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Super Gene

Author:Twelve Winged Dark Burning Angel

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UpdateTime:2018/11/6 20:12:41

Updates:Chapter 966: Ability to Control Bugs

The future unfolded on a magnificent scale into the Interstellar Age. Humanity finally solved the space warp technology, but when humanity transported themselves into the other end, they discovered that place neither had a past nor future, nor was there any land under the starry skies…… The mysterious sanctuary was actually a world filled with countless tyrannical unusual organisms. Humanity faced their great leap in evolution, starting the most glorious and resplendant new era under the starry skies. “Slaughtered the God Blood organism ‘Black Beetle’. Received the God Blood Black Beetle’s Beast Soul. Used the God Blood Black Beetle’s flesh. Randomly obtaining 0 to 10 points of God Gene(s).” 超级神基因
《Super Gene》 Text
Chapter 1: Supergene
Chapter 2: Ass Freak
Chapter 3: Sacred-blood Armor
Chapter 4: The Old House
Chapter 5: Swift Mantis
Chapter 6: Armor Is Everything
Chapter 7: Dollar
Chapter 8: Primitive Beast Soul
Chapter 9: Sacred-blood Creature
Chapter 10: Bloody Slayer
Chapter 11: Who Is Dollar?
Chapter 12: Who Is Scum?
Chapter 13: Jadeskin
Chapter 14: The Chosen
Chapter 15: Selling Flesh
Chapter 16: Quartz Scorpion
Chapter 17: Unexpected Encounte
Chapter 18: Mutant Creature
Chapter 19: The Distinguished and Aristocrats Only
Chapter 20: Her
Chapter 21: Underground River
Chapter 22: Broken Egg
Chapter 23: Obsidian Dragon
Chapter 24: Sneak Attack Skills
Chapter 25: Ghosthaunt
Chapter 26: Mutant Three-eyed Cat
Chapter 27: SOS
Chapter 28: Expensive Food
Chapter 29: Stormbird
Chapter 30: An Empty Egg
Chapter 31: Free Training Partner
Chapter 32: A Ritual between Men
Chapter 33: Polar Night Forum
Chapter 34: A Bow in Hand
Chapter 35: Who Should Go
Chapter 36: Archery Master
Chapter 37: Whose Broadsword
Chapter 38: My Guy
Chapter 39: Saint Paul
Chapter 39: Saint Paul
Chapter 41: Home Run
Chapter 42: Dollar
Chapter 43: Age Difference
Chapter 44: He Isn't Man Enough
Chapter 45: A Thousand Arrows
Chapter 46: Endurance
Chapter 47: Z-Steel Arrow
Chapter 48: Team Effort
Chapter 49: Starlight Arrows
Chapter 50: Siege
Chapter 51: My Beast Soul
Chapter 52: Purple-winged Dragon
Chapter 53: Sacred-blood Copper-toothed Beast
Chapter 54: Small Gift
Chapter 55: Ten Thousand per Slap
Chapter 56: I’ll Be Damned
Chapter 57: Dark Swamp
Chapter 58: Great Gift for Great Man
Chapter 59: Lucky Dude
Chapter 60: Golden-horned Shura
Chapter 61: Why Not Dodge
Chapter 62: Golden Meteor
Chapter 63: Angel Dollar
Chapter 64: Shura’s Martial Art
Chapter 65: Blackhawk Military Academy
Chapter 66: Ghost-toothed Snake King
Chapter 67: Mutant Sawfish
Chapter 68: Mutant Sawfish Spear
Chapter 69: White Underwear Flag
Chapter 70: Inferior to A Cat
Chapter 71: Destroy the Nest
Chapter 72: Hunting Frenzy
Chapter 73: Martial Ring
Chapter 74: S-Class Saint Hall License
Chapter 75: One in A Hundred
Chapter 76: Holy Angel
Chapter 77: Tang Zhenliu
Chapter 78: Rock-paper-scissors
Chapter 79: One Win
Chapter 80: A Test
Chapter 81: Well-behaved Soldier
Chapter 82: Fighting Luo Tianyang
Chapter 83: One-minute Fight
Chapter 84: Ape Beast Soul
Chapter 85: Seckill
Chapter 86: Special Training
Chapter 87: Cheating
Chapter 88: Perseverance Matters
Chapter 89: I’m the Strongest
Chapter 90: Hand of God
Chapter 91: Steel Armor Championship
Chapter 92: Atomic Fission
Chapter 93: Better Stamina
Chapter 94: The Winner Takes It All
Chapter 95: Evolver-3
Chapter 96: Amazing Talent
Chapter 97: Same Style
Chapter 98: An Interesting Person
Chapter 99: The Chosen Slayed in One Strike
Chapter 100: Contest Center
Chapter 101: Infamy
Chapter 102: See you at the final
Chapter 103: The Fight between the King and the Imposter
Chapter 104: Not Bad
Chapter 105: From A Loner to the King
Chapter 106: Someone Good
Chapter 107: Show Us What You Got
Chapter 108: Hunting A Sacred-blood Creature
Chapter 109: Scaled Armadillo
Chapter 110: Escape
Chapter 111: Glory Shelter
Chapter 112: The Archer
Chapter 113: My Conquest Is the Sea of Stars
Chapter 114: The Prize Is A Date
Chapter 115: Cheating Device
Chapter 116: Admission
Chapter 117: Jadeshell Beast Soul
Chapter 118: Fairy Queen Beast Soul
Chapter 119: Ji Yanran
Chapter 120: My Girlfriend is Ji Yanran
Chapter 121: Wipeout
Chapter 122: The Most Mysterious Afternoon
Chapter 123: Hand of God Duel
Chapter 124: On Fire
Chapter 125: Who Is Your Boyfriend?
