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1542 Battle golden immortal

At this moment Yi Teng looked at the communication bead and smiled bitterly to Ye Mo "we're not allowed to take the corner seats from now on anymore."

"as long as pill master Ye can go to the black weed forest we won't need to anymore." Tong Zhu immediately said.

Ye Mo nodded "I'll definitely go there don't' worry. Don't mind me when we get off just go to the forest. If the golden shirt cultivator chases to Luan Jiao town I'll shake him off."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"that's the only way I guess I stay at the Black Weed town on the outskirts of the forest." Yi Teng sighed. He really wanted to help Ye Mo but he could only barely prevent Ye Mo from being kicked off the boat.

"I'm at the black weed town too but I'm at the back end of the town with the least immortal spirit chi." Tong Zhu immediately said.

Yi Teng nodded "no wonder I've never seen you before. you can move to our side from now on. I'm on the west side of town the immortal spirit chi is much better."

"thank you brother Yi Teng." Tong Zhu thanked quickly.

"I'll go out first and find out the situation before coming back." Yi Teng got up and said.

Half a month passed quickly. Other than Yi Teng who went out once, Ye Mo and Tong Zhu never went out nor did anyone come for them.

With the blast of the horn, they have arrived at Luan Jiao town. The three immediately got out of the corner block and was ready to go out.

Ye Mo saw there were still a lot of cultivators in the corner blocks. Most of them got off at the town here, they might be heading to the Black Weed forest.

Ye Mo let Yi Teng and Tong Zhu go first while he walked out with the rest of the cultivators. He didn't need to scan with his spirit sense to know that the golden shirt cultivator was looking coldly at him and got off as well.

The black female cultivator saw Ye Mo leave and that golden shirt cultivator chase up, she sighed and went back into her room. she just reached golden immortal middle stage while that golden shirt cultivator was clearly stronger than her. He must've been in golden immortal middle stage for a long while. Plus, she knew her power, even if she chased up she wouldn't be able to help Ye Mo and might die herself.

The ship didn't stay here for long and just let off some passengers and picked up some before disappearing into the sky.

Ye Mo released Blue Moon and quickly left Luan Jiao town. As soon as he left he knew that golden shirt cultivator was following him but he didn't care. He was going faster and faster.

That golden shirt cultivator had a low grade immortal artefact too and was much faster than Blue Moon. If he wasn't waiting for Ye Mo to leave the range of the town he would've chased up to Ye Mo already.

Half a hour later, Ye Mo stopped at a mountain and immediately threw out tens of formation flags. They were hidden into the sky immediately. Ye Mo didn't dare to be careless in battles with golden immortal middle stage. He even let out shadowless and hid him in a formation flag.

At the same time, Ye Mo released his cultivation home magic artefact. A powerful mansion appeared in the wilderness.

Seeing this, the golden shirt cultivator stopped instead. He was confused why Ye Mo would set up a cultivation home here?

Feeling that the golden shirt cultivator stopped Ye Mo quickly used the time to set up formation. He threw out the mansion to make the golden shirt cultivator stop for a moment so he had enough time to set up formation.

In less than 6 minutes, Ye Mo didn't even finish his trap formation and the golden shirt cultivator didn't wait anymore. His dashing light appeared before Ye Mo.

"how did you appear here?" Ye Mo stared at the golden shirt cultivator as though he saw a ghost. There was worry in his eyes while he quickly put away his mansion magic artefact.

The golden shirt cultivator smiled "you tell me? of course I'm here to kill you, do you think I'm here to visit you?"

Hearing this he breathed easy instead. Ye Mo was flying out into the wilderness and he thought Ye Mo found him and led him here because he found help. Thus he was very careful. After seeing Ye Mo take out a cultivation home magic artefact not there was no signs of other cultivators he realized he was too careful.

"little kid you have some knowledge and you want to mind other's business die quickly and move on to the next life. wait, you won't even get a chance to do that." The golden immortal grabbed at Ye Mo.

"my knowledge isn't that good I have a Sha Mei flame and that's how I knew your flame was fake."

Then Ye Mo took out an orange flame.

"it's really Sha Mei flame…" the golden shirt cultivator called out in shock. There was overjoy in his eyes, he grabbed at the Sha Mei flame without hesitation. He didn't consider Ye Mo a threat at all.

Ye Mo sneered, he was waiting for this. he gathered almost all of his immortal essence and hacked out the instant the golden shirt cultivator touched the flame.

Illusion Cloud Hua Mountain strike.

Ever since converting his cultivation essence to immortal essence he had never used it at full power.

The purple ray hacked out with petrifying force. The scorching sword ray brought Ye Mo's relentless killing intent.

The golden shirt cultivator felt this immediately. He didn't expect a hollow immortal middle stage dared to do this to him. He snarled "do you want to die quickly?"

Then he grabbed at Zi Xu. How could he care about a hollow immortal middle stage like Ye Mo.

But the next moment, a extreme sense of danger came. He felt that the purple sword rays seemed to have a sliver of sword domain making his hand move slower.

The golden immortal frowned and gave up trying to grab Zi Xu. He was about to release his own but what shocked him greatly was that his figure and hand sign were slower than he imagined.

"this really is a sword domain." the golden shirt cultivator dind't dare to believe a mere hollow immortal middle stage would have the primal form of sword domain.

He knew it was too late to dodge so he burst out his immortal essence trying to grab Zi Xu.

Ye Mo sneered, even if your'e an abstruse immortal you would lose your claws trying to grab his Zi Xu. A mere golden immortal middle stage dared to grab it.


The hand was hacked to pieces. The golden shirt cultivator stopped Zi Xu from cutting his body but he lost half an arm.

golden shirt cultivator retreated tens of meters back and looked dazily at his broken arm before roaring in fury "if I don't light your soul on fire, I'm an animal.."

then he released a 9 star wheel. Despite being furious he knew that Ye Mo was no ordinary cultivator to be able to hack away his arm in one strike.

Ye Mo panted and threw out a few more formation falgs. Then, he released octagonal cauldron.

He knew that although he took out the golden shirt cultivator's arm his actual battle power at most decreased by ten percent.

The 9 star wheel shone at a pale white light before completely looming over Ye Mo. The terrifying temperature ravaged under the wheel reminding Ye Mo of his Heaven Flame Nine Suns.

The wheel covered a hundred meter range around Ye Mo and Ye Mo immediately felt dizziness and slowed.

This white light not only released terrifying temperature but also could bind people and damage the soul.

Good magic artefact Ye Mo was shook. He didn't try to escape from it. he knew that the golden shirt cultivator would have a way to prevent him from doing that.

An ordinary cultivator would've melted already but Ye Mo was god state body refinement and had octagonal cauldron.

"hmm…" the golden shirt cultivator was shook seeing that Ye Mo didn't faint. He noticed Ye Mo's octagonal cauldron too. To him, Ye Mo was able to last this long completely due to octagonal cauldron.