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Stubborn Love of a Roguish Scion

Author:Cashew Seed

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“Ah…“ She is so tickled that she is defenseless against his attacks. “You can choose to marry me or to die!“ By then you will become the first person in history to die from tickling. “If you dare to reject me, I will make sure to ravish you until you yield to me.“
He is the hegemon in the business circles. He is the mysterious big boss that calls the shots. He is cold, ruthless and cruel. He ...
《Stubborn Love of a Roguish Scion》 Volume 1
1 Forcefully Possessing Her
2 I Want You to Become My Wife Today
3 I Won't Utter a Word Even If You Were to Kill Him
4 She Wants to Propose to Him
5 Get Married and I Will Marry You, Or Lie Down and Be My Woman
6 The Bedding That Was Rolled On
7 Let Go of Your Hands, Let Me Go!
8 I Have Become His Woman. Will You Still Want Me?
9 My Wife, Ruoruo, Help Me...
10 I Can Sneak Ou
11 Treading Dangerous Ground
12 Mo Jiangye Went Into A Violent Rage
13 Ye Erruo Was An Old Man's Woman?
14 Negative News About Ye Erruo
15 He Was Looking at Her as if She Had Committed Adultery
16 He Is Jealous. Who Are You Trying to Seduce With Your Fawning Smile?
17 She was Purring Like A Kitten
18 Lin Jingxuan Proposes to Ye Erruo
19 Ew, Playing Dumb to Deceive Me. He Even Proposed to Me
20 I am Jealous. You Had a Date With Lin Jingxuan?
21 Her Beauty Only Belonged to Him
22 Let's Go Back To The Room. My Smile Is Only Reserved For You
23 Classmates Gathering
24 'Lin Teng' Corporation, Her Boyfriend
25 Outfit Clash
26 MTR Was Specially Created For Her
27 Making Things Difficult For Ye Erruo
28 Singing and Drinking Beers
29 Did You Have A Good Time Sleeping With Lin Jingxuan?
30 Drugged with M Drug
31 Ye Erruo Took Action
32 Pushed Her Out Without Any Hesitation
33 Encountered Danger
34 If Not For You, I Would Have Slept With Her
35 I'm Going Crazy, Demoness!
36 The Outcome of Offending Her
37 She Can't Help It That He Is Her Husband?
38 She Became a Singer
39 Debut, Shot To Fame?
40 He Would Make Ye Erruo Regret I
41 Ji Sichen, You Have A Beautiful Smile
42 If You Like It, I Will Give You Another One
43 What My Wife Said Is Right!
44 He Actually Has Coins With Him?
45 Jealous Rage
46 In Zhuang Ge Residence, Bo Yu Is Back
47 Mo Jiangye Is Leaving
48 Hello, Young Master, This Woman Has Stirred Up Trouble Again
49 I Need Money, Will You Give It Or Not?
50 Poach Ji Sichen
51 You Are Not Around, I Miss You
52 Ye Erruo Launches A Game Of Seduction In The Middle Of The Nigh
53 Enchantress Bar
54 Gu Feirou Had Done Plastic Surgery, 'Little Ah Mei' Shot To Fame~
55 A Reencounter With That Man In The Lobster Shop
56 Ye Erruo Had a Spat With Mo Jiangye
57 She Was Hit By Negative News
58 How Could She Put On Weight Without Eating?
59 Dysmenorrhea, Coax And Entice
60 His Concerns, Her Temper
61 How Dare You Go On A Hunger Strike!?
62 Sheng Yun, The Concert, Little Ah Di
63 Leaked News of Cosmetic Surgery, Delayed Engagemen
64 Does He Have Another Woman Out There?
65 Increasing Popularity
66 Deceived Into Traveling
67 It Feels Like There Are A Hundred Bugs On My Face
68 Not Given Any Food To Ea
69 Caught Stealing Buns
70 Running As Punishmen
71 He Is Here
72 So Suave, Sob Sob Sob...
73 What Happened? Are You Unhappy With Me?
74 Missing Her
《Stubborn Love of a Roguish Scion》 Volume 2
75 Back
76 Untitled
77 Go Back and Find a Girlfriend
78 This Man Is Interested in His Woman
79 You Want Me To Embrace Another Woman?
80 I Like Ye Erruo, I Want To Challenge Young Master Mo
81 Thinking About His Woman?
82 Would You Be My Girlfriend?
83 You Are Jealous Again?
84 He Likes to Stick Close To Her
85 You Are My Princess
86 Taking Her Bungee Jumping
87 Kick Him
88 What Do You Do? Xu Xu, Zheng Yi, Wang Yiyang
89 Sister-In-Law
90 Hunting
91 Do You Want More?
92 Not Thirsty
93 He Almost Lost Her