Chapter 126: Devil Desert
Chapter 127: The Girl Worth An S-Class License
Chapter 128: A Skulk of Foxes
Chapter 129: Sacred-blood Fox King
Chapter 130: Killing Spree
Chapter 131: Golden Rock Worm King
Chapter 132: Another Sacred-blood Beast Soul
Chapter 133: Ten Thirty Tonight
Chapter 134: It Is Too Easy to Beat You
Chapter 135: Not a Wonderful Match
Chapter 136: A Babe
Chapter 137: Heavy Warframes
Chapter 138: Ji Yanran’s Scheme
Chapter 139: Sparring with a Coach
Chapter 140: Meeting Ji Yanran Again
Chapter 141: A Date
Chapter 142: The Invitation from Luo Xiangyang
Chapter 143: Not under This Cup
Chapter 144: Do You Want to Know
Chapter 145: Olympic-size Appetite
Chapter 146: Phantom Ant Beast Soul
Chapter 147: Treading upon Sharp Knives
Chapter 148: Super Biological Warframe
Chapter 149: Weak Opponents
Chapter 150: A Kiss
Chapter 151: Fang Mingquan’s Discovery
Chapter 152: A Star
Chapter 153: The Hilarious Destroyer
Chapter 154: Brutal Force
Chapter 155: Changing the Rules
Chapter 156: Game On
Chapter 157: Kill Them All
Chapter 158: A Great Victory
Chapter 159: A Fact
Chapter 160: My Mother Says Girlfriends Are for Cheeky Guys
Chapter 161: Pet Evolution
Chapter 162: In the Valley
Chapter 163: Sacred-blood Sledgehammer
Chapter 164: Sacred-blood Pet
Chapter 165: The Invitation from Digang
Chapter 166: Lucky Guy
Chapter 167: Looking for Trouble
Chapter 168: God Cannot Save You
Chapter 169: Just Awesome
Chapter 170: Knocking Out the Chosen
Chapter 171: I’m Ji Yanran’s Boyfriend
Chapter 172: It’s You
Chapter 173: Sixty Forty
Chapter 174: Who Is the Star?
Chapter 175: Sparring with A Beauty
Chapter 176: Miserable
Chapter 177: Shooting the Commercial
Chapter 178: Shocked
Chapter 179: Limited Edition
Chapter 180: Lover
Chapter 181: A New Era of Warframe
Chapter 182: Black-feathered Beast
Chapter 183: Huangfu Pingqing
Chapter 184: Probe
Chapter 185: Sacred-blood Black-feathered Beast
Chapter 186: Carried by An Arrow
Chapter 187: A Cave
Chapter 188: Ghost Butterfly
Chapter 189: Sacred-blood Ghost Butterfly
Chapter 190: An Invite from Martial Arts Society
Chapter 191: A Demonstration
Chapter 192: Ouyang Xiaosan
Chapter 193: Judgment
Chapter 194: Black and white three
Chapter 195: Busty
Chapter 196: Ten Years of My Life
Chapter 197: The Charm of A Mature Woman
Chapter 198: Kept Man
Chapter 199: Stranger
Chapter 200: All It Took
Chapter 201: Severe Consequences
Chapter 202: Professionalism
Chapter 203: Black Fist Emperor
Chapter 204: The Emperor's Anger
Chapter 205: Yin Yang Blast
Chapter 206: The Battle between the Angel and the Evil
Chapter 207: Peerless
Chapter 208: Mystery Island
Chapter 209: Domineering Dollar
Chapter 210: Humanoid Creature
Chapter 211: Game On
Chapter 212: Fighting an Angel
Chapter 213: Holy Angel
Chapter 214: Huangfu’s Offer
Chapter 215: Trade
Chapter 216: Gone
Chapter 217: Too Young
Chapter 218: Weaker Than I
Chapter 219: Hand of Devil
Chapter 220: Showing Off
Chapter 221: Professor
Chapter 222: A Walking Treasure
Chapter 223: Greedy Devil
Chapter 224: Black Sheep
Chapter 225: Training
Chapter 226: Cake Tasting
Chapter 227: Small Request
Chapter 228: Please Continue
Chapter 229: A Difficult One
Chapter 230: Beheading in Sand Valley
Chapter 231: Anything but Having a Baby
Chapter 232: Sagittarius
Chapter 233: A Natural
Chapter 234: Unstoppable
Chapter 235: Monster
Chapter 236: More or Less
Chapter 237: Queen Restaurant
