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1536 Finding a Job

After going in the golden page world, the first thing Ye Mo did was to take out the storage ring the blue status immortal gave him. There was 10k top grade immortal crystals and some level one and level two immortal pills.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Ye Mo needed these things the most. As for those pills, Ye Mo decided to bring his power up to his tertiary stage with the time formation disk first.

He placed the 7 top grade immortal crystals into the time formation disk and with this the time formation disk ran much faster than low grade immortal crystals.

Top grade immortal crystals had extremely dense immortal spirit chi and was very easy to digest.

Of course Ye Mo didn't know that the Wen Ju heaven lord was searching for him like crazy. He had went into a solitary cultivation state. the immortal crystals turned to dust one by one in his hands and he ate the immortal pills like snacks. As for pill poison Ye Mo wasn't concerned at all. When he reached hollow immortal tertiary stage with these resources, he would be able to go find a job at some old immortal city.

In order to make sure the time formation disk kept running Ye Mo even set up an automatic supply formation so he wouldn't have to add the immortal crystals himself.

Ye Mo didn't know how much time passed in the time formation disk and slowly converted his cultivation essence to immortal essence. then, his immortal essence kept increasing and charging for the next stage.

When the immortal crystals cracked again in his hand and Ye Mo reached out and grabbed nothing, he relaised he had used up all his pills and immortal crystals.

Feeling his power, Ye Mo was greatly disappointed. Ideal and reality was different. He didn't reach hollow immortal tertiary stage he only barely entered hollow immortal middle stage.

Ye Mo knew he used up terrifying amounts of cultivation realm but he didn't expect it to be this bad. All those immortal pills and immortal crystals only allowed him to barely reach from hollow immortal primary stage to middle stage.

If it was some other cultivator, he might even be able to reach golden immortal with these resources. Ye Mo knew that the cultivation resources he needed would multiply from middle stage to tertiary stage.

"it seems I need to go find a job somewhere." Ye Mo got up and said. He looked at the counting formation. The time formation disk had run for a year meaning that he had cultivated for nearly 100 years.

Chun Kou station was a small station. Cultivators looking for resources outside would come here to wait for the immortal boat.

There was no city nor town here but due to the station, a market place formed here. There were some simple hotels and spirit rest towers as well as some decent merchant towers.

An ordinary hollow immortal cultivator got off his flying magic artefact and walked. This was Ye Mo who had flown for nearly another month.

He was not a noob anymore and knew what this station meant. It was sort of like the train stations on Erath. This was a station that people waiting for large scale flying magic artefacts that flew from one immortal city to another.

When Ye Mo arrived here, he saw that the middle of the station was this huge spacious square, there were two gigantic ferocious looking flying magic artefact parked there. There were many cultivators going and from on the front deck.

"the immortal station isn't as busy as the immortal city but to Ye Mo who had just spent 100 years in solitary cultivation, there was too many people here. As soon as Ye Mo came in there was this fat hollow immortal cultivator who came up to greet him.

Before Ye Mo said anything, he saluted with his fists "friend do you want to ride the immortal ship? May I ask where you want to go?"

Ye Mo dazed, he didn't know where to go he just wanted to get as far away from Bi Yicity as possible.

The fat cultivator could easily tell Ye Mo didn't have a set location so he smiled "friend, if you go to Yi immortal city, that would be the cheapest. It costs only 10000 immortal crystals, if you want to go to Bing Qiong immortal city, it would cost 30000 immortal crystals if it's black weed forest…"

Ye Mo was shook and quickly asked "are you talking about 10000 top grade immortal crystals?"

The cultivator looked at Ye Mo in confusion and his tone turned cold "of course it's top grade immortal crystals…"

Ye Mo said awkwardly "I won't take the ship, I don't' have that much immortal crystals."

The fat cultivator studied Ye Mo again before shaking his head and leaving. He saw Ye Mo's flying magic artefact was quite nice and thought Ye Mo had some immortal crystals but instead he was this poor and asked if it was top grade immortal crystals.

Seeing this, Ye Mo couldn't help but sigh. He didn't have a signle top grade immortal crystals, the only 200 immortal crystals were from selling his magic artefact and they were low grade immortal crystals. This wasn't even enough for him to stay on the ship for 15 minutes.

Ye Mo shook his head and decided to fly himself while finding cultivation resource on the way. If it wasn't for the corner soul weed incident he might find an immortal city to go but now he wouldn't go an immortal city no matter what if it was in Wen Ju heaven.

Corner soul weed is this important, it's going to reach Ge Yan goddess' ear sooner or later. If she knew it came from him it wouldn't be good. The power behind her was not simple.

"brother Feng, I'm willing to offer four cauldrons of materials I just want one cauldron of pills." One desperate voice sounded by Ye Mo's ear.

Ye Mo immediately noticed the two cultivators who came here. They were both hollow immortal tertiary stage. The one at the front had a goatie and slightly dark face, the one behind was a bulky man. For some reason, Ye Mo hated goatie beards and wanted to turn to leave.

"if you add some more immortal crystals I'll try help you do this. to be honest, if I haven't been doing business with you for a while I really don't want to take this job. I really can't earn anything." The goatie said in annoyance.

The bulky man's face lit up and said with a smile "brother Feng you know I really don't have much immortal crystals, only…"

The goatie interrupted "in that case don't blame me for not helping you."

Then, he left with faster speed and disappeared.

The man dazed for a moment and was immediately about to chase up. He just wanted to bargain a little but that pill master Feng just ignored him.

Ye Mo thought and quickly stopped that man. He saluted with his fists "friend hello."

The man dazed and seeing Ye Mo was only hollow immortal middle stage he asked "what do you want?"

Ye Mo said "I saw you wanted to find pill master Feng for pill concoction."

"so what?" the man frowned.

Ye Mo smiled "don't think too much I came to you in good will. I'm an immortal pill master too. What level immortal pill do you want? Perhaps I can help you."

Ye Mo was still a little nervous. During his solitary cultivation, he had completely studied the jade slips he found.

The reason he was nervous was because he hasn't actually concocted any yet, not even level one immortal pill.

"you're an immortal pill master?" the man studied Ye Mo dubiously for a long while. Ye Mo wasn't old he didn't dare to believe he was an immortal pill master at this age.