94 Why Did You Leave My Side? No Excuses!
95 In Seventh Heaven
96 Have You Gotten It On With Chief Mo?
97 Dump Chief Mo. I Can Give You Everything I Have
98 I Am Sorry, Sis-In-Law
99 I'm Cold, Hubby
100 Leaving the Training Ground
101 Engagement Ceremony
102 Should You Not Apologize to My Woman For Slapping Her?
103 Mo Jiangye in a Rage
104 Fleeing With Him
105 Get Los
106 You Cannot Afford To Offend The Young Madam
107 Mo Jiangye Gives Up His Power
108 I Gave You A Song Before
109 A Shining Green Patch on His Head
110 I Am Seducing Him!
111 You're The Most Handsome, You're The Most Handsome
112 Thinking About His Woman?
113 Sudden Bout of Jealousy
114 A Normal Male Friend
115 Ye Erruo's Twin Sister, Xiao Ruo
116 Bring Her Back
117 Perhaps
118 In a Good Mood
119 His Behavior Is Unusually Retarded Today
120 Knowing the Reason for His Anger
121 Dinner Party
122 The One-Million-Yuan Ring
123 You Are Not Alright, I Am Not Alright, So Everyone Can Forget About Being Alrigh
124 Not Allowing Her To Wear Skirts
125 Her Hands Only Cook For Her Man
126 Finding a Girl to Look After Him
127 Men Are Like Pig Trotters
128 What Would You Do If Lin Jingxuan Wasn't Around Anymore?
129 Prove It to Me, Baby Ruo
130 Being Hones
131 You Do Not Agree?
132 Who Do You Think You Are?
133 Meeting That Man Again
134 The Chandelier Fell and She Got Hur
135 Gu Feirou Gone Blind
136 I’ll Give You Two Choices
137 Taking Ye Erruo's Cornea
138 Loss of Vision
139 Young Madam, Your Brother Is On The Line
140 The White Lotus Is At It Again
141 The Disgusting White Lotus
142 Call Me Hubby One More Time and We Will Res
143 To Get Her Heart, You Need To Get Her Body Firs
144 Gentleman
145 Make Dumplings
146 Mo Jiangye Is Afraid of Dogs
147 Trypophobia
148 A Pathetic Look
149 Swallowing Her Porridge
150 Having You For The Rest Of My Life, Eight-Billion Pink Diamond!
151 Male? Or Female?
152 Sell It For 800,000 And Return To The Countryside!
153 I Like It. Thank You, Hubby.
154 A Surprise
155 I Want Them Even If I Have To Declare Bankruptcy!
156 These Items Belong To My Wife!
157 My Wife Likes Pink Diamonds
158 You Are Jealous Of A Dog?
159 Your Ex-Boyfriend Is Looking For You
160 Damn! What a Retard!
161 I Stand More To Lose Than Gain Since My Hubby's Heart Will Ache!
162 All The People Who Betrayed Him Must Die
163 Untitled
164 Untitled
165 Fishing A Mermaid
166 A Call From Young Master
167 No One Is Allowed to Eat Until Young Madam Is Found
168 Dashing In Anxiously
169 Your Husband?
170 You Shouldn't Want Such a Man!
171 Sir, Young Master Is Looking For You!
172 We Have Found Out Where Young Madam Is
173 Husband? He Is Not Fit To Be One!
174 I Will Find Her Even If I Have To Excavate That Place!
175 Untitled
176 Wildly Jealous!
177 She Is With Me Every Day
178 Untitled
179 She Was Going to Get Rabies From a Dog Bite
180 Deal With Them
181 Leave Them To Me
182 I Will Kill You If You Wake Her Up!
183 It Is Either Me Or The Dog
184 Being Arrogant Yet Lovable
185 A Man Who Cared A Lot About Her
186 What Kind of Benefits Do You Want?
187 Untitled
188 The Seal Was Equivalent To The Ancient Emperor's Heirloom Seal
189 Go On, Speak!
190 Come And Meet My Lover
191 Greetings, Sister-In-Law!
192 Please Spare Me Some Time With Your Wife
193 How Well My Wife Knows My Preferences
194 Ye Erruo Is Pregnant?
195 I Am Afraid of Tiring Out My Son
196 Untitled
197 Something Is Not Right, It Does Not Feel Right At All
198 Feeling Betrayed
199 Are You Going To Be A Mistress?
200 Untitled
201 Mo Jiangye, Did You Cheat?
202 Teach Her How To Cheat?
203 What Did You Just Say? B*tch?
204 Untitled
205 Having A Son Is Safer!
206 Are You Sure You Want Me To Wear This?
207 Our Wedding Rings
208 Untitled
209 Untitled
210 Untitled
211 Untitled
212 Untitled
213 Untitled
214 The Sender of the Flowers
215 Who Are You?
216 Doted On By Many People
217 Untitled
218 Untitled
219 Who Dares To Trifle With His Woman?