Chapter 238: Extraordinary
Chapter 239: An Odd Sacred-blood Creature
Chapter 240: Sacred-blood Knight
Chapter 241: Two Sacred-Blood Creatures
Chapter 242: Spinning Spear
Chapter 243: Both Wounded
Chapter 244: Last Resort
Chapter 245: Beetle Knight
Chapter 246: Doppelg?nger Beast Soul
Chapter 247: Rather Easy
Chapter 248: Privileges
Chapter 249: Revenge
Chapter 250: Against the Monster
Chapter 251: Ending an Era
Chapter 252: Four-Day Deluxe Couple’s Tour
Chapter 253: An Invite from the Monster
Chapter 254: Archery Expert
Chapter 255: Bows
Chapter 256: Five Arrows
Chapter 257: Fighting Will
Chapter 258: The Only Chance
Chapter 259: Amazing Tactics
Chapter 260: Down Goes the Brain
Chapter 261: Duel
Chapter 262: Now or Never
Chapter 263: Through Hell
Chapter 264: Crowned
Chapter 265: Long live the Emperor
Chapter 266: Aegean Sea
Chapter 267: Golden Lion
Chapter 268: Feeding Frenzy
Chapter 269: Traveling with a Beast
Chapter 270: Golden Crystal
Chapter 271: Super Gene
Chapter 272: Life Essence
Chapter 273: Colleagues
Chapter 274: Ghost-Eyed Bear
Chapter 275: Hunting Alone
Chapter 276: Blown Away
Chapter 277: Market Price
Chapter 278: Real Purpose
Chapter 279: Nest
Chapter 280: White Jade Skeleton
Chapter 281: Disorder
Chapter 282: Same Price
Chapter 283: Trading for Beast Souls
Chapter 284: The Egg
Chapter 285: Flame Lieutenant
Chapter 286: Sacred-blood Ghost-eyed Bear
Chapter 287: Return
Chapter 288: Map
Chapter 289: Stronger Hyper Geno Arts
Chapter 290: Heresy Mantra
Chapter 291: Hunger
Chapter 292: A Different Cloud Beast
Chapter 293: Panorama
Chapter 294: No Time
Chapter 295: Unrivaled
Chapter 296: Slaying All with Double Blades
Chapter 297: Thirteen Slashes
Chapter 298: Smoothness
Chapter 299: Difficult Client
Chapter 300: Can You Do It
Chapter 301: Another Nest
Chapter 302: Creatures at the Door
Chapter 303: Slaughter
Chapter 304: Devil Sword
Chapter 305: Beast Soul Add-On
Chapter 306: Diversion
Chapter 307: A Soldier in Opponent's Territory
Chapter 308: Who Is He
Chapter 309: Threaten
Chapter 310: As You Wish
Chapter 311: Spinning Away
Chapter 312: An Effortless Shot
Chapter 313: Emperor Returns
Chapter 314: Mushu
Chapter 315: Tornado Wolf
Chapter 316: Feeding My Pet
Chapter 317: No Need to Know Me
Chapter 318: The Favor Is to Let You Live
Chapter 319: Spear Is Out
Chapter 320: Turtle
Chapter 321: Overload
Chapter 322: Cheaters
Chapter 323: An Invite from the Queen
Chapter 324: Fighting the Queen
Chapter 325: Kiting
Chapter 326: Sparring Partner
Chapter 327: Absolute Champion
Chapter 328: Botany
Chapter 329: The Turtle Again
Chapter 330: Fighting the Turtle
Chapter 331: Manoeuvre
Chapter 332: Playing Go
Chapter 333: Copper Demon
Chapter 334: Underground River
Chapter 335: Follow the Turtle
Chapter 336: Crazy Creature
Chapter 337: Creature War
Chapter 338: Only Chance
Chapter 339: Aqua Reaper Beast soul
Chapter 340: Beast Souls of Second God’s Sanctuary
Chapter 341: Cross-border Trade
Chapter 342: Trial
Chapter 343: Primal Innocence
Chapter 344: Is He A Plant
Chapter 345: Risky Practice
Chapter 346: Go Player and Stone
Chapter 347: Unworthy as an Enemy
Chapter 348: Feels Like Queen
Chapter 349: Phoenix-like Creature
Chapter 350: Evolvers in First God’s Sanctuary
Chapter 351: Not All Evolvers Are Good
Chapter 352: A Sword for Your Life
Chapter 353: Fire Bird
Chapter 354: Sprint
Chapter 355: Things Left behind by the Deceased
Chapter 356: Super Gene?
