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Even Yi Teng and Tong Zhu dazed. They didn't expect Ye Mo would dare to say such a thing at such a time. There was worry on their face.

"how dare you, a mere low grade hollow immortal dare to make such request in the exchange hall. If the immortal ship doesn't kick off such trash cultivator then it truly disappoints us." The golden shirt cultivator reproached in fury.

The black dressed female cultivator didn't understand why Ye Mo dared to make such a request but hearing what the golden shirt cultivator said she felt this was what she should be saying why did he say it first?

The manager heard this and there was fury in his eyes, he looked coldly at Ye Mo and got up.

"okay you can have a look." That female cultivator actually agreed to Ye Mo's request and gave the Sha Mei flame to Ye Mo.

The golden shirt cultivator calling out made the female cultivator suspicious. If he didn't do that she wouldn't show the flame to Ye Mo. She was much stronger than Ye Mo but she knew nothing about rare flames.

Seeing that the manager was about to attack Ye Mo she immediately said "I told Ye Mo to help look at it for me, it has nothing to do with him."

The female cultivator felt Ye Mo had no bad will to her and she called him over so she helped Ye Mo. She knew what Ye Mo did just then was too dangerous. If she didn't stand up, no good thing would await him.

Ye Mo was shook, he knew he acted too impulsively. Those 12 lightning orb attracted him too much. If he missed this opportunity YImo might never find them again.

Luckily this female cultivator helped him making him very grateful.

Seeing this, the manager glanced at Ye Mo and went back.

Ye Mo looked at the green Sha Mei flame and scanned his spirit sense in.

As soon as he did, he immediately knew his guess was right. This flame was a fake, it was no rare flame but a pill fire. It's also an external flame but it has no growth potential. It can only be used for pill concoction, this pill fire is called Yu Stone fire. It's attribtues are extremely similar to Sha Mei flame but it's color will forever be green.

"this isn't Sha Mei flame." Ye Mo looked at the flame and gave it back to yhe female cultivator.

"bullshit…" the golden shit pointed at Ye Mo and yelled and then said to the manager "I'm a guest of the immortal ship. How come a servant dares to point fingers at my things? Has the rules here changed?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

'are you certain?" there was sharp rays in the black female cultivator's eyes.

Ye Mo said without hesitation "I'm certain this isn't Sha Mei flame. It's a type of pill flame one that can't be upgraded. It's called Yu Stone fire."

Seeing that golden shirt cultivator was still about to rage the female cultivator sneered and got up "does the rules on board allow the exchange for fake goods? I'm also a guest of the upper grade seat. What right do you have to use a fake to trade with me? now that your fake has been exposed and you dare to be this cocky? Give me back my 12 lightning orbs and take away this shit flame."

The golden shirt cultivator was still about to say something and he heard an abstruse immortal cultivator say "I'll see if it's real or fake."

The black dressed female cultivator gave her flame over immediately "qian bei please have a look."

The abstruse immortal cultivator nodded and scanned his spirit sense in. moments later he gave the flame back to the female cultivator "this isn't Sha Mei flame indeed. Good eyes little friend, this is Yu Stone fire."

Hearing this, the black dressed female cultivator looked coldly at the golden shirt cultivator and said "now that it's certain you used a fake to trade my for 12 lightning orbs. What else do you have to say? Give back my things and piss off."

The golden shirt cultivator sneered but said calmly "is this your first day here? Do you not know the rules of the ship? As long as both parties agree, you can't regret. The big manager even reminded you before the exchange and now you forget? You want me to hand out the 12 lightning orbs do you want to break the rules here?"

Hearing such shameless words, everyone was speechless. They've really never seen someone this shameless. Before being exposed he acted as though everyone had wrongly accused him. After being exposed, he didn't show any guilt and instead pridefully used the rules of this immortal ship.

"vile animal." The female cultivator was furious but there was nothing she could do about the golden shirt cultivator.

The golden shirt cultivator sneered again "you're to blame yourself for not having enough knowledge. Don't be a sore loser."

Even that abstruse immortal couldn't watch this anymore and scanned him coldly "you're indeed very vile. I won't participate exchange socials with people like you."

"me neither." Multiple cultivators conformed but most of them said nmothing. Of course they wouldn't trade with this cultivator but they wouldn't say it. that would be offending him, who knows what background he had.

Golden immortal who could have top grade seat weren't ordinary golden immortals. Otherwise they wouldn't even be able to afford the ticket.

The golden shirt cultivator grunted and said no more while the black dressed female cultivator could only suck it up.

The golden shirt cultivator sat down and looked coldly at Ye Mo. Killing intent was pouring out of his eyes.

Everyone saw this and knew Ye Mo would be over after getting off the ship but now one was willing to help Ye Mo.

Even the black dressed female cultivator knew there was nothing she could do. she gave Ye Mo a jade card and said "this is for you. You might be able to use it in the future. Sorry, I brought this on you today."

"thanks, it's fine." Ye Mo was thinking about the golden shirt's lightning orbs not his revenge.

Because of this incident, many people were much more cautious and the quality of things traded were much lower.

After the exchange the manager didn't kick out Ye Mo but he looked at Ye Mo with extremely sinister eyes.

"pill master Ye you risked too much today. Everyone who could stay at the top deck are powerful. You offended that golden shirt…" Yi Teng said worriedly. Even he felt the golden shirt's killing intent. Ye Mo ruined his reputation, how could he let Ye Mo go?

Ye Mo smiled "perhaps this isn't a bad thing. When we get to the town you guys go first. That golden shirt cultivator probably won't let me go, he would come down to hunt me."

"then…" Yi Teng felt very bad there was nothing he could do.

Seeing Yi Teng was truly worried about him, Ye Mo said again "brother YI, if you trust me then go back to the forest first. I would come there in at most a few months. I'll pay you back that 500 immortal crystals."

"pill master Ye I value immortal crystals but I don't mind that 500, I'm worried about your safety…" Yi Teng shook his head.

Ye Mo waved his hand. He was only hollow immortal middle stage but he wasn't afraid of that golden shirt.