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1559 Free Dual Cultivation Partner

If Yi Teng with his golden immortal power couldn't see this person's cultivation level it meant that this person was at least abstruse immortal. Ye Mo frowned. Abstruse immortal was fine but if it was great unity immortal, he wouldn't even have the opportunity to teleport away.

"it's a very pretty female cultivator. I arranged her to stay at the guest hall." Jiang Jin added.

Ye Mo nodded and said "I'll go have a look, don't worry."

Ye Mo didn't scan his spirit sense into the guest hall. He knew that high level immortals detested this. some people with strange tempers would kill for this.

A blue dressed woman sat in the guest room. her brow was perfect, she was extremely pretty. She was on par with Wen Caiyi. Her long dark hair formed two braids behind her while a few strands fell on her white collar.

When he saw this female cultivator's power, he breathed easy. She was golden immortal peak stage. Yi Teng couldn't see her power because she hid it like the Liu Zhongyan couple.

Seeing Ye Mo come in, she didn't get up nor speak. She just studied Ye Mo.

"what does qian bei need me for?" Ye Mo saluted with his fists and asked. Since this person was going to hide her power, he would pretend he didn't know.

The female cultivator studied Ye Mo and frowned even more murmuring to herself "pity your power is too weak."

Ye Mo sneered, a mere golden immortal peak stage dared to say his power was too weak. In his view, she was no match for him.

Then she looked at Ye Mo "have a seat, let me introduce myself, I'm Qin Nianmei, I'm from Gong Hua heaven…"

Seeing her act as though she was the owner of this place, Ye Mo was annoyed but hearing the words Gong Hua heaven, he suppressed his annoyance. That's where he arranged to meet up with Susu and them. He was planning to go there after reaching abstruse immortal.

Seeing Ye Mo not talk, she nodded "I'm passing by Black Weed forest and I heard you were a level three immortal pill master and golden immortal."

Ye Mo said calmly "goddess Qin, if you have anything to say be straight forward."

Qin Nianmei looked at Ye Mo with surprise. Theoretically, she was much more powerful than this person and he should be careful when speaking to her. This was the first time she saw someone talk like that. He also changed her title from qian bei to goddess. Was he not afraid she would kill him?

She nodded. She needed someone like Ye Mo, if it was someone scared and timid, she came here for nothing.

"I want you to be by dual cultivation partner." Qin Nianmei said.

Ye Mo dazed, he thought of many possibilities. She might be here for pill concoction or immortal spirit herb or even scam some of his immortal crystals. But he never expected this pretty woman to come be his dual cultivation partner.

"so that means we need to be husband and wife." Qin Nianmei looked at the dazed Ye Mo and added. She was also a little satisfied seeing Ye Mo's expression. Any male cultivator would feel it was unbelievable.

Although Ye Mo didn't know why she said this but he knew things weren't right. Even if it was real he didn't plan on being her dual cultivation partner.

His perception was strong, as soon as he saw this female cultivator, it reminded him of Wen Caiyi. They were the same type of person, self centered and dominant.

"as long as you agree to my request, I will…" Qin Nianmei continued.

But this time Ye Mo stopped her "sorry, I can't help you. I have a wife, if there's nothing else please leave."

Qin Nianmei never expected Ye Mo to reject. Although she was about to say it was temporary but she couldn't take the fact that Ye Mo rejected without her saying it.

She felt extremely dissatisfied and grunted "I believe you misunderstood me. I'm not low enough to find a random person and be his wife. I'm doing a deal. You pretend to be my lover and we put on a show, that's all."

Ye Mo smiled "goddess Qin, I don't even have enough time for cultivation I don't have time to play games with you sorry."

Then he got up and was about to leave.

"do you believe if you leave here I would immediately erase your black weed pill tower?" seeing that a mere golden immortal primary stage dared to ignore her and leave she immediately roared.

Ye Mo turned back coldly "I don't."

Then, Ye Mo kept walking. Qin Nianmei was desperate and she spat "I can give you anything you want."

This guy was a level three immortal pill master and had a bad tempere, this was her perfect choice.

Ye Mo sneered, give him anything he wanted? She really knew how to talk big.

"look." Qin Nianmei waved her hand and a large bunch of things landed on the table before her. There was everything.

Ye Mo thought she was going to use force but instead she used things to lure him. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense over.

He had to admit she was wealthy. There was not a single immortal crystals but the things were good. There was even level five immortal runes, all sorts of pills, materials and even a middle grade flying immortal artefact.

This made Ye Mo realized she had no simple identity. The price of a middle grade flying immortal artefact was no lower than a top grade attack immortal artefact.

Even so, Ye Mo didn't take it seriously.

Seeing Ye Mo was still going to go out, Qin Nianmei immediately knew Ye Mo wasn't someone to take threats. She quickly said "I take back what I said. I apologise."

Ye Mo was at the door but he didn't stop hearing the apology. He just said "in that case please leave, this is my place."

Qin Nianmei quickly said "pill master Ye I'll show you some more things if you still don't want to cooperate then I'll leave immediately. I believe as a businessman, you wouldn't not have the patience to not even listen to what I have to say right? Plus perhaps one day you might come to Gong Hua heaven."

Hearing this, Ye Mo stopped. He wasn't afraid of her threats but if she was raelly someone powerful from Gong Hua heaven it wasn't good to offend her like this.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Seeing Ye Mo come back, Qin Nianmei rejoiced. She took out more items and said "look at these things, if there's anything you like we can discuss or you can bring up your own conditions."

Qin Nianmei didn't believe Ye Mo wouldn't deal with her. Ye Mo was an immortal pill master and he definitely had a rare flame. She had a wonder flame purple marrow. This could allow any rare flame to evolve to purple color.

Ye Mo laughed to himself. Clearly this Qin Nianmei had no business experience, she revealed all her cards at the start of the negotiation but because of this Ye Mo had some good impression of her instead.

Ye Mo saw it. if it was in the cultivation realm he would be overjoyed but now he wasn't that happy. Even if a flame reached purple in the immortal realm, it was still the lowest grade of flame. His mist lotus heart fire was deep purple. Even if he used it on Blue Like Morning Sky it would only be shallow purple. It was no rush.

Of course he would be willing to get it but Qin Nianmei's condition was too great. He would rather not have it.