Chapter 357: Second Time into Jade Dragon Mountains
Chapter 358: Another Nest
Chapter 359: Seven Twists
Chapter 360: Super Creature in the Nest
Chapter 361: Metal Wolf
Chapter 362: Bloody Battle
Chapter 363: The Plan
Chapter 364: Try Again
Chapter 365: Achilles’ Heel
Chapter 366: Fighting Alone
Chapter 367: Coming Back from Death
Chapter 368: Another Super Beast Soul
Chapter 369: SOS
Chapter 370: Beast Soul Add-On
Chapter 371: Hired to Fight
Chapter 372: Ning Yue
Chapter 373: Satan
Chapter 374: Throat Slitting
Chapter 375: Han Sen’s Guess
Chapter 376: Primeval Forest
Chapter 377: Giant Snail
Chapter 378: Metamorphosis
Chapter 379: Deadly Perfume
Chapter 380: After I Hit You
Chapter 381: Secret Service
Chapter 382: Sacred-Blood Beast Soul of Bony Fish
Chapter 383: First Men in God’s Sanctuary
Chapter 384: Qigong Master?
Chapter 385: Weird Creature
Chapter 386: Who Is in Charge
Chapter 387: Blood Snail Beast Soul
Chapter 388: Super Pet Armor
Chapter 389: The Plan to Max Out Sacred Geno Points
Chapter 390: Killing a Sacred-blood Creature You Don’t Even See
Chapter 391: Invincible Pet Armor
Chapter 392: Weird Dead Guy
Chapter 393: Golden Growler Again
Chapter 394: Solo Show
Chapter 395: Super Meat
Chapter 396: Molested by a Pet
Chapter 397: Shocking Discovery
Chapter 398: Dongxuan Sutra
Chapter 399: A Crazy Auction
Chapter 400: Surrender
Chapter 401: No. 107
Chapter 402: I Choose to Kill
Chapter 403: Nine-Life Cat
Chapter 404: Early Days
Chapter 405: The Power of Angel
Chapter 406: Special Assignment
Chapter 407: Daphne
Chapter 408: Iron Fist Demigod
Chapter 409: Not Interested
Chapter 410: Evil Goblins
Chapter 411: Killing Goblin King
Chapter 412: Alloy Case in the Cave
Chapter 413: Weird Woman
Chapter 414: Lunatic?
Chapter 415: Human?
Chapter 416: A Fortune
Chapter 417: A Mentally Troubled Girl
Chapter 418: Tattoo
Chapter 419: Firebird Again
Chapter 420: Preparation before Evolution
Chapter 421: Biggest Problem
Chapter 422: Evolution
Chapter 423: Black Crystal
Chapter 424: Unsettling in the Mind
Chapter 425: Second God’s Sanctuary
Chapter 426: Hiding Away the Beauty
Chapter 427: Certification as Aristocrat
Chapter 428: Killer Kicks
Chapter 429: Someone Like Me
Chapter 430: Fierce
Chapter 431: One More Time
Chapter 432: The Impossible Eighth Kick
Chapter 433: Crystallizer
Chapter 434: Seeing My Loved One Again
Chapter 435: Only a Woman
Chapter 436: First Hunting
Chapter 437: Berserk
Chapter 438: Cruel Reality
Chapter 439: Snow Spider
Chapter 440: Fighting A Sacred-Blood Creature
Chapter 441: Under the Ice Cliff
Chapter 442: Aristocrat Spirit
Chapter 443: Two Quarrel and A Third Profits by It
Chapter 444: Evolution of Angel Finished
Chapter 445: Mountains of Meat
Chapter 446: Shocked
Chapter 447: Reward
Chapter 448: A New Recruit Trying Sprint
Chapter 449: Like the Tutorial
Chapter 450: Choosing a Hyper Geno Art
Chapter 451: First Breakthrough
Chapter 452: Goddess Gang
Chapter 453: Killing a Mutant Creature
Chapter 454: Take Me with You
Chapter 455: Treading Cloud
Chapter 456: Gargoyle
Chapter 457: Expert Panel
Chapter 458: Attacking Spirit Shelter
Chapter 459: Abnormal Shelter
Chapter 460: Spirit Stone
Chapter 461: The Spirit Showing Fealty
Chapter 462: Snow Charmer
Chapter 463: Crystallizer Ruin
Chapter 464: Simulating Crystal
Chapter 465: Crazy Simulating Crystals
Chapter 466: Parasite Crystal
Chapter 467: Diya Galaxy
Chapter 468: Core Area
Chapter 469: Image on the Crystal Card
Chapter 470: Golden Rubik's Cube
Chapter 471: Unicorn Beetle
Chapter 472: The Treasure
Chapter 473: Dead End
Chapter 474: Efficiency
Chapter 475: Crystallizer Key
Chapter 476: Red Crystal
Chapter 477: Sprocket Sword
Chapter 478: Absorbing Red Crystal
Chapter 479: Moving Stuff with My Mind
Chapter 480: Military Mogul
Chapter 481: Coach
Chapter 482: Purple Ferret
Chapter 483: Ghost-Pawed Ferret
Chapter 484: Royal Spirit
Chapter 485: Hope in Despair
Chapter 486: Butterfly Dancing Solo
Chapter 487: Berserk Gargoyle
Chapter 488: Official Platform
Chapter 489: Kill Dollar
