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Bi Yi immortal city.

The bodyguard who went out to find Ye Mo had come back. He was standing in front of Ge Yan in guilty.

"you didn't find that cultivator?" Ge Yan looked at her guard in confusion. Bi Yi was big but a great unity immortal couldn't find a hollow immortal?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"yes." The guard said guiltily "I only know his name is Ye Mo and had left the city with three other hollow immortals."

Ge Yan frowned "then you can't find the three cultivators with him as well? That Ye Mo didn't drink wine but the other three drank Wen Feng wine? As long as they drank it then the unique wine chi wouldn't dissipate until five days later. If you find them three you would be able to find Ye Mo."

The great unity immortal said with guilt "I thought so at the time and after leaving the square, I immediately sent people to guard the city gates and not long cultivators who drank to go out but some of them had already gone out. Some of them went to Lao Xi swamp and city lord Zang has sent people there but there's no news of them yet."

"the auction has begun lets get the two corner soul weed first." Ge Yan fell silent for a moment and said.

At this moment in a stealth formation below the Lao Xi swamp, Li Heng saluted with his fists and said "brother Ye why don't I go in first."

Ye Mo waved his hand "you can't scan spirit sense in, clearly there's more formation. I'll go in first, after I can confirm there's no trouble inside we'll go in together."

"yes brother Ye you decided." Li Heng nodded without hesitation. Gao Yuan and Gao Hu were completely fine with it too.

No matter what Li Heng thought Ye Mo wouldn't care. After exploring this ruin he would leave alone. He had a bad feeling when he saw the golden immortal from the city. If there wasn't a ruin here he would've ran off already.

Ye Mo didn't go in first, he sent out a few spirit sense blades. They instantly torn open a course spirit sense shielding formation. A not very large cultivation home appeared before Ye Mo. There was a lighting formation inside.

Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense, there was no attack formation here but there were two bodies in the middle. Ye Mo turned and waved to Li heng and them "there's no danger everyone come in together."

Li Heng and them dazed. They thought the reason Ye Mo wanted to go in first was to see if there were very good things. If there was he would take it first.

But Ye Mo just looked at the door and waved to them.

"two dead golden immortals?" Gao Yuan said in shock.

Li Heng shook his head "they're not golden immortal, the gold color of their bones had faded. They're clearly abstruse immortals."

"two abstruse immortals would be killed here?" Gao Yuan asked in shock.

Li heng answered "they weren't killed, they killed each other. Just look at the direction their magic artefact attacked, both of their storage ring are still here."

"they indeed killed each other, it's a male and female." Ye Mo agreed.

Li Heng picked up the two storage ring and placed it on the side. Ye Mo picked over a pill cauldron. It wasn't high nor low grade. It was a middle grade immortal artefact.

"I understand why they're killing each other." Li heng called out in shock.

"mud lotus…" Gao Yuan blurted out.

Li Heng said drily "yes, it's a mud lotus inside the pill cauldron…"

Ye Mo didn't know the use of mud lotus and he subconsciously picked up the dried lotus.

"this is mud lotus?" Ye Mo asked in confusion.

"yes, this is mud lotus, it can be used to make great unity pill. it's a level four immortal pill that is very important for abstruse immortal to break through to great unity immortal. Li Heng said in excitement.

As though to prove he didn't have any bad intentions, he added "for the 11 low heaven domains, the hardest isn't breaking through between great immortal levels but breaking through from heaven immortal to great immortal. Some people are stuck at abstruse immortal for the rest of their lives and could only watch as their life ends. One can imagine how precious great unity pills are."

Ye Mo nodded. No wonder Li Heng said a mud lotus was enough for ordinary cultivators to have enough cultivation resources for a few hundred years. If it was really this precious even a few thousand years of cultivation resources was enough.

But LI Heng said "great unity pill is precious but there are too little people who can concoct level four immortal pill. at least a level four immortal pill master is needed to concoct it. there aren't many in the entire Wen Ju heaven.

Ye Mo opened the lotus and saw six lotus seeds inside.

Seeing this Gao Yuan said "I know why they killed each other now."

Gao Yuan said seeing everyone looked at her "the two of them got the mud lotus together and one of them is a immortal pill master so he planned to concoct the great unity pill. however he failed all his attempts and the other person didn't allow him to keep wasting the mud lotus and this caused discord."

"each mud lotus has 12 seeds but there's only six." Gao Yuan added.

Li Heng nodded "perhaps one of them knew his life span was about to end so he tried again and again but his pill concoction skills were limited. By the way now that I think about it, that dried pond outside might be where the mud lotus grew…"

Then as though thinking of something, Li Heng subconsciously took a step back.

How could Ye Mo not know that they were scared of him suddenly attacking. Ye Mo shook his head.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo felt a little disappointed, he took out two seeds and said "regardless let's split this first. There are six seeds I'll take two."

"brother and I will have one each. The remaining two can be Li Heng brother's." Gao Yuan quickly said.

Li Heng took the last two seeds and said "the seeds can grow out new mud lotus but it takes a long time."

Ye Mo heard this and thought, he already had 5 colored lotus in his golden page world, he might as well plant another mud lotus. When he had large amounts of immortal crystals, he would be able to use the time formation disk to grow it.

Ye Mo opened the two storage rings. There were two low grade immortal artefact and one middle grade attack immortal artefact. There were also about 50k low grade immortal crystals and 10k middle grade immortal crystals as well as 8k top grade immortal crystals. Then, there were some wrotten immortal spirit herb and pills.

"so wealthy…" Gao Yuan took a cold breath in. she had never seen so many immortal crystals.

Li Heng said "they're not wealthy. They pretty much used up all their immortal crystals before coming here."

Ye Mo knew that one of them used large amounts of spirit stones to buy immortal spirit herb but they didn't preserve it and most of them had wrotten.

Ye Mo picked up a few jade slips and saw it introduced some immortal spirit herb and pill recipes of the immortal realm. he explained to them what they were and said "I'll take these."