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1773 The Use of the Magnet Frui


Han Sen found himself a hidden place, and with all the treasure he had amassed, he returned to the Sanctuary. He planned on hiding for a little while before he returned.

Then, he would have to be Han Sen again. No one would imagine that a commoner with geno armor would have been able to kill Mister Elephant and rob Hai'er.

He took his treasure home and tallied up what he had found.

The best thing he had gotten was definitely the Pirate Bone Sword. He didn't know what its class was, but Han Sen could take advantage of its sharpness and swordlight. It provided a greater ceiling of power for him to utilize.

The second best were the two horn arrows, and then the Toxic Fang Dagger. They were weapons that had been forged from Viscount materials. There were some Baron xenogeneic materials too, and some other miscellaneous things that had been owned by Hai'er.

Among them, he found a few jade bottles filled with pills. He wasn't sure what they were for, as there were no labels on them.

There were many weird items and xenogeneic materials, and Han Sen also managed to get some golden eggs. He had quite a heap of treasure, in truth.

Unfortunately, there was nothing else truly special among the various items. He thought to himself, "Weird... Hai'er must have received something from Old Turtle. I wonder what it was?"

Han Sen did not know what the item that Old Turtle gave to Hai'er might have been, so he put them all away for the time being.

Seeing all the weapons and armors created by the xenogeneic materials, Han Sen felt glum. There was so much equipment he could not make use of, and he thought it was a great waste. If he sold them, people might be able to trace back their origin and find out who Han Sen was. He wasn't quite sure what to do.

"These items were originally xenogeneic materials. Maybe I can cook them?" Han Sen cooked up a Baron class knife, leaving it to boil overnight.

It did melt, which made him extremely happy.

"Come here; try my new meal. It's a weapon-and-armor mix." Han Sen called Little Angel and the others over to share the geno fluid he had created from the xenogeneic material.

But none of them dared to eat too much. They did not want to generate geno armor and be forced to leave the sanctuary.

"Han Sen, I want to go to Kate." That night, as Han Sen was resting in the garden, Stay Up Late came over and spoke to him. "Why?" Han Sen looked confused.

"I want to look for Littleflower," Stay Up Late said with seriousness.

"I have tried. Littleflower might not even be on Planet Kate. I don't know where Old Cat might have taken him," Han Sen said.

"It's fine. I just don't want to sit around here, doing nothing. Littleflower was my target for observation, so I have to do something," Stay Up Late said.

"Okay. I will take you if you are willing to try these magnet fruits. The information I have found suggests that magnet fruits can evolve geno armor a second time. But I am not sure. It is up to you if you want to give them a shot," Han Sen said.

"I will," Stay Up Late said immediately.

Han Sen took Stay Up Late up to the storage unit. He unearthed a box which contained the magnet fruit.

Stay Up Late picked up a magnet fruit, and without hesitation, he took a big bite. Unfortunately, the skin proved to be too hard, and he couldn't eat it.

Han Sen took out the Pirate Bone Sword and used it to cut the fruit open.

When the lotus seed broke, a liquid like maple syrup flowed out.

Stay Up Late quickly sucked up all the juice and swallowed it down.

The fruit was rather big, but there was not much juice. There were only two to three liters. Only the transparent fruit skin was left behind.

After drinking the magnet fruit juice, Stay Up Late's geno armor appeared without being summoned. The geno armor took in some power, and then it started to melt

Suddenly, there was a strange movement in the air. The sanctuary gate felt Stay Up Late's changes, and it began to open in order to throw him out

Han Sen's face changed. He put his hand on Stay Up Late and used his mutant blood power. He teleported with Stay Up Late, taking him right to Planet Kate's xenogeneic space.

Han Sen looked around, and fortunately, there were no other creatures around them.

Stay Up Late's geno armor was still in the process of evolving. After it became liquid, it surged together into a sphere. It kept changing in front of Stay Up Late.

"Becoming a Noble, huh? Magnet fruit is good; no wonder it was considered a treasure." Han Sen felt relieved.

Han Sen began to relax. He wanted to see what sort of geno armament Stay Up Late would generate.

The geno armor became liquid, and it swirled in front of Stay Up Late. Eventually, it formed a shape. Watching the item generate, Han Sen felt strange. The geno armament he generated was a teapot.

When the geno armament finished forming, it was indeed a . It was snow white.

"What is this weapon for?" Han Sen looked at the teapot in his hand and asked. This was the first time he had ever seen something so strange.

Stay Up Late laughed and said, "At least we know it can turn into an armor, but I'm not sure about anything else."

Han Sen didn't ask again, so he just looked around and said, "Now you are isolated by the sanctuary. You cannot go back. Let's go see Qiao. Her Wizard team needs people, after all. You can stay with her and get used to the environment."

"Okay," Stay Up Late agreed.

Han Sen took Stay Up Late to the xenogeneic space's exit. He wasn't wearing his Dongxuan Armor, so others wouldn't recognize him as Dollar.

It had been four days since he had robbed Hai'er, and surprisingly, there was no danger along the way. They didn't glimpse any Nobles, either. They left the xenogeneic space peacefully.

When they just exited, however, someone appeared. They weren't traveling the same way, but their paths crossed each other.

When that person saw them, his voice sounded weird. He said, "The crystallizers haven't gone extinct?"

Han Sen and Stay Up Late were both shocked. After the crystallizers lost the war, they went to the sanctuary. But that was billions of years ago. It was strange for someone to simply see him and immediately recognize him.

They looked over in alarm, and they saw a man wearing feather clothing. His head had a white feather, and he looked rather human. He didn't look very pretty, but he had the eyes of a phoenix.