Chapter 490: The King Is Back
Chapter 491: Moon Blade
Chapter 492: Sullen
Chapter 493: Dollar Is Trending
Chapter 494: The Use of Black Crystal
Chapter 495: Royal Shelter
Chapter 496: Strength Test
Chapter 497: Fierce Tiger from Blueblood
Chapter 498: The Charm of a Soldier
Chapter 499: Fighting to Be Soldier King
Chapter 500: You Have Lost Already
Chapter 501: Southwest Soldier King
Chapter 502: The Other Guard
Chapter 503: Purchasing Beast Souls
Chapter 504: Bluefish
Chapter 505: Blackgod
Chapter 506: Fighting under the Water
Chapter 507: Golden Crab
Chapter 508: Crystal Treasure Box
Chapter 509: Crystal Palace
Chapter 510: Tornado Knife
Chapter 511: Solving the Puzzle
Chapter 512: Sullen Tang Zhenliu
Chapter 513: Snake Fish King
Chapter 514: Stealing
Chapter 515: Dollar Would Be Better
Chapter 516: Killed by One Strike
Chapter 517: The Shame of Soldiers
Chapter 518: Bully Annie
Chapter 519: Hunting on the Bottom of the Lake
Chapter 520: Killing The Golden Crab
Chapter 521: Treasure in the Sea
Chapter 522: Stealing the Spirit
Chapter 523: Huge Gain
Chapter 524: Study the Ancient Language
Chapter 525: New Understanding
Chapter 526: Beast Soul of Nightmare
Chapter 527: Silver Beetle
Chapter 528: Entered the Shelter Alone
Chapter 529: Fighting Silver-Haired Spirit Girl
Chapter 530: Twin
Chapter 531: Beast Soul of Inferno Bull
Chapter 532: Double Fly
Chapter 533: Snow-Lady Beast Soul
Chapter 534: Blackgod's Hopelessness
Chapter 535: Deep Sea Jellyfish
Chapter 536: Shura
Chapter 537: Qi Gong
Chapter 538: Frost Sutra
Chapter 539: Learning Dongxuan Sutra
Chapter 540: Sister Wei Wei
Chapter 541: Xue Family's Ice Skin
Chapter 542: Suppress
Chapter 543: Who Practiced the Wrong Thing?
Chapter 544: Sea Bug
Chapter 545: Killing a Sacred-Blood Beneath the Sea
Chapter 546: Strange Creatures
Chapter 547: A Burnt Shelter
Chapter 548: The Exposed Shelter
Chapter 549: Big Army Suppressing the City
Chapter 550: Solo Assassin
Chapter 551: Coldness
Chapter 552: Killing the Boss Amidst a Thousand Soldiers
Chapter 553: The Legendary Man on the Ice Fields
Chapter 554: I Can Do It
Chapter 555: Frottage
Chapter 556: Jade-Sun Force
Chapter 557: Abnormal Snake Valley
Chapter 558: Electric Egg
Chapter 559: Cracked Egg
Chapter 560: Unbelievable Creature
Chapter 561: Silver-Eye Ice Snake King
Chapter 562: Snake-King Slaying Party
Chapter 563: Slaying the Snake-King
Chapter 564: Yi Dong Mu's Secret Skill
Chapter 565: The Demon Shelter
Chapter 566: A Mascot Monster
Chapter 567: The Battle with Spirits
Chapter 568: Who Is This Person?
Chapter 569: Meeting Son of Heaven Again
Chapter 570: Dual Blade
Chapter 571: There Is a Problem
Chapter 572: It's Just a Cat
Chapter 573: Solo in the Shelter
Chapter 574: The Ice Skin Battle
Chapter 575: Absorbing Ice Power
Chapter 576: The Real and the Fake Ice Skin
Chapter 577: Conspiracy
Chapter 578: Mechanical Fist
Chapter 579: The Fight of Destiny
Chapter 580: If You Lose, Tell Me Who You Are
Chapter 581: Sacrifice
Chapter 582: The Final Strike
Chapter 583: This Life, This World, This Sky, This Earth; This Single Strike
Chapter 584: Red-Scale Dragon
Chapter 585: Red Mushrooms
Chapter 586: Poison Test
Chapter 587: The Use of Red Mushrooms
Chapter 588: Entering
Chapter 589: Absorbed
Chapter 590: Infinite Power
Chapter 591: Attacking the Shelter
Chapter 592: Miracle
Chapter 593: Crushing Power
Chapter 594: Ridiculous
Chapter 595: King of the Ice Fields
Chapter 596: Silver Ladybug Mother
Chapter 597: Invitation
Chapter 598: Unlocking the Gene Lock
Chapter 599: Strange Sensing Ability
Chapter 600: Sight of Gods
Chapter 601: Powerful Power
Chapter 602: Maelstrom
Chapter 603: White Tiger
Chapter 604: Fall Back
Chapter 605: Pickup
Chapter 606: Queen; She Who Cannot Calm Down
Chapter 607: Mystic Plant
Chapter 608: Ripe Lotus
Chapter 609: Snatch
Chapter 610: Blood Crystal Lotus Seeds
Chapter 611: An Unbelievable Sense of Power
Chapter 612: Obtaining the Treasure
Chapter 613: Opportunity
Chapter 614: Killing the Peacock
Chapter 615: Escaping
Chapter 616: Perfume
