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In a world were human monsters relied on mystical fruits and their inner power to fight for dominance, a lost soul was thrown, given the powers from all the other worlds he’s known. But there was a catch; he had no control over what power he would get! With knowledge beyond that of most, he sails his path to the top of the one piece world!
《Super Card System》 Text
chapter 1: Big Brother
Chapter 2: Naughty kid
Chapter 3: I Don’t Fight With Idiots!
Chapter 4: The First Card
Chapter 5: Press for Recharge
Chapter 6: It’s Too Hard To Run With This Idio
Chapter 7: Level Up Swordsmanship
Chapter 8: A Big-Faced Man
Chapter 9: Haki??
Chapter 10: Don’t Touch My Head Again
Chapter 11: iPhone XS!?
Chapter 12: Dragon and Sabo
Chapter 13: Leaving!
Chapter 14: The Vision of the World
Chapter 15: 1 year later
Chapter 16: Demon In Your Hear
Chapter 17: The Acciden
Chapter 18: Pit of Money!
Chapter 19: Wearing A Hat Won’t Make You Strong Enough!
Chapter 20: To the Sea
Chapter 21: The First Big Gift Package?
Chapter 22: 8,888 diamonds
Chapter 23: Starving!
Chapter 24: Lucky Day
Chapter 25: making fun of him?
Chapter 26: Whose hat is this?
Chapter 27: Refuse to join
Chapter 28: What Was The Reason Of This Fight?
Chapter 29: Ian’s Great Plan For Making Money
Chapter 30: Shells Town
Chapter 31: Oopsie!
Chapter 32: Buggy Pirates Attack
Chapter 33: They Had Come
Chapter 34: He’s For Sale!
Chapter 35: Get rid of the bad luck
Chapter 36: Hyperspeed
Chapter 37: What Exactly Are You?
Chapter 38: Morgan’s Proposal
Chapter 39: Gotta catch them
Chapter 40: Sea King
Chapter 41: Rescued
Chapter 42: Old man with off the line character
Chapter 43: Garp’s Condition
Chapter 44: Agreement reached
Chapter 45: Loguetown
Chapter 46: Best Friends
Chapter 47: Who caught them?
Chapter 48: Ships Problem
Chapter 49: Dine and dash
Chapter 50: Can we still be friends?
Chapter 51: Execution Platform
Chapter 52: the real figh
Chapter 53: I Forgot Something!
Chapter 54: Convergence
Chapter 55: Fury!
Chapter 56: Grin
Chapter 57: Jajanken
Chapter 58: Wonderful Misunderstanding
Chapter 59: 2VS2
Chapter 60: Catch them all!
Chapter 61: He’s mine!
Chapter 62: Compensation
Chapter 63: Swordsmanship instructor
Chapter 64: Koshiro’s latter
Chapter 65: Doubtful background
Chapter 66: Bounty Hunter group
Chapter 67: fake exercises
Chapter 68: Wrapped Successfully
Chapter 69: The goof
Chapter 70: Fish-men’s weakness
Chapter 71: Nami’s Battle
Chapter 72: Arlong and Nami Part1
Chapter 72: Arlong and Nami Part2
Chapter 73: The Ra
Chapter 74: Captain Bill
Chapter 75: New 4-star card
Chapter 76: Noble-man
Chapter 77: Common Knowledge
Chapter 78: Crow’s Mouth
Chapter 79: Spines
Chapter 80: Fighting on the waterway
Chapter 81: Eternal Pose
Chapter 82: Reaching the destination
Chapter 83: BIGMOM’s Flag
Chapter 84: The Little Adventure of Roland Gail
Chapter 85: The Death of Roland Gail
Chapter 86: Dessert!!!
Chapter 87: Generous Guy
Chapter 88: Tastes Like Stool
Chapter 89: Unmanageable Fire Fis
Chapter 90: Fireman
Chapter 91: Cut It!
Chapter 92: On a pirate ship
Chapter 93: Energy
Chapter 94: Emergency Signal
Chapter 95: Strange place
Chapter 96: A Trap?
Chapter 97: Fire Fis
Chapter 98: You can’t do this.
Chapter 99: Parting
Chapter 100 Part 1: The Surface
Chapter 100 Part 2: Don’t Worry
Chapter 101: The Whole Army of Iron Bone Pirates
Chapter 102: Zed!!
Chapter 103: Further improvement of strength
Chapter 104: Disembarking
Chapter 105: Island landing
Chapter 106: The Stronghold
Chapter 107: The establishment of the Ian family
Chapter 108: The running man
Chapter 109: The Leech
Chapter 110: Origami
Chapter 111: Let’s Keep Farming
Chapter 112: Bad Visitors
Chapter 113: Raise Your Hand
Chapter 114: Baggins Begging
Chapter 115: Rip-Off
Chapter 116: Dizziness
Chapter 117: Sensei
Chapter 118: Join Us!
Chapter 119: Another Trap!
Chapter 120: Rayleigh’s Idea!!!
Chapter 121: Being Auctioned
Chapter 122: Get Away
Chapter 123: System Evolution Complete!
Chapter 124: VIP
Chapter 125: The Plan
Chapter 126: I’ll Do It!
Chapter 127: Finds A Bear At The Door
Chapter 128: Memories
Chapter 129: Change Destination
Chapter 130: Into the convoy!
Chapter 131: Walnut and Yardi
Chapter 132: The Nobles’ Garden
Chapter 133: Branding
Chapter 134: The world’s biggest scum
Chapter 135: Extracting Its Energy
Chapter 136: Secret Treasury
Chapter 137: Go Big or Go Gome
Chapter 138: History repeats itself
Chapter 139: Marines Dispatched
Chapter 140: Identity chip
Chapter 141: Escape
Chapter 142: No Escaping
Chapter 143: Ice Vs Fire
Chapter 144: The black flames from the depths of Spirit World
Chapter 145: Life is like a play! It’s all about acting!
Chapter 146: The Estuary
Chapter 147: The Most Interesting Bounty in History
Chapter 148: Waking Up
Chapter 149: Drifting Islands
Chapter 150: The Flying Bear
Chapter 151: Active Team!!!
Chapter 152: Another Shichibukai
Chapter 153: Jinbe