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1489 Brothers against each other

This white robed man was Jiu Qian who lost to Ye Mo in the pill king tournament. He went to get help in the Heartless Sea and didn't know all the things that happened in South Peace State. 

As soon as Jiu Qian and his martial sister got up, they were stopped by the two cultivators. They were clearly South Peace City city guards. The female cultivator killed people here, they were clearly here to capture them.

Seeing the city guards dare to stop her, she immediately released her chi. The guards were pushed back and said in shock, "Truth realisation state qian bei…"

Nangong Village was just an 8-star sect, but it was the most mysterious sect in South Peace State. It rarely had any public events and no one went there. They rarely went out to events too. Even in this South Peace State disaster, they didn't show up.

But now, Ye Mo was outside. He always wanted to see this village.

"City lord Ye's honoured arrival makes the Nangong Village feel very proud." A disaster transformation state level five opened the door as soon as Blue Moon landed.

Ye Mo nodded and took Ye Ling and them in without any precaution.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out, he wouldn't feel embarrassed but soon he found there was formation everywhere. They were all very high level, Ye Mo guessed they were probably left behind by Chu Jiuyu.

"City lord Ye please…" the disaster transformation state invited Ye Mo in.

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The disaster transformation state led Ye Mo to the main hall, the door was open and cultivators were already lined up as though welcoming Ye Mo's arrival.

At the door was a middle aged man, he had a smile of extreme confidence.

Seeing them come in, he quickly got up and walked forward saluted with his fists. "Nangong Village's Nangong Xu greets city lord Ye. It's really the honor of the Nangong Village for city lord Ye to come here."

"City lord Ye, this is our family leader Nangong Xu," the disaster transformation state introduced.

Xu Tong said coarsely, "Nangong Village? This should be Chu family's 9-star village."

Nangong Xu smiled plainly. "Martial sister Xu is right. This was indeed 9-star village before, but I don't know if it belonged to the Chu family. Because of this I'm very regretful, but what's the difference if we call it different names? Nangong Pingzhen and brother Yiban are both very talented, but their tempers are too hot, sigh…"

Nangong Xu then said respectfully, "City lord Ye, please have the upper seat."

Ye Mo was speechless, even he felt this Nangong Xu was too shameless.

What right did a disaster transformation state level nine have to be this cocky? Ye Mo was speechless, but he just walked up to the top seat and sat down before he said, "Where did Lin Yiban and Nangong Pingzhen fight?"

Then, Ye Mo realized he saw wrong. Nangong Xu was no disaster transformation state level nine but truth realisation state level four, he used a stealth cultivation method. Even he almost missed it, this was definitely a top grade stealth technique. It might've been left behind by Chu Jiuyu.

Ye Mo scanned around, only Nangong Xu was truth realisation state cultivator amongst these people. Ye Mo wasn't sure if there were more truth realisation states, but Ye Mo was certain that the Nangong Village was no 8-star sect.

Hearing that the first thing Ye Mo asked about was Lin Yiban and Ye Zifeng, Nangong Xu was a little surprised. 

"What? Is there something you can't talk about, sect leader Nangong?" Ye Mo's voice suddenly went cold upon hearing that Nangong Xu didn't answer.

Even if Lin Yiban was unable to beat Nangong Pingzhen he would go disappear. After all, the two's power were similar. Before, Ye Mo thought that the Nangong Village definitely wouldn't dare to attack Lin Yiban, but now he didn't think so. They hid so much and even the sect leader was truth realisation state level four. 

"No, it's that they really flew off too fast. We don't know where they went to fight, I've sent people searching for a month and there's still no news now." Nangong Xu quickly got up.

Ye Mo sneered. "Tell Ye Zifeng to come."

Seeing that Ye Mo finally talked about Ye Zifeng, Nangong Xu quickly said, "Zifeng and Xiaodai are together. He doesn't want to come out, he says might as well not see each other."

Ye Mo said calmly, "I'll wait ten seconds, if I don't see Ye Zifeng, Nangong Village will become a thing of the past."

Everyone in the hall was furious. They heard Ye Mo was dominant but didn't expect he was dominant to this extent.

Nangong Xu's veins popped out but he still said calmly, "City lord Ye is quite funny…"

Ye Mo glanced at Nangong Xu and said, "Sect leader Nangong thinks I'm a funny person? Ten seconds are about to be up."

This time Nangong Xu didn't talk and said to a nascent soul state cultivator, "Invite him over."

"Yes." Moments later, Ye Zifeng and an extremely beautiful woman appeared here. They held hands and were indeed extremely intimate.

Cheng Nana saw Ye Zifeng and her eyes went red, but when she saw Nangong Xiaodai next to him she didn't dare to talk. She even lowered her head. Compared to Nangong Xiaodai she was far too low.

Ye Mo was dazed when he saw Ye Zifeng. He heard Cheng Nana say that he didn't have a spirit root, yet Ye Zifeng was hollow spirit state. What was going on?

"Second brother, why don't you talk to Nana. You know we're all at Mo Yue City, why don't you go over. What did big brother owe you? Why do you undermine him? Is it all for the woman next to you? Nana had been searching for you for a few years and you treat her like this?" Ye Ling burst out with a series of questions.

Nangong Xiaodai frowned but didn't talk and just looked at Ye Zifeng.

"Ye Ling, if you're willing to listen to me, stay with me here. Don't go back to Mo Yue City. As for the bitch next to you, I hope you don't stay with her," Ye Zifeng said calmly. There was no joy of sibling reunion.

Ye Ling looked dazedly at Ye Zifeng, she couldn't believe her brother was like this.

Cheng Nana didn't expect she was still cursed after coming with Ye Mo and immediately cried out. If Ye Mo wasn't here, she would've ran off already.

Ye Ling and Xu Tong quickly went to comfort her but they didn't know how to.

"Second brother, how can you treat her like that? Are you being controlled or possessed?" Ye Ling began to suspect, Ye Zifeng was a very amicable person, how could he suddenly be like this?

Ye Mo suddenly said, "He's neither being controlled nor possessed."

Even if Ye Zifeng got a spirit root, he was only a hollow spirit state cultivator. What right did he have for the Nangong family to value him?

If they wanted to use Ye Zifeng against him it was possible, but then Nangong Xiaodai shouldn't be given to him.

She was very talented and beautiful, why would they casually give her? Ye Mo could easily tell that they had already slept together.

Ye Mo had no blood relations with Ye Zifeng and seeing this attitude, Ye Mo completely ended the thought of letting him go back to Mo Yue City. He couldn't even be bothered talking.

He stared at Nangong Xu. "Sect leader Nangong, I'll give you a day. If there is still no news of Lin Yiban, I will annihilate the Nangong Village."

Nangong Xu was dazed and after a while asked, "City lord Ye, are you going to be reasonable?"

"You're right, I'm not a reasonable person," Ye Mo said coldly.

"Such dominance!" Ye Zifeng sneered.