220 Harem
221 Apple Of His Eye
222 Confiscating Lin Jingxuan's Complete Power
223 Giving Him A Slap
224 Untitled
225 Let Him Off For The Last Time
226 Untitled
227 Marrying Bo Jinyan
228 Fiancé
229 Befitting My Princess Status
230 The Price Of Not Marrying Him
231 I Do Not Want To Be The Scapegoa
232 He Will Give You A Big Sum of Money
233 So Adorable!
234 Help To Temporarily Care For A Dog
235 Eat! I Will Take You To See Her Tomorrow!
236 These Have Been Prepared For You Alone
237 Yes! My Wife!
238 Return the Card to Ruoruo Tomorrow
239 Tricked
240 Both Soft and Hard Approaches Are Useless
241 Buying A Puppy Outfi
242 It Is Not Just A Dog
243 Untitled
244 He Wanted to Meet Her Very Much
245 Walks In With A Few Men
246 Let Him Come and See Me!
247 Untitled
248 Untitled
249 I Will Wait For You
250 You Should Not Have Laid a Hand on My Woman
251 I Love You With All My Life
252 These Things Were Never Yours to Begin With, So They're Not Yours to Give
253 That Man Is Super Duper Handsome
254 Squat Down and Search
255 It Is No Ordinary Love
256 I Have Prepared A Room For You
257 Baby Ruo, I Knew You Were Jealous
258 Untitled
259 I Am Warning You As His Girlfriend
260 Who Gave You Permission To Address Me As Your Boyfriend?
261 Only Allowed To Look But Not To Ea
《Stubborn Love of a Roguish Scion》 Text
262 Your Little Girlfriend Called Again
263 You're Finally Willing to Get Up and Move Around, Boss!
264 It Is All Skin And Bones Now
265 I Am Your Elder Brother
266 Say, My Dear Sister...
267 She Is Not Someone You Can Lay A Hand On!
268 I've Never Heard You Complimenting Me Before
269 Fancying A Girl With Micromastia
270 Untitled
271 Little Boss!
272 Only You
273 So Long As I'm Still His Wife, Any Other Woman Who Pesters My Man Is a Mistress
274 I Do Not Have Enough Lobsters to Ea
275 I Have Some Interest In Dogs. Could You Bring Me to Take a Look At It?
276 Are You Actually Feeling Embarrassed?
277 Untitled
278 Twins Equal Double Happiness!
279 Have You Both Boarded the Plane?
280 Your Sister-In-Law Is Shy, Soften Your Voices
281 We Are Connected By Telepathy!
282 Too Mawkish To Bear
283 You Set The House Rules, I Shall Be A Wife Slave
284 She Is The Boss In The House
285 Shut Your Nose
286 Waiting For Her to Throw Herself At Him
287 Untitled
288 The First Child Is A Boy
289 Concubines Who Could Never Enter the Imperial Palace
290 Drawing Lots For Little Chiefs
291 Untitled
292 Any Request That Has To Do With My Daughter Will Be Deemed Invalid!
293 Untitled
294 I Own A Car And A House, Babe
295 Leave My Woman Alone
296 Baby Ruo Is So Intelligen
297 I Think It Is Time For Me To Get A Wife
298 The Master, Orffa
299 A Nest of Rabbits!
300 Untitled
301 A Cheeky Wink
302 She Isn't Someone You Can Touch In This Lifetime
303 Who Is the Good-looking One Between Us? Me or Him?
304 Good Nigh
305 Untitled
306 Watching Garden Babies Together
307 He Fancies Me
308 The Two Of You Are Not Married Yet, Which Is Good News!
309 Untitled
310 Do Not Look For My Woman Under Any Circumstances
311 Eloping?
312 He Had Liked Her Since She Was Little
313 All Poor Folks Have Short Lives? That Is Nonsense!
314 My Husband Wants Me to Return Home Unscathed
315 Looking Very Much Like Someone Who Had Gotten Bullied
316 The Sus Will Not Be the Only Ones I Will Deal With If You Come Harassing My Wife Again
317 What the Heck?!
318 Mo Jiangye's Family Background
319 It Was Love At First Sigh
320 Untitled
321 Back To Blue Tower
322 Changing Corneas
323 Quietly Taking Ye Erruo Away
324 She Had Personally Made Him Chicken Soup
325 Romantic Words Come Easy
326 He Saw Two Lumps of Sh*
327 I Want Wifey To Feed Me!
328 I Heard Dogs Barking
329 I Want You To Disappear From My Sight Within Three Seconds
330 No One Could Bully and Insult His Woman
331 He Was Well Aware of This Fac
332 Resembling an Injured Little Beas
333 Untitled
334 I Will Snatch Her Away
335 Erasing Ye Erruo's Memory