There was no need for him to be afraid of anyone on the same level as him. Even if the opponent knew about his powers beforehand, it was likely that there was nothing they could do to beat him.

Han Sen could fight Dragon Eight, but he could not use many of his powers now that he was in his Dollar persona. So, he gave up fighting with Dragon Eight.

Giving up did not mean Han Sen was willing to lose, though. He just wanted this to be over.

Dragon Eight was like a killing machine as he pursued Han Sen. Han Sen couldn't shake him, so he resolved to do something. Dragon Eight's fist appeared in front of him again, and he gathered up something gold to challenge it. It was a coin, and it was aimed at Dragon Eight's forehead. It went for him like a bolt of lightning.

At such a close distance, Dragon Eight was unable to dodge. He wouldn't have thought of doing that anyway, even if he had enough time. He ignored the coin and continued coming for Han Sen.

Han Sen threw a punch at Dragon Eight. His fist slipped silently through the air and was immediately repulsed. Han Sen's body floated up like a cloud as he was punched away.

Han Sen hung weightlessly in the sky, but he looked down upon Dragon Eight calmly.

The coin was fixed to Dragon Eight's forehead now. Dragon Eight crouched and then flapped his wings, wanting to close the distance and return to battling Han Sen up in the sky.

But when he flapped his dragon wings, he found himself unable to lift off. He was still on the ground.

Everyone was shocked, not sure what was going on. It seemed that something was wrong with Dragon Eight.

It seemed like he was being held back by something, but the Dragons' Evilbreaker powers should have been able to remove any ailment put upon them. Seal powers would not work on them, and that was half the reason why they were considered invincible.

But right now, Dragon Eight was being suppressed by some force. He was unable to fly, which put him in a dire position.

"You are too cocky! The Dragon body is definitely strong, but it isn't impervious to everything," Han Sen said with certainty as he hung in the air.

Dragon Eight roared, and his Dragonlight erupted like a volcano. He grabbed the coin on his forehead and tried to rip it off. But no matter how much Dragonlight he released, the coin was still stuck to his forehead. It wouldn't come off.

Many people saw Dragon Eight trying to remove the coin from his forehead. Instead of attacking, Han Sen just drifted in the sky, watching Dragon Eight struggle with the coin. No matter how much he tried, though, the coin remained fixed to his forehead.

Dragon Eight was angry. He did not care about the coin. He wanted to get Han Sen, and so he threw a punch into the

The Dragonlight on his fist blasted out like a volcano, but when Dragon Eight stepped forward, his knees went soft and buckled. He fell to his knees on the ground. When he had tried to attack Han Sen, his body immediately buckled under the pressure.

Everyone was shocked to see a coin suppress an elite like Dragon Eight in such a manner. It was a skill that no one had heard of before.

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