Chapter 617: Deadeye Peacock Beast Soul
Chapter 618: Mystery Island Appears Again
Chapter 619: I'll Follow You
Chapter 620: Ice Snake Bolt
Chapter 621: Indestructible
Chapter 622: The Bone of the Mountain Guardian
Chapter 623: White Bones and Withered Rattan
Chapter 624: Sacred Wood on the Peak
Chapter 625: Hunting Birds on the Sea of Clouds
Chapter 626: Raven
Chapter 627: Horrible Killing
Chapter 628: Surviving Death
Chapter 629: Trapped Between the Bones
Chapter 630: Dry-Vine Gourd
Chapter 631: The Raven's Treasure
Chapter 632: Raven Feather Bolt
Chapter 633: Absorbing Perfume
Chapter 634: The Talents a Creature Can Learn
Chapter 635: Sacrifice Sword Skill
Chapter 636: Assuming You Don't Mind, I'd Like to See What Happens Next
Chapter 637: Heart of Loyalty
Chapter 638: The Secrets of Seven Twists
Chapter 639: Aero Skill
Chapter 640: Shelter of the Mystery Island
Chapter 641: Misunderstanding
Chapter 642: Empty Spirit Princess
Chapter 643: T-Rex Approaching
Chapter 644: Killing the T-Rex
Chapter 645: Bloody Ice Fields
Chapter 646: T-Rex Beast Soul
Chapter 647: Combined Evolution
Chapter 648: Prediction
Chapter 649: A Shocking Discovery in the Alliance
Chapter 650: Signing a Contract
Chapter 651: Inviting the Elite
Chapter 652: Rejected
Chapter 653: I'll Buy It
Chapter 654: The Creature That Came from Devil's Mountain
Chapter 655: Berserk Super Creature
Chapter 656: The Goddess Army's Thirteenth General
Chapter 657: The Holy Statue Under the Peach Tree
Chapter 658: The Child of a Super Creature
Chapter 659: Toxic-Dragon Drill
Chapter 660: Completion of the Flaming Rex Spike's Evolution
Chapter 661: Grey-Wolf King
Chapter 662: The Red Pony
Chapter 663: Subterranean Monster
Chapter 664: The Shocking Fight
Chapter 665: Champion Spear
Chapter 666: Daybreak Spear
Chapter 667: The Oppressor
Chapter 668: Second-Generation Qi Gong
Chapter 669: Giant Frosty Bear
Chapter 670: Berserk Peacock Crossbow
Chapter 671: Elephant-Rex Strike
Chapter 672: Hail to the Leader
Chapter 673: The Secret of the Life Geno Essence
Chapter 674: Shocking the Alliance
Chapter 675: Life Geno Essence Prediction
Chapter 676: His Reputation
Chapter 677: Pink Little Snake
Chapter 678: The Battle Between Super Creatures
Chapter 679: Killing the Bone Elephant
Chapter 680: Power of One Hit
Chapter 681: Killed the Bone Elephant
Chapter 682: Refining a Life Geno Essence
Chapter 683: The Evolved Angel
Chapter 684: The Scary Angel
Chapter 685: Shocking the Alliance Again
Chapter 686: Peach Trees Mature
Chapter 687: Peach on the Twig
Chapter 688: Grabbing the Holy Peach
Chapter 689: Golden Ladybug
Chapter 690: Getting the Holy Peach
Chapter 691: Dongxuan Sutra's First Tier
Chapter 692: Absorbing the Life Geno Essence
Chapter 693: Peach Core
Chapter 694: Z-Steel Raw Stone
Chapter 695: You Are in Trouble
Chapter 696: Ghost Butterfly
Chapter 697: Devil Ant
Chapter 698: Ant Nest
Chapter 699: Ant Egg
Chapter 700: Maxing Out Sacred Geno Points
Chapter 701: Devil Ant King Beast Soul
Chapter 702: Melee Skills
Chapter 703: Divinity's Bout
Chapter 704: One-Punch Victory
Chapter 705: The Light Son of God
Chapter 706: The Return of the Dollar
Chapter 707: Elephant-Disc Punch
Chapter 708: A Father's Love
Chapter 709: The King's Declaration
Chapter 710: Glory
Chapter 711: Battle with the Son of God
Chapter 712: Stand Up
Chapter 713: Now the Real Fight Begins
Chapter 714: Every Punch is Strong
Chapter 715: Killing Light Son of God
Chapter 716: Son of God Reward
Chapter 717: Angel Gene
Chapter 718: Blood Spring
Chapter 719: Scary Sense
Chapter 720: Stolen Egg
Chapter 721: Blue Mountain
Chapter 722: Blue Shelter
Chapter 723: Blue Copper Bell
Chapter 724: Big Reward
Chapter 725: Death Knell
Chapter 726: I'm Afraid This Will Be Difficult
Chapter 727: The Thunder Breaks Through
Chapter 728: A Pet That Sucks Blood
Chapter 729: Angel Gene Fluid
Chapter 730: Blood-Horn Shura
Chapter 731: Wiped Out
Chapter 732: The Devil Doesn't Believe in Tears
Chapter 733: This Must Be a Hallucination
Chapter 734: Spirit?
