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Su Qiubai was your ordinary taxi driver in the city. Bored, lonely and with a dog as his only companion, life couldn’t be any more dull for him. However, that all changed when his taxi’s navigator spoke to him. Now everyday has become an adventure!

With the ability to fight crime (and preserve justice) and travel through space-time in order to complete his tasks, there was one common thi...
《Super Driver》 Text
Chapter 1: An Unlucky Day
Chapter 2: Can You Understand What the Dog Said?
Chapter 3: Xia Rongrong
Chapter 4: The Pole That Spans Through History
Chapter 5: Thanks Pan Jinlian
Chapter 6: Justice is an Attitude
Chapter 7: Nights in Cang Zhou
Chapter 8: Drug Delivery
Chapter 9: What Are You All Quarrelling About?
Chapter 10: Driving is Stable
Chapter 11: A Chinese Ghost Story
Chapter 12: Yan Chixia
Chapter 13: Being Unlucky Is Also a Knowledge
Chapter 14: A Sudden Thank You
Chapter 15: Blessed
Chapter 16: Let Me Handle I
Chapter 17: The Translation Industry
Chapter 18: The Old Driver Teaches You How to Be a Better Man
Chapter 19: Repor
Chapter 20: The Unyielding Senior Executive Officer
Chapter 21: I’m Freed Just Like Tha
Chapter 22: You Don’t Have to Worry About How I Handle Things
Chapter 23: A Crazy Taxi Driver is Really A Frightening Thing
Chapter 24: Are You Here to Fool Around
Chapter 26: Place a Be
Chapter 27: Dangerous
Chapter 28: Have A Meal
Chapter 29: Going Downstairs to Get Something
Chapter 30: An Enormous Gif
Chapter 31: The Third Customer
Chapter 32: Performing a Surgery
Chapter 33: Taunting
Chapter 34: Why Are You Here?
Chapter 35: Emergency
Chapter 36: Who Are You?
Chapter 37: It’s Pointless to Deal with This Kind of Person
Chapter 38: Brothers, Get In Your Cars
Chapter 39: Arriving At Dong Hai
Chapter 40: Beat Up
Chapter 41: Do You Still Need Anything?
Chapter 42: Who is Xiao Yun?
Chapter 43: Protec
Chapter 44: You Were the One Who Forced Me
Chapter 45: The Whispering of the Wind and the Cries of Cranes
Chapter 46: What the Heck Is in the Trunk?
Chapter 47: Brothers, Fight Now!
Chapter 48: Chaos
Chapter 49: Xiao Xiuwen’s Territory
Chapter 50: Find Out the Truth
Chapter 51: Su Xiaoxiao’s Concern
Chapter 52: Oh No…
Chapter 53: This is Su Qiubai
Chapter 54: Study is Knowledge
Chapter 55: I Would Just Give It a Try
Chapter 56: Cracking a Joke
Chapter 57: Surprised
Chapter 58: This Is a Conspiracy
Chapter 59: Something Serious Happened
Chapter 60: Decided
Chapter 61: She Got Kidnapped REUPLOAD
Chapter 62: Absent-minded Driver REUPLOAD
Chapter 63: The Test Begins
Chapter 64: The Emperor’s World
Chapter 65: The Fourth Emperor
Chapter 66: A Matter of Life and Death
Chapter 67: Who Is He?
Chapter 68: How Did the Qing Emperor Die?
Chapter 69: Eats Like a Cow
Chapter 70: The Killers Are Here
Chapter 71: Who Are These People?
Chapter 72: Problem
Chapter 73: Rejec
Chapter 74: Danger In History
Chapter 75: You Triggered Him
Chapter 76: Once In A Lifetime
Chapter 77: What a Coincidence
Chapter 78: These Are All My Friends
Chapter 79: My Uncle Is Zhang Zhongfa
Chapter 80: Fearless Life
Chapter 81: The Series of Secret Events
Chapter 82: How Much Is 200,000 Yuan Worth?
Chapter 83: How Rude!
Chapter 84: Decisive Battle of Liuyun Mountain
Chapter 85: Trade A Cigarette With A Thumb Ring
Chapter 86: The Old Horse’s Poem
Chapter 87: The Conspiracy
Chapter 88: A Huge Change
Chapter 89: Li Jinghe
Chapter 90: Discovering The Energy Crystal
Chapter 91: I Was Never A Doctor
Chapter 92: Birthday Party Part 1
Chapter 92: Birthday Party Part 2
Chapter 93: Xiao Xuan’s Though
Chapter 94: Come After Me
Chapter 95: Mine Isn’t Worth Anything
Chapter 96: What Are You Doing?
Chapter 97: Who Is This Guy?
Chapter 98
Chapter 99
Chapter 100
Chapter 101
Chapter 101 Part 1
Chapter 101 Part 2 : Protect China
Chapter 102: Parting
Chapter 103: Guan Taiping
Chapter 104
Chapter 105
Chapter 106
Chapter 107
Chapter 108-109
Chapter 110
Chapter 111
Chapter 112: Something Went Wrong
Chapter 113: Donation
Chapter 114: Infatuation
Chapter 115: New York Responded
Chapter 116