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1576 Hunting Shadowless Vultures

If a cultivator reached god state peak stage and continued in body refinement, the body wouldn't be able to take it. At this moment, the body refinement cultivator would face his greatest test, that was nirvana. Only after nirvana would the body go under fundamental evolution and become an immortal nirvana body.

So, nirvana was extremely important for body refinement cultivators. Many body refinement cultivators failed nirvana and forever regretted it their entire lives. After nirvana failure, a light consequence would be that they couldn't practice body refinement anymore and could only focus on dao cultivation. The serious consequences would be that one would only have an essence spirit left. Even with an immortal essence spirit, they would have to find rare treasures to rebuild their body. After that, it was pretty much impossible for body refinement again.

If nirvana was successful, the cultivator's body refinement would reach immortal nirvana body. But immortal nirvana body was only an intermediate state. This process was divided into four states: primary stage, middle stage, tertiary stage, and peak stage.

Once an immortal nirvana body reached peak stage, the body refinement cultivator would officially reach immortal spirit body. This was the greatest hope for immortal realm body refinement cultivators and the greatest they could achieve. An immortal spirit body was also divided into four stages.

Although for most immortal realm cultivators, immortal spirit body was pretty much the extreme, it wasn't the highest state of body refinement. After immortal spirit body peak stage, one could reach immortal god body, but rarely could cultivators in the immortal realm reach this. 

Even so, immortal god body wasn't the peak of immortal realm body refinement. After immortal god body peak stage, the body refinement cultivator would reach a peak, and that was divine body.

Since the ancient times, it was said that only one cultivator had been able to reach divine body.

Ye Mo didn't plan to reach nirvana now, he just planned to reach god state peak stage and find another place to achieve nirvana. Nirvana not only needed dense immortal spirit chi, but it was also best if there were top grade immortal spirit herbs. 

In this whirlwind, even Ye Mo's body felt pain. Slashes on his body appeared, but Ye Mo didn't move and kept using the Three Birth Chant for body refinement while completing his body refinement cultivation method.

Two months later, Ye Mo's bones cracked and he suddenly got up. He knew he had reached god state tertiary stage.

Now, Ye Mo felt that the tearing of the whirlpool was much weaker to him. He went a few thousand meters deeper into the whirlpool and continued body refinement. His immortal nirvana body cultivation method was completed and he even reached immortal spirit body primary stage. He just needed to reach god state peak stage and leave.

Although he could reach nirvana in the depths of the wind whirlpool, this wasn't the best place nor the best time for nirvana. Plus, without top grade immortal spirit herbs for nirvana, it wouldn't be good even if he didn't fail.

Two months later, Ye Mo walked out of the Star Realm Wind Whirlpool with a ferocious temperament. He had reached god state peak stage now. He had been in here for a few months and still hadn't found a place for cultivating spirit sense and immortal essence. Body refinement, like cultivation, got progressively harder, even many times harder than ordinary cultivation.

Ye Mo released Blue Moon and started flying slowly. He didn't dare to go very fast, fearing there would be Shadowless Vultures.

Ye Mo didn't go very fast to begin with, but the deeper he went the faster he went. He formed a spirit sense domain around him. Ye Mo thought that since spirit sense blades could reveal Shadowless Vultures, his spirit sense domain could prevent their ambush. It was far from reaching completion like his sword domain, but it could still allow him to sense things.

Just when he was thinking about if this would be useful to Shadowless Vultures, there was a ripple in his spirit sense domain.

Ye Mo shot out multiple spirit sense blades without hesitation. Two faint shadows appeared before him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Ye Mo instantly hacked out with Zi Xu.

Purple rays flashed and one Shadowless Vulture was instantly torn apart. The other flew away rapidly.

Ye Mo took the body and chased towards the other one instead.

Ye Mo was going to kill those who tried to kill him, be it cultivators or immortal beasts, no matter what. If he didn't have a spirit sense domain, he would've been ambushed already.

Even though he was god state peak stage and didn't fear the ambush, who knows what would happen? He also heard that they were very vengeful and wouldn't let a cultivator go, no matter what.

If he let this one go, it would follow him everyone in the darkness.

So Ye Mo brought Blue Moon's speed almost to the max, and in half a minute, he felt that Shadowless Vulture in his spirit sense domain again.

But it was indeed very fast, even though he brought Blue Moon's speed to the max, he still couldn't catch up to it, but he felt distance was closing.

The Shadowless Vultures had never expected that they would one day be hunted by cultivators, it had always been them who hunted cultivators.

Many golden immortals and abstruse immortals saw Ye Mo hunting that Shadowless Vulture like crazy and were astonished.

These cultivators couldn't see the Shadowless Vulture but they could see Ye Mo accelerating like crazy. In a place like the Chaos Star Realm, he dared to go so fast on a flying magic artifact - did he not want to live? if people could fly in the sky, there wouldn't be all these cultivators walking on the ground.

Near a pond, an icy cold female cultivator was holding off against two abstruse immortal cultivators.

Ye Mo chased past here and the three saw Ye Mo at the same time. They didn't know why Ye Mo was flying in the air so fast and all showed expressions of shock.

Ye Mo saw the three too. He knew one of them, that female cultivator was Bingyu. The two standing off against her were both abstruse immortals too. One of them was the one who introduced the Shadowless Vulture when he first entered here.

The three seemed to be about to fight. Ye Mo didn't have the mood to care about it, he was determined to kill that shadowless vulture.

"Pill master Ye…" Bingyu called out in shock but Ye Mo was long gone.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn't even stop, Bingyu frowned. Was Ye Mo not afraid of death, did he not know about the Shadowless Vulture?

That Shadowless Vulture probably knew he couldn't escape this crazy cultivator and suddenly turned around instead, charging at Ye Mo with rapid speed.

Ye Mo sighed, this was completely illogical. It was flying like lightning ahead and then suddenly turned 180 degrees without any pause or decrease in speed?

Some ordinary cultivator might've fallen for this but Ye Mo was ready. He released Zi Xu and the Shadowless Vulture charged into his sword chi.

A sharp howl swooshed across the void and that Shadowless Vulture was hacked in half.

After taking its beast core and main feathers, Ye Mo returned the way he came from.

He would help Bingyu if he could. After all, this woman saved him twice.

Before he even got back, the three people had begun fighting. It was those two abstruse immortals attacking Bingyu.

Seeing Ye Mo fly back, the three subconsciously stopped. Ye Mo approved of this Bingyu, she wasn't bad.

"Friend, long time no see." Seeing Ye Mo land, that abstruse immortal who came with Ye Mo here saluted with his fists.