Chapter 735: Little Orange
Chapter 736: A Shelter For One
Chapter 737: To Escape or Not to Escape
Chapter 738: Twin-Tail Purple Scorpion
Chapter 739: Dark Silkworm
Chapter 740: Ice Silkworm
Chapter 741: Ice Lake
Chapter 742: A Shocking Discovery
Chapter 743: Battle on the Ice Lake
Chapter 744: Defrosted Man
Chapter 745: Blood-Pulse
Chapter 746: Killing the Purple Scorpion
Chapter 747: An Uncompleted Build
Chapter 748: Cheater of the Second-Generation
Chapter 749: Relics
Chapter 750: Proposal
Chapter 751: Meet the Parents
Chapter 752: How About a Baby?
Chapter 753: Godslayer Luo
Chapter 754: Really Didn't Teach You?
Chapter 755: Falsified-Sky Sutra
Chapter 756: Sonic-Thunder Punch
Chapter 757: Battling a Fairy
Chapter 758: Taking Care of the Fairy
Chapter 759: Defenseless Woman
Chapter 760: The Creature That Bears Holy Light
Chapter 761: Bloodlust Mosquito
Chapter 762: Claiming the Fairy
Chapter 763: Oasis
Chapter 764: Holy Cleanliness
Chapter 765: Holy Cactus
Chapter 766: Cactus Fruit
Chapter 767: Holy Rhino
Chapter 768: Mysterious Metal Door
Chapter 769: You Are Mine
Chapter 770: Rouge
Chapter 771: Holy Tear of Nirvana
Chapter 772: The Spirit Contract
Chapter 773: Spirit Gene
Chapter 774: It's Not That Good
Chapter 775: Is That All You've Got?
Chapter 776: Depressed Lin Beifeng
Chapter 777: Blind Man
Chapter 778: Emerald Man of Stone
Chapter 779: Flower Creature
Chapter 780: Bug Fight
Chapter 781: Getting Another Super Beast Soul
Chapter 782: Second Absorption
Chapter 783: Devil-Eye Beast Soul
Chapter 784: Mafia Bug
Chapter 785: Silver-Winged Holy Butterfly
Chapter 786: Ultra Panty Raid
Chapter 787: Antipathy of Trouble
Chapter 788: Who Do You Want to Kill?
Chapter 789: A Strike That Cannot Miss
Chapter 790: Researching Dongxuan Again
Chapter 791: Empirical Sword
Chapter 792: A King with Seventy-Two Wives
Chapter 793: Exceeding Ultimate Mode
Chapter 794: The Hand That Orchestrates Fate
Chapter 795: The Monster That Inhabits Emerald Lake
Chapter 796: Killing the Smaller Monster
Chapter 797: Scary Shelter
Chapter 798: Getting into the Shelter
Chapter 799: Phantom Armor
Chapter 800: Super Spirit
Chapter 801: Zenith of Perception
Chapter 802: Battling a Super Spirit
Chapter 803: Claiming the Empress
Chapter 804: We Are Both King Spirits
Chapter 805: Hunting a Thunderhawk
Chapter 806: Super Creature Gathering
Chapter 807: Roast Goose
Chapter 808: Attracting Disaster
Chapter 809: Empty Fruit
Chapter 810: Summoning a Pet
Chapter 811: Super Pets Aren't That Good
Chapter 812: The Empty Fruit Ripens
Chapter 813: Swallowing Fruit
Chapter 814: Make Him Stay
Chapter 815: Real Empty Fruit
Chapter 816: Holy Spirit
Chapter 817: You Belong to Me
Chapter 818: Steel-Knight King
Chapter 819: A Group of Shura
Chapter 820: Yu Qielan
Chapter 821: I Want to Fight Against Dollar
Chapter 822: Huang Xiao
Chapter 823: Shura Change
Chapter 824: Should Be Killed
Chapter 825: Beat Me and You Can Fight Dollar
Chapter 826: Shura, Huh? Is That It?
Chapter 827: I Am Not Going to Stop, So What?
Chapter 828: Announcing a Secret
Chapter 829: Little Silver's Hunt for Treasure
Chapter 830: Transparent Little Fish
Chapter 831: Bio-Chemical Bonefish
Chapter 832: Little Fairy's Time to Shine
Chapter 833: Breaking Falsified-Sky with a Single Hand
Chapter 834: Pet Battle
Chapter 835: Little Auntie
Chapter 836: Martial Hall's God
Chapter 837: Brother-in-Law Is so Cool
Chapter 838: White Deer
Chapter 839: Qi Family's Scheme
Chapter 840: Pet Pill
Chapter 841: Steel-Knight King Beast Soul
Chapter 842: Jade-Gold Tree
Chapter 843: Angel Gene Fluid
Chapter 844: The Sword Pointed at Devil-Blood Shelter
Chapter 845: Luring Super Creatures
Chapter 846: Little Fox Master
Chapter 847: This Is Too Much
Chapter 848: Rushing into the Shelter
Chapter 849: Devil-Blood
Chapter 850: Killing Continuously
Chapter 851: Strange Scene of Purple Mountain
Chapter 852: The Gourd Moves
Chapter 853: Golden Chests Mature
Chapter 854: Stealing the Chests
Chapter 855: Opening a Chest
Chapter 856: The Birth of Six Treasures
Chapter 857: Geno Seed
Chapter 858: The Gourd’s Show of Strength
Chapter 859: Crying
Chapter 860: Training
Chapter 861: Royal Princess Team
Chapter 862: Outdated SKTS
Chapter 863: Alpha Control
Chapter 864: One Mouth and a Demigod
Chapter 865: Attacking Devil-Blood Shelter
Chapter 866: New Shura King
Chapter 867: Strange Fruit Forest
Chapter 868: Dark Haunted Forest
Chapter 869: Zero’s Movement
Chapter 870: Black Coffin
Chapter 871: Son of Fate
Chapter 872: Blood Legion's Relic
Chapter 873: Blood-Bone Knife
Chapter 874: Thunder Mountain
Chapter 875: Why Has the Lightning Not Harmed You Once?
Chapter 876: They Dare Believe They Can Strike Me?
Chapter 877: Thunder Beasts Fight
Chapter 878: Killing Thunderbull
Chapter 879: Eating the Thunderfruit
Chapter 880: I'm Going to Look After You
Chapter 881: Finishing the Blood-Pulse Sutra
Chapter 882: Becoming a Surpasser
Chapter 883: Third God's Sanctuary
Chapter 884: Black Crystal Mutation
Chapter 885: Debt
Chapter 886: Old Dragon-Blood Tree
Chapter 887: Amazing Waterdrop
Chapter 888: I'll Call Him Big Boss
Chapter 889: Absorbing Geno Plant
Chapter 890: The Power of a Bucket of Water
Chapter 891: Recovery
Chapter 892: Dollar’s Strength
Chapter 893: Three-Second Hero
Chapter 894: Eating Meat
Chapter 895: Copper Fruit
Chapter 896: Spirit Gene
Chapter 897: The Chapter with No Name
Chapter 898: Blood-Red Tree
Chapter 899: Taming the Wind Beast
Chapter 900: Flaming Porcupine
Chapter 901: Arrow Beast Soul
Chapter 902: Creepy Valley
Chapter 903: Bug Fight
Chapter 904: Surprising Evolution
Chapter 905: Killing Iron Bug King
Chapter 906: Infiltrating the Shelter
Chapter 907: Wipeout
Chapter 908: Claiming Qing Ming
Chapter 909: A Big Tree in the Forest
Chapter 910: Tree Door
Chapter 911: Underground Shelter
Chapter 912: The King
Chapter 913: Naive Spirit Brother
Chapter 914: One-Hit Killing Thunderdevil
Chapter 915: There Are Many Kings, But Amongst Them, Only One Ruler
Chapter 916: The Moving Shelter
Chapter 917: Skill Negation
Chapter 918: One Punch One Kiss
Chapter 919: Come to Me
Chapter 920: Repo Man
Chapter 921: Scary Talent
Chapter 922: Taking Food from a Dragon
Chapter 923: The Name Is Heard
Chapter 924: Super Creature?
Chapter 925: Bone
Chapter 926: The Dumb Dinosaur
Chapter 927: Arrival in the Second Spirit Base
Chapter 928: Not in the Mood Today
Chapter 929: Self-Fight
Chapter 930: Phoenix Body
Chapter 931: Killing Phoenix King
Chapter 932: When Next We Meet, I’ll Buy You a Drink
Chapter 933: I Want Your Genes
Chapter 934: Moment Gene
Chapter 935: Zero, the Lucky Goddess
Chapter 936: Knight Tree
Chapter 937: Disloyal Knight
Chapter 938: A Knight That Opens His Eyes
Chapter 939: Rare Disloyal Knight
Chapter 940: Frightening Glory
Chapter 941: Disloyal Knight Beast Soul
Chapter 942: Abandon the City?
Chapter 943: Defending the Shelter
Chapter 944: The Hunt Begins
Chapter 945: The Unseen Shooter
Chapter 946: The Creatures Attacking
Chapter 947: Dead Man’s Arrow
Chapter 948: Fair Trade
Chapter 949: Special Collection
Chapter 950: Special First Time
Chapter 951: Son of All Gods
Chapter 952: The Bet
Chapter 953: Odin’s Eye
Chapter 954: Green’s Wishes
Chapter 955: The Strongest Skill
Chapter 956: A Letter Without Words
Chapter 957: Holy Bottle
Chapter 958: Perfect Robbery
Chapter 959: Thorned History
Chapter 960: Father, Don’t Cry
Chapter 961: Botanical Garden
Chapter 962: Raiding the Garden
Chapter 963: Relic
Chapter 964: Ancient Hall
Chapter 965: Injured White Bear
Chapter 966: Ability to Control Bugs